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Seven Months

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Today I was meeting with Stephanie I was going to tell her I wanted to change. I had to change I could not keep living my life as a liar anymore, half of me wanted to keep on lying but I knew something had to change. I walk towards her office and went in, I sat down waiting on her to come in. I bet she would not believe probably think this is another one of my lies, but I did want to change I just did not know how.

“Hello Frank, “Stephanie said while sitting down.

“Hello,” I replied.

“So how have you been, it’s been a while since we last talk, “She said while looking at me.

“Aright I guess. There is something I want to tell you. I want to change, I no longer want to be a liar, “I said in hoping she would at least believe me.

“What brought this on,” She asks trying to believe what I just said.

“I always had this feeling deep down I just never showed it. I mean I want to leave this place I want to live the normal I always dream of having, “I replied. Maybe I did just tell the truth it felt like I did.

“Well I’m glad you’re starting to want to change. I will tell you it will not be easy, there will be days were you might slip and lie. However, if this is something you want to do then I will help you. I’ll make you a deal I will give you seven months to change and by the end of the seven month if you had change you can finally leave, “ She said.

Seven months was a long time for me to get better long enough for me to at least try. A change for me to finally leave to be free, to live a normal life to finally live in the real world. I should feel so happy right about now but that happiness never came, maybe I know deep down somewhere some how I will screw everything up. I cannot let that happen I have to get better once and for all. I could do this even when I knew this was not going to be easy.

“Deal,” I replied.

“Alright. The first step I want you to take is to admit you are a lair. I am not saying right now by tomorrow you have to admit you are a liar. Do you think you can do that, “She ask

“I think I can I’ll give it a try, “I replied while not believing what I just said.

After an hour I, finally left I cannot believe I would have to admit I was a liar. I never really admitted that I was a liar before I am a liar, lairs never admit to anything. I should just stop this whole thing before I screw up everything, but I made a promise to Gerard. I do not think lying my out will be the best way this time.

Short Update. Will update again.
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