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Keyblade VS Keyblade

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Kingdom Hearts belongs to Square Enix and Disney. OCs and plot belong to me

Keyblade V.S Keyblade

The door to Merlin's house swung open as five figures walked out three of them being teenagers, One sixteen year old boy, one sixteen year old girl and a seventeen year old boy. The other two were a duck and a dog

"Hey!" Leon called from inside the house, "Check this world over today, your ship won't be ready until tomorrow anyway"

"Alright thanks" Sora replied before turning to his four comrades, "We're should we check first?"

"We should check wherever's busiest" Riku stated

"So where would that be?" Sora asked

"The shopping area most likely" Riku replied as he lead the way down the pathway, suddenly he was replied by a barrier, "What the hell?" Riku questioned but suddenly his eyes widened, "The Heartless are back!" Riku shouted. A Soldier Heartless appeared and jumped at Kairi

"Kairi!" Sora shouted as he grabbed her arm and pulled her behind himself, after which he summoned his Keyblade, Kairi's arm still firmly in his other arm. The next thing that happened took several seconds to comprehend, a small figure suddenly fell down before them and the Heartless was destroyed, the figure looked like someone no older then thirteen dressed in black, he had dark, scruffy hair and held a black Keyblade with the Heartless insignia as the Keychain, "It's that same kid from the islands"

"Sam Heartily that is my name not that kid" The boy stated

"How did he"

"That is of no importance, there are more on the way, keep your guard up" As he said this, as if on queue Shadow and Soldier Heartless appeared surrounding all of them, "I don't suppose you plan on standing back for this do you?"

"No way" Sora replied as he held his Keyblade in both hands now and stood in a fighting position

"Fine then" Sam replied, "Just try not to get in my way" The boy jumped forward in front of Sora who ran at a Shadow Heartless however it was slain by Sam who jumped into the air. A soldier Heartless jumped at Sora however he pushed it back with the side of his Kingdom Key before slashing down on it however it wasn't vanquished. Rather then countering, the Heartless retreated jumping towards Kairi

"Kairi!" Sora ran towards her as fast as his two feet would allow him

"I can fight too Sora, you don't have to protect me all the time" Kairi thought with her eyes closed, she outstretched her arm and summoned her own Keyblade, given to her by Riku a year ago in The World That Never Was. The Heartless jumped at her however Kairi slashed not particularly at anything with her eyes closed, the next time she opened her eyes the Heartless was flying through the air. The Heartless was not slain though, as it hit the ground it quickly got back up and jumped at Kairi again, this time as she slashed it with her Keyblade, it dematerialized

"See I can do it" Kairi smiled proudly

"Behind you!" Sora shouted

"Huh?" Kairi turned around, suddenly a shadow heartless was lunging through the air towards her, there was nothing she could do, the beast was too close. As it would have struck her, the Heartless was slain; Kairi looked to her right and saw Sora standing with his Keyblade outstretched

"Even when I try to fight I end up as a burden" Kairi moaned under her breath

"No you don't" Sora said, "You just need a little practice then you'll be as good as Riku and me" Sora gave one of his optimistic grins and placed his hand on her shoulder

"H-he's touching me" Kairi thought as she looked down on the ground to conceal a blush, "We're this close. Come on Kairi, now's your chance. Just tell him"

"Look at how beautiful she is. Come on, just three words and its over" Sora thought



"Hey! Feel free to help out any time!" Riku shouted as he was surrounded by Heartless, Donald and Goofy by his side

"Sorry!" Kairi replied as she ran to his help, Sora followed however was knocked back. Sora stumbled a few feet but didn't fall, he looked back to where he was standing, that kid from before, Sam Heartily was the one who pushed him back.

"This is getting to be a pain in the ass; it's time to finish them off" Sam stated looking in Sora's eyes. Heartless arose around the two. Sora charged at the Heartless, a shadow jumped at him however Sam slashed and destroyed it. This was how the battle played out for awhile, A soldier Heartless was launched into the air by Sam and Sora jumped up into the air, he slashed the Keyblade at the Heartless. Sora spun around in mid-air, then Sam jumped up to him, as he did he clashed his Keyblade with Sora's. Both weapons began to radiate, soon after two beams shot down, a white beam shot from Sora's Keyblade and a black beam fired from Sam's. The beams weaved together in a magnificent light show, as the beams struck the ground they created a shock wave that spread throughout the inside of the barrier, destroying all the Heartless and in turn removing the barrier

Both Sora and Sam landed, "What was that" Donald asked. Sora knew the answer to this question; it was a limit, a technique involving two or more people unleashing an attack together of unspeakable power

"We should speak now" Sam stated

"Right" Sora replied, there were a few things he wanted to ask this boy though he did not know how Sam knew this

"I have one condition, the other two Key bearers; they must wait in that house"

Sora looked over to Kairi and Riku, "Alright" Riku replied

"But Riku, what if he turns on him?" Kairi moaned in a whisper

"If you are that worried then keep the dog and duck here as protection" Sam replied

"That's fine by me" Riku said as he walked into the house practically dragging Kairi along with him

"But Riku"

"Calm down if things get bad we'll jump in" Riku whispered as he turned to watch the conversation

