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Skeleton in the Long Black Coat

by Mollyscribbles 8 reviews

Jack and Sally's sixteen-year-old son has had enough; he's going goth.

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When Timothy Skellington woke that morning, he had a sense of determination greater than he had ever felt before. Growing up as the son of the Pumpkin King and most famous man in town, he and his siblings had always been in his father's shadow; they were always known first and foremost as his children - as if they had no individual worth. His parents' romance and marriage being a thing of town legend. . . was actually pretty freaky. Sure, they had a nice house to live in, and he always got an extra pair of fried bat wings with his order when they ate out. But he was tired of it. Tired of hearing everyone fawn over his dorky father, tired of barely ever managing a conversation with someone outside the family that didn't involve them asking if he had any advance hints of what Jack was planning for this Halloween.

Pulling the new package from under his bed, his skeleton grin spread wide. Just wait until they saw him now. He'd make them think differently, show them just how much he was his father's child. He pulled on the high-collared black shirt first, fabric stretching tight against his rib bones. Straight-legged black jeans, an idea he picked up in the human world the previous Halloween, were next. Fingerless black fishnet gloves and black-and-white striped socks were carefully pulled on; attention to detail was key here. He turned to the mirror and pulled out the containers; an odd touch, but why fall short? A smear of black eyeliner accented his empty sockets, and after debating a minute he eventually decided that black lipstick really doesn't work if you lack lips. A little elbow grease, white polish and an applicator cloth soon had the dome of his head gleaming white. Observing the result, he grinned from where one ear would be to the other.

To finish the look, he pulled on the jacket. He was especially proud of this one - he'd saved his allowance for months to have enough to buy it. Black leather, hanging down to his thigh bones - no tails for him, no sir. It had spiderwebs embroidered in silver thread across the back, metal loops here and there, and a chain dangling just so. He tugged the edges and admired the effect; only he could pull it off this well. Just wait until his parents saw him like this!

He strode down the narrow staircase and stepped into the kitchen, waiting for their reactions. He wasn't disappointed.

"Looking sharp today, son!" Jack exclaimed, beaming with pride.

Sally walked over and placed a kiss on his forehead. "My little boy is growing up so quickly. Ready to start your internship?"

"Of course, Mom. I've been preparing for this for a while - just wait until Mayor sees my ideas!" Jack rubbed at the spot with his sleeve. With any luck, it hadn't affected the polish. He had to make a good impression today, keep his professional look. He was going to be someone, and this was just the start.
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