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Nikki's POV

"Jeez... I thought you were kidding when you said 'starving'." Jacob laughed as I sat down at the table with my third peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I took a bite and swallowed before answering, "I've been extremely hungry the past few days... I don't normally eat this much."

He nodded and grabbed a handful of chips from the open bag that was sitting in front of him, "I can tell. You're so skinny."

"Yea. It's mostly genetic though. My mom and sister were the same way..." I glanced into the living room at one of the pictures of us. It was our only family picture we had.

He followed my gaze, "You must miss them."

"More than you know... My mom was everything to me." I paused to take another bite, "When it first happened, I would wish that it had been me and my mom instead of my sister." I shook my head, "Then my dad started getting out of control, I was glad that I wasn't in that car... Well, not glad, but you know what I mean."

He nodded eating some of the chips.

The rest of the time we were silent. I finished my sandwich and I was finally full. I threw away the paper plate and had just sat back down at the table when the front door opened. I glanced at the clock, and noticed that it was almost eleven. I looked at Jacob and he smiled, "I should probably be getting home."

My dad and Frank walked into the kitchen just as he finished talking. I laughed at what I saw. They had left with a bowl of pasta salad, and came home with four bowls of pasta salad.

I heard Jacob stifle a laugh beside me and then stand up. He kissed me on the cheek before heading out of the kitchen. I heard the front door open and close, and soon after I heard his car start up.

I stood up and went to where my dad and Frank were standing by the counter. My dad had one of his arms wrapped around Frank's waist, and as soon as I was within reaching distance, he wrapped his other arm around my shoulders. A strange feeling ran up my spine when Frank wrapped his arm around my shoulders. I smiled and wrapped my arms around them both.

My dad leaned closer to me, "Nikki, I love you." I smiled at him and he kissed my forehead. I watched him turn to Frank, "I love you too, Frankie." I watched as Frank's face turned beat red. I wondered if my dad had ever told him that before... I wondered if my dad had told anyone else besides me, my mom, and my sister that. I didn't think he had.

After the initial shock in Frank's face went away, he kissed my dad on the tip of his nose. I smiled. My mom used to do that. It really was like Frank was a dream come true. To me and my dad.


I rolled over and turned my alarm clock off before it could wake up anyone else. I slowly sat up. As soon I was sitting up, I jumped off my bed and ran into my bathroom. I tried to keep as much of my hair out of my face while I emptied my stomach, but it was almost impossible.

When I was sure I was finished, I slowly walked back to my bed and lied back down. I still felt pretty sick, like I had a fever or something. I had been lying there for a good twenty minutes when my dad walked into my room. Upon seeing my lying in bed, he sighed, "Are you sick or something?"

I shrugged, "I don't know. I think so..."

He nodded, "If you need anything, just holler. Me and Frank aren't planning on going anywhere."

I nodded and he turned to leave.

But I stopped him, "Dad?"

He turned to look at me again, "What, Nik?"

"Can I ask you something?" I sat up, slowly.

He walked over to my bed and sat down next to me, "What?"

"What's Frank's story? I know he can't be someone you met at... those places you go to."

My dad smiled, "You're right." He paused, "Frank is a friend of Uncle Mikey's. I used to see him a lot... Because Frank was staying with him for a while because his boyfriend had kicked him out. I would go over to uncle Mikey's house to talk to someone." He put his hand on my knee, "I hadn't seen him in a long time... but the other night, I was leaving the bar and Frank was sitting in his car. I thought I recognized him, so I went over and talked to him. I found out that he was here spying on his now ex-boyfriend. He thought that his ex had been sneaking out and going to the bar... Frank hates drinking, you know?"

My eyes widened, "Really?"

He nodded, "Frank is helping me stop, or at least not drink as much. He's a good guy. I'm glad he came here to live with us and to be a part of our family."

"Wait a second... live with us?"

He nodded, "Frank needed a place to stay, I needed help. So he's staying here for the time being. It just so happens that we are together as well."

I nodded, "I knew you were..." I smiled. "I'm happy for you, dad. I really am."

He nodded, "Me too, Nik."
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