"So what is it that you wish to ask?" Sam asked

"I want to know why you have a Keyblade and why it has the Heartless symbol as a Keychain" Sora stated

"Because I am the Heartless' champion" Sam replied coldly before a smirk grew on his face, "But words are cheap, maybe I should just show you the answers you seek" As Sam spoke, a cylinder landed in the doorway and similar cylinders landed all around the area, "Well, Laguna has actually done something right for once" Sam thought as he saw the long, dark haired man on the roof of the house, the man pulled out a scroll and began to read

"Turtle shells, Behemoth hilts and dragon hides. Protect tear thirty-two, impenetrable barrier!" As he spoke these words, the cylinders sprung to life and created a barrier like the one before that surrounded the four

"Fight me" Sam ordered seriously looking into Sora's eyes

"What?!" Sora said in disbelief

"If you won't fight me willingly then I shall force you!" Sam yelled, "Kihonteki Youshiki!"

"Sora isn't that" Goofy began but stopped as he was struck and sent flying by Sam whose speed was nearly untraceable by the eye

"Goofy!" Donald shouted, Sam suddenly turned around and kicked Donald hard and sent him flying against the barrier. With the two out of the way, Sam set his sights on Sora, Sam slashed at Sora however he parried the strike causing both fighters to jump back

"Sora" Donald shouted as he rose his staff into the air, suddenly Sora was surrounded by a barrier of wind, this was an Aero spell, Sora hadn't seen this particular spell in ages. Sora grinned as he charged

"You wont win very easily know!" Sora shouted only to be met by a smirk from his opponent

"Dispel" Suddenly the wind barrier that surrounded Sora disappeared and Sam speed in front of him, "You were saying" Sam slashed his Keyblade at Sora and sent him flying across the ground. His magic clothing absorbed the majority of the attack leaving only a small scar across the chest and a rip in his shirt, Sora's shirt automatically mended its self and he got back on to his feet.

"Waaak" Donald shouted as he summoned a ball of fire and launched it at Sam, it struck him and he stumbled back grimacing. Using his distraction, Goofy charged at Sam and pounded him around with his shield. Suddenly, Sam seemed to vanish however really he had just sped behind Goofy, when he did Goofy was blown away as a black aura surrounded Sam. Straight after that Sam once again sped off just dodging a thunder bolt launched by Donald.

"Where is he going to" Sora's eyes widened as he spun around and outstretched his Keyblade just managing to parry Sam's next strike

"Impressive, you've memorized my technique perfectly" Sam stated, "Not only that but you have adapted to it, making all my efforts futile"

"So, are you going to stop this?" Sora asked

"On the contrary, I'm just going to have to try harder" Sam smirked happily yet somehow worried, "Tekido Youshiki" Sora was sent back though he did not fall down, "Bikou Jubaku, realm of daggers" As he said these words, the area within the barrier turned black, the only exception was the white outlines of Sora, Donald, Goofy and Sam. After several seconds passed objects appeared on the border of the darkness, it didn't take long for Sora to figure out what they were, blades, or more likely by there size, knives.

"Bikou Jubaku!" Donald shouted

"So you've heared of it" Sam said, "Bikou Jubaku, the side of magic reserved for those whose hearts are deep within the darkness"

"Then why did you help us fight the Heartless?!" Sora shouted, "If you're a member of the darkness"

"Fool! Did I say I was a member of the darkness, if you recall I said my heart was deep within the darkness meaning that the darkness is my servant not the other way round" As Sam said this a blade lunged at Sora and cut him

"Sora" Kairi shouted as she banged against the barrier with her hands but was replied

"There's nothing we can do" Leon stated before punching the wall, "Damn it!"

"Don't worry"

"Rinoa?" Leon asked puzzled

"He won't kill them" Rinoa stated

"You know him?" Leon asked

"Of course" Rinoa replied, Squall, he's your son"

"What?!" Leon shouted turning to what he could see of the fight, "That's Sam?"

"There is something else he wants" Rinoa stated

"What?" Riku asked

"I don't know"

Sora destroyed the next few blades that came his way, he looked over at Donald and Goofy, they were knocked unconscious nearly as soon as Sam attacked again.

"He's adapting again. I'll have to end this soon" Sam thought as he charged at Sora and slashed down, Sora parried the attack and attempted to counter with a horizontal strike, it didn't work. Sam moved behind Sora with lightning speed and slashed Sora into the air; Sam followed after him and slashed him several times before slamming him down to the ground. Sora got back onto his feet

"Cut his flesh from his bones" Sam spat now hovering in the air. After saying this, all the remaining blades were launched in Sora's direction. Sora got ready to defend himself, quickly slashing the blades out of the air. Sora destroyed the majority of the daggers however many of them still cut him.

Then, as the last dagger was destroyed, the darkness disappeared along with the broken blades and those Sora failed to destroy

"Where is he?" Sora asked himself

"Quake!" Sam shouted, as he did the ground began to shack violently, Sora barely managed to keep his ground. Then the ground around Sora collapsed, Luckily Sora managed to grab hold of the pavement that didn't collapse, soon after the earthquake stopped. However Sora's luck seemed to run out as Sam stood over him with his Keyblade pointed at Sora's face, his own face emotionless
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