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Livin' On the Edge

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Thanks SO much for the reviews and ratings! You guys are so nice. :) It's so much more inspiring to write when you get comments, you know? Anyways, hope you guys like this chapter.

"Hey mom!" I exclaimed in a cheerful voice as I stepped inside the doorway. I had just gotten back from Joe's, and was hoping my mom was in a good mood. I really wanted her to bring me over to the mall because I had to pick up some things for my night with Joe on Saturday. All I had to wear at the moment, were some old flannel pajama pants and a holey tank top. That simply would not work for Saturday night. I needed something new fast.

"Hi honey," my mom looked up from where she was bent over something in the kitchen. She was gazing at me curiously, obviously suspicious of my dramatic mood change from this morning. I couldn't help but scrunch up my nose as I walked into the kitchen. Something smelled really bad. I peered over my mom's shoulder to see what she was looking at. A loaf of burnt bread was lying on the counter in front of her. It was completely blacken and inedible.

"Hm, having some trouble with dinner mom?" I asked, trying to force back a smile. My mom was a terrible cook. She was hopeless when it came to baking food. We were always better off going to some fast food restaurant for dinner. I continued, "So mom, I was really hoping to go to the mall with you tonight. I mean, I'm never going to see this mall again after Saturday and there were a few things I wanted to pick up from it. What do you think? We could stop for dinner and then go to the mall right from there." I crossed my fingers behind my back and waited for her to reply.

My mom finally turned away from her cooking disaster and frowned at me, obviously having contradicted thoughts, "Normally I wouldn't mind it, but we've got so much to do. I haven't even started to pack yet and we're leaving in three days!" I cut her off and pleaded, "Please, mom? It would really mean a lot to me."

Sighing, my mom finally resented, "Oh, alright. Go change out of your school uniform and we'll get going in a few minutes. I suppose this bread loaf is going to have to go in the trash." Shaking her head sadly, she removed the bread loaf from the counter and pushed it unceremoniously into the trash bin.

Not wanting her to change her mind about bring me to the mall, I wasted no time and quickly ran up the stairs to my room. After unbuttoning my white blouse and yanking off my skirt, I pulled on a pair of dark jeans and a brown tank top. After that, I put some more makeup on. I had washed most of it off earlier at Joe's house, but I had never gotten a chance to put any more on. Once I was satisfied with my appearance, I turned and flew back down the stairs to where my mom was waiting for me by the door with her keys in her hand. The two of us stepped outside and I took the seat next to her in the car as we puled out of the driveway. I quickly opened the window - I loved to feel the cool breeze on my face and in my hair.

"So do you mind if I drop you off at the mall while I go to get us some dinner?" my mom asked nervously, glancing down at her watch. It was quite apparent that she was in a big hurry and didn't want to waste any time. Little did she know that she had just done me a big favor. It would've been kind of awkward to walk through a store like "Sheer Pleasures" and pick out lingerie with her by my side. I wasn't sure if she'd be all that happy if she figured out what Joe and I were up to. True, she had never said I couldn't have sex with a guy, but she had never said I could either. It was only Joe's parents that had forbidden us from it.

"Nah, of course I don't mind!" I replied cheerfully. "It will save time and I know you're in a hurry. I'll try to hurry so we can get back to the house so you can pack. By the way, do you mind if I sleep over at Mandy's on Saturday night? It will probably be our last chance to hang out before we move."

I tried to keep my voice steady and my face straight as I told my mom this little white lie. I had decided that it would be better if my mom didn't know where I was really spending the night. It would probably only cause suspicion and some sex talk that I really didn't want to hear. So in my opinion, this lie could easily be justified.

My mom pulled into the parking lot of the mall and parked the car in front of the grand entrance to drop me off. Looking distracted she answered my question, "Sure, you can go to Mandy's I guess. Please be back early the next morning so you can help with the packing though. I don't want any last minute scrambles on Monday morning. Anyway, we're at the mall." Mom looked down at her watched and then said, "Be back here in twenty minutes, okay? I'm on a tight schedule."

"Sure, no problem mom!" I agreed as I jumped out of the car. "Thanks for letting me go to Mandy's on Saturday!" With that, I shut the car door and skipped through the entrance of the mall. So far, everything was going exactly as I had planned it to. As soon as I was inside the mall, I paused to look at the map. Once I located Sheer Pleasures, I memorized the directions to it and found myself standing in a store filled with lingerie and lace two minutes later.

I gulped as I looked around at the frills and ribbons surrounding me. I had never really been in a store like this before. I mean, there wasn't exactly a need for it before this. Nervously, I walked over to the lingerie section and started peering through the racks. I just about jumped out of my skin when I felt a hand tap me on the shoulder.

I whirled around almost guiltily to find Mandy smiling at me curiously, "Hi there, Lisa! You didn't tell me that you were going shopping tonight. You should've told me because then we could've gone together! Now I'm stuck shopping with my mom who takes hours because she has to browse through every single item in the store."

Mandy rolled her eyes and then took a closer look at my sheepish expression. She narrowed her eyes at me and said, "What are you doing in this store anyway? The only reason I'm in here is because of mom." Mandy pointed to a tall woman with the same blonde hair and blue eyes as her daughter.

