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Audition Results- One Image Tells All...

by dark_venom 4 reviews

just letting all of those who audition to find out!

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For anyone that has been reading my new story they will know that I had audition places for 4 characters, and I thought it only fair to let those people know that they got in!

So that means places for:
alexisSCREAM as Scarlets's sister
NeonLuvs as Ray's girlfriend
EvieSaunders as Bob's girlfriend
And VendettaEmma as Alexia's best friend

I hope you guys are happy with what you got, if not just review and I will make any changes :)

Everyone should be in the story by the next 2 chapters or so, I just hope you guys will enjoy what I write when I chance to update later this week, so hold tight!

xoxo Sam
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