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Amber Trishawna Merriweather
If I had the chance to have dinner with anyone, it would be Mary McLeod Bethune. I was in 4th grade when I first read about her for an African American project. She had a huge biography and I was completely wrapped into it. Hearing her struggle and how she fought through it to become such a decorated African American women back in a time where it was hard for someone African American let alone a woman to make anything of their life but she did.
There are so many different topics we could chat about but my very first would be the state of America’s youth, in particular the African American youth. We could discuss the lack of morals that so many of American youth possess. I know she had high standards for the girls she taught. She helped mold them into respectful, well mannered and responsible young women. I think she would have very strong opinions about what is going on and how we could help change the dynamics. We could go into a sub-topic of teenage pregnancy and how it is reaching break highs. I imagine it would all seem so scandalous to her, the way sex is so out in the air and when she was alive, it was much much more private.
Another topic I would love to get into with her is about pursuing a career in Education. I would want to know if she found as rewarding the last day she taught as the very first day. If she regrets her field or did seeing her students become something great feel her with a rush to help push every single one of them to the shared greatness?
Then, hopefully we can move into books. She once said, “The whole world opened to me when I learned to read.” I cannot agree anymore. I would recommend some books for her to read and hope she can offer me some. One book I want to definitely get into with her is the Bible. She only had that book to read when she was a small child and she read from it every day. I am a Christian and while I may not read the Bible every day, I would want to hear her opinion on certain subjects within the Bible.
The last subject I want to get into with Mrs. Bethune is our African roots. She seemed to believe Africa was within her while I feel no emotional connection to Africa other than pity for the kids dying of AIDS and hunger. I want her to explain to me where this deep connect to Africa comes from.
I admire Mrs. Bethune a great deal and in her, I see my grandmother, intelligent, confident, short but feisty. I want to have elements develop in me the older I get. This dinner would be like meeting Jesus for me. If I had the chance this is what I would sit down and talk with Mrs. Bethune about.
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