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Chapter 12

by fobprincess179

Patrick and Pete make Pete's visit worthwhile. Written by Sam. WARNING: SEX SCENE! [Read&Review]

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“Joe, c’mon, just, I can explain,” I said, tiredly, as I put my hands on Joe’s chest and tried to get him back out the front door. “DON‘T FUCKING TOUCH ME,” he roared, and his fist collided with my jaw. I lurched backwards with the force he hit me with, cradling a burst lip, “what the actual fuck. Get the fuck out,” I said, my voice bland. His eyes filled with remorse and he opened his mouth, but Pete appeared from behind me, and started gnawing at Joe’s face with fists, shouting at him, shoving him, “DIDN’T YOU FUCKING HEAR HIM? GET OUT, GET THE FUCK OUT!” Joe tumbled out the door onto the lawn, and Pete spat on his face. My heart tingled. “Er, bye, guys,” Andy muttered, embarrassed, scurrying out after Pete and shutting the door behind him.

Pete was dabbing my mouth with a damp cloth, as he sat with his legs crossed on top of me. “Your mom’s gonna freak,” he sniggered. I groaned, “stop man, I know!” He smiled his smile and pecked me, not on the lips or on a cheek, kind of in between. “He‘s in the gutter, waving his wand. Past his prime. I‘m just fine,” Pete murmured as his lips traced my neck. I thought of Brendon. “Pete,” I started, “what about Brendon?” He stopped his imprinting on my jawline, and turned brown eyes to me. “He‘s still in our apartment. I told him I was coming to see mom and dad.”

I felt the guilt in his voice. “Do you love him?” I asked, outright. He shook his head. I could feel the side of my mouth curl up, but then he said, “Patrick, you‘re not the first, or the last. But you‘re possibly the prettiest.” He smirked.
My brain came to a halt. “What,” I said. Not a question, just a what. “There have been other guys?”
“Well,” he snorted, “yeah. And girls.”
Girls? What was this guy doing?
I nudged him off my lap and gave him a perplexed look. “What,” this time it was a question, “are you even doing?” my voice was getting thicker and higher as each word came out. He smiled, “you‘re not gonna be the only guy, ever, Patrick,” he said. “What?” I replied, for the third time. “Y-yes I am!!”
“Isn’t that for me to decide, Patrick?” he replied sternly, no joke involved. “No!!” I said incredulously, “I love you! You love me!!”
“They scream when they look at me,” he shot back, “I‘m a star.”
“Why did I even bother?! WHY DID I. GIVE ME A REASON. WHY I BOTHERED.”
“Cause you love me?”
“Yes Patrick, I love you. Every ounce of you. But how can I love you that way, how can YOU even love me that way, when all I’ve gotten,” he breathed dangerously close to my ear, “is one kiss?”

I threw him backwards onto the bed, crushing him, kissing him, wanting him, needing him. I hated him for scaring me like that, but I couldn’t resist: every atom of me was his, and it always would be. “I fucking love you Patrick,” he said roughly, tearing off his shirt, “but I‘m afraid I‘m going to have to destroy you.” I choked on our kiss and laughed. He stroked my midriff, sending a shiver down my spine. Adrenaline rushed through my veins, as I responded to Pete’s advances. We were intertwined in the sheets, his legs draped around my back. Hands shook, breathing was heavy, crotches sweaty- his jeans were far too tight. I finally pulled him out of them. His warm, soft body, the beautiful tattoos, the strong arms wrapped around me. I didn’t know what to do next, so I just stopped and breathed, my mouth slightly agape, and looked at him. He slipped tanned hands down my shorts and I could feel his erection rigid against my thigh. I thought I was gonna explode with suspense but he finally crawled from underneath me and took off his boxers. My heart was in my throat; I was completely lost for what to do again, and the sight of his cock gave me a mix of heartburn and nausea. “C’mere,” he whispered, beckoning me to lie on my stomach. “Shove your arse in the air,” he instructed, and I would’ve laughed but I was completely petrified. I did as he said, shaking, my eyes tearing across the room. “Pete, I-I dunno if I’m r-ready?” I stuttered, as he rummaged in my drawers, he shushed me, and I tried to distract myself, thinking of something to say - “so, uh, what-whatcha looking for there?”

“Got it,” he muttered, and I turned my neck to see him squeezing some lotion into his palms. My eyes widened and I would have happily jerked up my shorts and scampered from the room, but he had me pinned down, sitting with his legs on either side of mine, his bare ass resting on my calves. The noise the lotion made as he rubbed it carelessly into his hands made me squint and feel another wave of nausea. I begged for there to be a knock on the door, or for the phone to ring, or anything to stop this. I was just about to interrupt him again, when his hips collided with my ass; sending a wave of pain and excitement throughout my body. “Ohhh, Patrick, you feel so good,” Pete murmured, sending echoed moans around my room. I wished I could return the compliment, but my whole body was clenched with pain. I’d just let him finish up here, and then it would never happen again, he could do anything to me, except this. But then, the pain ceased, slightly, and I felt a moan unwillingly escape from my rosy lips. I could hear Pete’s smile when he chuckled. He stroked the dimples on my back as his hips slowly rocked against mine as he rode out his orgasm, flailing wildly and casting groans that hit my ear in the form of a beautiful, beautiful song. He gently pulled himself out, and turned me back over onto my back. He looked down at me with a loving, gentle smile and wiped a beam of sweat from my forehead. He pecked my hot neck once, then laced our fingers together and laid down beside me. “Your train is tomorrow,” I faintly said, panting, “tickets booked n’all y’know. You have to be getting back to Brendon anyway.”

Pete’s expression changed and he crumpled up his beautiful features in pain. “I can’t go, Lunchbox… I want to stay here, with you. I love you.” His words set my heart alight; but I knew he had to go. Joe was here, Brendon was in NY, we just couldn’t work out. Everywhere, there was something, or someone stopping us. My eyes glazed over, and his puffed up, he found my lips, so warm and soft, and I never wanted him to pull away, breathing was unimportant. “I lo-”

He gingerly pressed a finger to my open lips. “Keep quiet. Nothing comes as easy as you. Can I lay in your bed all day?” My eyes keeled over, and I was left with the heart wrenching realization that he wasn’t mine to keep.

My ship went down
In a sea of sounds
When I woke up alone
A handful of moments
A tongue like a nightmare
That cut like a blade
In a city of fools
I was careful and cool
But they tore me apart
Like a hurricane
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