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The violence is playing my song

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A little less 16 candles focusing on the Dandies. Oneshot in honor of Patrick's birthday

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William Beckett, the vampire leader, was upset.  He had lost Pete Wentz, the vampire hunter that he had changed into a vampire, who was a little too defiant.  He didn’t even drink human blood, for Night’s sake!  That, and Pete’s band of vampire hunters was causing a few too many casualties.  Something had to be done.

“Master.” That was probably Brendon, his right hand man, from the voice.  “The hunter Andy is making out with a girl.”

“Excellent,” Will said.  “I will send a couple of punks, they are pretty disposable.  The hunters will think we’ve fallen for their trap and then we can plan an ambush.  Plus, we can see what new inventions Patrick has come up with.”

The next night, Will sent some more punks to try to force Pete into drinking blood and to provide a distraction from his real plan.  The hunters, of course, fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

Will soon lead a group of everyone to overwhelm the hunters.  Pete, of course went straight for Will, who was boredly drinking tea atop a car.

Arrest him. Will telepathically told a group of policemen, who came to his aid.  Pete was handcuffed and thrown into the police car.  He saw all the vampires around, and the police laughing with them.  He tried to get out of the car, but as it was made for transporting dangerous criminals, he was getting nowhere...

The rest of the hunters fared no better:
​⁃​Patrick had been changed.
​⁃​Will lost sight of Joe, but he couldn’t have done too much damage.
​⁃​Andy was holding the vampires back with his sword, but that wouldn’t last.

The heroes had fallen.  
Will’s pride had been restored.
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