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Would You Say I'm Lying?

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All I had to do was admit to someone I was a liar I could do this I kept telling myself that. I look at him all I had to do was say it and I would feel so much better, with one breath I said it.

“I’m a liar,” I whisper

“That was not so hard, was it,” He ask

“Oh course not, “I said smarty

“Do you feel better now?” He asks while looking at me.

“Yeah I do feel better I feel great actually, “I replied. I did feel great I felt like the world lifted off my shoulders.

“Now all you have to do is admit that to everyone in group tomorrow, “He said.

“Damn it I forgot all about that. What if I cannot say it again tomorrow, “I ask while worrying I could not.

“If you just admit it to me then you can admit to everyone else I believe that you can. I will be there so you should feel better about that, “He replied.

I could do this I could admit to everyone I was a liar as if no one did not know that already, I just had to admit to everyone to make everyone see I knew what I was.

“This is not going to be easy getting better, you know? “ I said while looking at him.

“I know I’ve been trying to get better for almost two years now still have not. However, I plan to change all of that I finally want to leave this place for good, “He replied.

“I want to leave this place for good also. I want to go out into the real world live like a normal person just like everyone else, “I said.

“The real world is scary you have no one to help you when you feel like giving up. You have no one to guide you in the right path it is all up to you, I had trouble facing that fact. I had no one to help me when I felt like giving up everything I work so hard on that is why I kept coming back here, “He said while looking out into the sunset.

“I know how you feel. No one has ever come to visit me to help me to get better, not even trying. I never tried to get better but it is not as if as if someone would help me. Everyone would just think I was lying and it was another of my games. However, you believe in me you show me that it is not too late to get better, “I said with a smile.

It is amazing what one person can do to someone I never realize how much I love having him in my life. I no longer care if people think I am lying about everything I say as long as he believes in me that is all I care for.

“I’m glad I could help. I can see how much you really want this I know your not lying. I do hope this all works out for you and that in seven months you will be walking out of here for good, “He replied.

“I hope so too that’s my goal to walk out of here in seven months. I hope you can get better also. I have a question, “I said while looking at him.

“So do I. I plan on getting better this time or at least trying too. What is your question, “He asks

“You said you know when I’m lying and when I am not lying, how,” I ask in wanting to know.

“When you lie you never look anyone in the eyes, you always look the other way. I can tell when you lie when you do not look me in the eyes, and when you do look at me in the eyes you are telling the truth, “He replied.

I never realize I ever did that I always thought I look people in the eyes. There was one more question I wanted to know.

“So if I said I like you, would you say I was lying, “I ask. He looks at me in the eyes before answering.

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