"I was...uh...just getting some stuff," I said lamely, not looking Mandy in the eye. Mandy looked over my shoulder at the rack of lingerie behind me and her eyes widened considerably, "Oh my fucking and Joe...?" She didn't finish her sentence, but continued to stare at me with bulging eyes.

I giggled and said, "Well, yeah. It's going to be our last opportunity and stuff so we thought we might as well do it. So what do you think?" I held up two of the "naughty nighties" I had been looking at for Mandy to see. "Skanky or sweet?"

Mandy's jaw dropped as she looked at the negligee I was holding. It took her a moment before she found her voice and said, "Erm...I dunno. But really Lisa, are you sure you want to do this? You're only fourteen for god's sake!" I rolled my eyes at Mandy. Apparently, her mom's strictness was starting to rub off on her.

"Yeah, I'm sure, Mandy," I confirmed, looking at the two nighties I was holding. The first one was cottony and had ribbons around the edges. The other one was a cheetah pattern. It was sheer and had lots of sexy, black lace around the edges. I couldn't make up my mind about what one Joe would like more. I mean, it wasn't exactly like I could go up to Joe and ask him what one he liked better. I just had to use my better judgment.

"Oh, by the way, I'm supposedly going over to your house on Saturday night, okay Mandy?" I told her while I continued to contemplate on what I wanted to buy. "So if my mom calls or something, tell her I'm at your house, okay?" Mandy bit her lip, looking dubious, "Um, okay I guess. I'm not sure this is such a good idea though..."

"Of course it's a good idea, Mandy!" I exclaimed, overriding her fears with my confidence. "Besides, it's not your decision to make." Mandy, seeing that it was pointless to argue with me, shook her head and shrugged, "Okay, whatever. But you'd better hurry up and check out before my mom comes over here. If she figures out what you're up to, she'll definitely tell your mom."

Mandy was probably right. Her mom loved to gossip and one of her favorite people to gossip with just happened to be my mother. Nodding, I gave Mandy a quick hug before heading to the checkout, "Alright, I'll get going. I'll see you at school tomorrow!" With that, I proceeded to the checkout. I had already spent a lot of time in this story and I needed to hurry so I wouldn't make my mom wait for me any longer in the car.

~ ~ ~ ~

"There you are, honey!" my mom exclaimed as I burst into the car a little while later. "I was starting to get worried about you. You've been gone for a long time. So did you buy anything?" I shook my head, lying again. I had buried my bag from Sheer Pleasure inside my purse so my mom wouldn't have to see it. It was just better if she stayed obvious to everything. I had decided on the cheetah nightie with all the lace. Hopefully, Joe would like it.

Mom handed me a burger as she revved up the car and we started home, "Here's your dinner. Sorry if it's a little cold." I took the burger from my mom and opened one of the little packets of ketchup to squeeze onto it. Ketchup was an essential ingredient to hamburgers! After getting every last drop of ketchup out of the packet and onto my hamburger, I took a big bite of it and started to think about what Mandy had said in the store.

Her suspicions were now started to make me a little nervous. Maybe Joe and I should wait. Maybe she was right about everything. I tried to tell myself that this wasn't true. After all, Joe and I had been looking forward to this night our whole lives. We couldn't possible give up our last opportunity to make our dreams come true.

As soon as we reached home, my mom exited the car and them turned to me, "Hey, are you okay? You look kind of pale." I tried to smile and push all the contradicting thoughts in my head aside, "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry about me." I slowly slid out of the car door and followed my mom inside our cozy little house that I was going to miss so much.

While I was unzipping my shoes, my mom, who was already in the kitchen, called to me, "Hey, you have a message from Joe. He says to call him when you get the message. You should probably call him back." My heart leaped at the sound of Joe's voice. Talking to Joe was what I needed most right now.

I shook off my shoes and raced upstairs with my purse in one hand. Once I was safely inside my bedroom with the door securely looked for privacy, I picked up my phone and dialed Joe's number into it. One...two...three rings passed before a familiar voice from the other end said, "Hello?"

"Hey Joe, it's Lisa," I greeted him. "You said to call?"

"Oh hey there," Joe said brightly. "How have you been?"

"Good. I just did a little shopping and stuff," I replied, deciding that it probably wouldn't be too smart to tell him exactly what I was shopping for. "What have you been doing?"

"Not much. Just thinking about you and Saturday night. What did you tell your parents?"

"Just that I was spending the night at Mandy's," I replied, feeling a little tinge of guilt.

"Good thinking," Joe replied in an impressed tone. There was a pause and I could here someone else speaking from the distance. Curiously, I added, "Hey Joe, is someone talking to you?"

"Shit," Joe muttered then said, "Yeah, mom needs me to get off the phone. I'll see you at school tomorrow though, right?" I agreed, "Yeah, of course. See you then."

"Yeah, see you," Joe said. "I love you."

"I love you too," I replied and then shut the phone. Now it was clear in my mind that Joe and I were making the right decision. Mandy was just being paranoid as usual. Joe and I had everything worked out perfectly.
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