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Chapter 40

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Where is Gerard?

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Frank’s POV

After Elena had gotten me home, we found out that Gerard was, indeed, not there. She helped me clean my arm, and then she turned on the news and tried not to let me know she was worried. I was worried, though; this was Jersey, for God's sake. Anything could happen in Jersey.

“Should we call the police or something?” I asked. Elena shrugged.

“Wherever he is, he better have a good excuse,” she said, trying to lighten the mood. It wasn’t working. I laughed just to make her feel better and sat down beside her on the couch, watching the news as well. You could feel the nervousness and worry in the air, and we occasionally exchanged apprehensive smiles just to keep each other from worrying. Sometime after the news went off and the Lifetime movie came on, thunder boomed and a flash of lightning lit up the window.

After watching down the street out the window, Elena got up to make an early dinner, claiming she was going to go crazy if she didn’t do something. I insisted on setting the table for three, just in case Gerard decided to show up.

Gerard’s POV

Thunder rolled in the distance, and the sky was dark. That’s funny, it almost never thunders on a Friday afternoon, I thought to myself, then looked around to make sure I didn’t say it out loud. I nearly tripped over my own feet a few times, but I felt like I was flying. Flying before the crash. I was close to the field, and I started silently telling Frankie good-bye, reaching into my pocket again, just to make sure it was still there.

Frank’s POV

I remained on the couch, thinking while Elena made dinner. I wasn’t even hungry, and I didn’t think she was, either. I kept my eyes on the ever-darkening window, hoping I would spot someone walking down the street, and I knew Elena had the phone covered. Finally ripping my now sore eyes from the window, my gaze fell on Pansy, who was lying on Gerard’s bed, which was visible from the living room where I was.

Absently I got up and walked towards the back of the house towards her. I knew now wasn’t the best time to be playing, but maybe just the look of her would ease my spinning head. When I reached the bed and traced my finger around the letters on the bottom under the strings, I got to thinking about how Gerard saved my life multiple times. Like, the first or second night I knew him, I thought about how I felt like family so quickly. I knew that I would be nothing without Gerard; I still wouldn’t. That’s why I had to find him.

My eyes scanned the room, and caught on something shiny in the closet. As my eyes focused, I realized what I was looking at. I gasped as I saw the empty vodka bottle in the corner.

Oh, shit.

“Elena!” I yelled, tearing back to the front of the house. She looked shocked in the kitchen, holding a large spoon. I grabbed a coat from the closet and made my way to the door. “I have to go to my house to look for something. I hope I don’t find it,” I told her, leaving her looking confused.

“But, honey, it’s about to storm,” she protested, looking at me like I was crazy. I wasn’t crazy. Not for anything but her and Gerard, anyway.

“It’s Gerard,” I confessed. “I’ll be right back.” With that, I ran out the door and pulled my hood up; raindrops were starting to fall. If Gerard had left school early trying to figure out an escape route, he may be still looking for different options. Unfortunately, I thought he would be looking for alcohol, and the best place he knows to get it is my house.

I ran down his street, past the school, and down my street in under five minutes. I tried the door; it was locked. The windows were shut tight, too. There was no way to get in, and I breathed a sigh of relief. There was still a possibility of him not being drunk. Relieved, I walked back across my lawn towards Gerard’s house, but suddenly froze. If he wasn’t at my house, where was he?

A dangerously loud boom rolled above me, followed by buckets of rain pouring down. Great, I thought, and made my way back to Gerard’s house, taking our old shortcut.

Gerard’s POV

I made my way through the entrance gate and towards the dugout, since it had started to rain harder. A blinding flash of lightning scared me, and I sat on one of the bleachers in the dugout. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes; I was starting to get a headache, but I was still too drunk to regret it. I slowly pulled the knife out of my pocket and looked at my reflection in the blade.

I was really going to do this, without telling Frankie or Grandma goodbye. It was better off this way, though; I’d rather them hate me than be sad to see me gone. I mean, sure, they’d miss me a little, but they’d be better off without me. This I had repeated to myself over and over; this I believed.

I raised the knife and slid it across my arm first, watching the blood drip for a few minutes before taking it again and thrusting it forward. Suddenly, I heard yells and saw stars, and then everything went black.
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