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Chapter 13

by fobprincess179

Pete and Brendon are finally back home but Patrick's the one receiving the homecoming gift. Written by Ruth. WARNING: SEX SCENE [Read&Review]

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Hey Patrick, can we talk?" I turned away from my conversation with Ryan to see Joe behind me, holding a half empty beer bottle. I instantly licked my bottom lip, my tongue running over the healed scar from when Joe split my lip almost two weeks ago. "I'll just go," Ryan announced behind me, walking back into the crowded party. I sighed and stared at Joe. "What?" I spat out, my eyes narrowed into a glare. He scratched his chin which was covered in stubble. "I-It's really hard for me to see-" "What?" I interrupted; the forceful tone in my voice even surprised me. I was not in the mood for bullshit.

"'Tricks, I really am sorry. I can't even begin to describe how horrible I felt when-"
"Then don't," I said coldly. "If you feel horrible then you should just stop trying. Ignore me if you see me, because I just don't give a shit." I turned on my heel when Joe's jaw slightly opened out of shock. I walked into the party dodging the dancing teenagers, feeling pretty proud of myself. I passed below the banner that read 'WELCOME HOME PETE AND BRENDON!' and spent some time talking to some friends until Ryan started shouting. "Shut up! Shut up! They're here! They're here!"

People scrambled around Ryan's living room in search for a good hiding spot. I found one behind the banister near the kitchen where the front door was visible. Ryan ran to the door and opened it before there was a knock. I could see the two outlines of Pete and Brendon as they entered and looked around the room. The light suddenly turned on and screams of 'Welcome home!' and 'Surprise!' were echoed throughout the living room. Groups of people fluttered over to the surprised couple while I stayed near the banister watching them greet people.

I brought my soda can to my lips, letting the fizzling of the drink tickle my nose, wondering if anyone would notice if I just deserted the party. Pete was hugging his other friends, the ones he didn't come to see two weeks ago and it looked like he was having fun. He won't miss me. I set my soda down and started to walk toward Ryan's backyard. I got halfway through the pantry before I heard my name being shouted. "PATRICK!"

Turning around, I saw a smiling Pete Wentz running towards me, that smile more beautiful than I remembered. He wrapped his arms around my neck when he neared me, slamming me into his body; his arms tight around me. "I missed you, 'Tricky," He muttered into my neck, his lips ghosting over my skin. "Missed you too," spilled out in time with my now racing heart beat. A few more seconds were spent holding onto each other before he slowly pulled away.

I cleared my throat as people looked at us. "I should probably- I should get going." I told him, inching towards the back door. "You're not actually going, are you?" Pete asked, his brown eyes wide with hopefulness and disbelief. I sighed. "I guess not." His tooth filled grin came back and he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and led me to the kitchen. He took a beer from the cooler and before he popped the top open, Brendon appeared by his side: "hey, 'Trickster," he smiled, wrapping his arm around Pete's waist. I rolled my eyes discreetly as I looked away. "Hey Bren, how was New York?" His brown eyes looked up at Pete before answering. "Amazing." Pete smiled at him while I told myself not to snap. "Oi, Brendon! Spencer and Jon are looking for you!" Ryan appeared beside me, grabbing some sodas and beers from the cooler. "Come on," Ryan urged. Brendon reluctantly moved away from Pete, leaving us alone. We made small talk avoiding the topic about the last time he visited. Pete placed his fourth beer bottle near his third shot glass of gin when he started to walk around the counter carelessly. I sighed disapprovingly; I tried to make him stop but, Pete's Pete. He grabbed my hand and pulled me to the stairs, stumbling up the steps.

"What the hell are you doing, Pete?" I asked him when we reached the second floor. I started to pull my hand out of his grasp but he held on tight, stopping to turn around and face me. "Patrick," he whined. "I misshed you." Pete slurred, his hands making their way around my waist. He harshly pressed his lips to mine, his tongue darting into my mouth tasting of string alcohol. By instinct, I pulled away, spluttering. "Pete, you're drunk," my hands were on his shoulders, keeping him at arm's length. "I'm sober enough to-to know what I-I'm doing," he pressed, his brown eyes glassed over. He grabbed my hands and pulled me into a dark empty room.
Sighing, I turned on the light seeing that the room was the Ross' bathroom. "Pete come on, we have to get you back to Brendon," my hand had reached the door knob when I was turned around and slammed to the hardwood door. I groaned; Pete was hovering right above, inches away from my lips. "I don't care about Brendon," he slurred again. "I care about chu,"

"Pete please, You're-" I was interrupted by the force of Pete's cold wet lips on mine. His hands, slightly gripping, kept my head in place while he grounded his already hard dick onto my hips. A lustful moan escaped from my throat making Pete smile against my mouth. "God, I missed you, 'Tricky," he breathed out, his long tan fingers running down my chest. "You taste so good," He murmured, his teeth nipping at my skin.

My head fell back against the door. The touch of Pete's hands were too familiar and too much to handle. His skilled fingertips fumbled on my belt buckle; then with my zipper. His hand slipped through the waistband of my boxers and curled around my own erect cock and a small lust filled whimper escaped my lips. Pete smirked and shoved his hips into mine. "I'm going to show you how much I missed my 'Trickster," he breathed into my ear, seemingly sober, and my eyes rolled back from anticipation. "Rejoice.. rejoice.. and.. fall to your.. knees," I panted. Pulling agonizingly slow at the sides of my jeans and boxers, Pete lowered himself down; his ass resting on the balls of his feet. "Jesus," I moaned when his hot breath surrounded me, letting my head fall forward, my eyes opened just a little to see the dark haired boy lick his luscious lips. His tongue flickered out between his lips, running quickly over the head of my dick and my hips bucked involuntarily. The door almost split open when my head banged against it because the warmth of Pete's mouth was oh so heavenly; it inspired me to lose control.

My fingers found locks of his soft black hair and tugged on them whenever his skilled tongue licked the underside of my cock. My hips jerked forward when Pete decided to hollow out his cheeks, the warmth just too overwhelming. "Pete," my voice was barely audible over my heaving chest. My heart raced, my lungs ached for air and my fingers grasped Pete's dyed black locks. His fingers were gripping at the unprotected skin of my hips. The familiar fluttering feeling was settling in my stomach. His name was on the tip of my tongue, just seconds from pressing through my lips but the heavy pants were making it difficult. I gave him one more forceful tug, warning him that I was so close pulling back softly enough to lock eyes with his brown ones. His red swollen lips were still stretched over mine, turning up at the corners making a sly smile. With one last swipe of his tongue, he sucked hard making me cum full force.
Loud moans escaped from my dry throat as my knees started to tremble. My eyes started to focus after my orgasm, the black dots fading as Pete stood in front of me. His hands snaked around my waist, his hands running down my bare ass and squeezed it. "That was fun," Pete chuckled, sweat beading his forehead. I opened my mouth to say something but only a stupid high pitched giggle came out. Pete smiled a quick smirk before kissing me. I could taste myself in his mouth, salty and tangy, but I didn't care.

We walked out of the bathroom, hand in hand. Pete went out first and I was closely behind him. Closing the door shut behind me, Pete suddenly yanked his hand out of mine. "What the f-" I stopped short when I saw another dark haired boy standing in front of us, his brown eyes shooting daggers at both of us; but was mostly at me. "Brenny! Hey!" Pete said, moving forward, his arms stretched out to hug him but Brendon shot him a glare and he stayed put.

"Why were you two in the bathroom together?" he snapped. Pete was giving me, Patrick Vaughn Stump, head in the bathroom, not you, Brendon and you damn well know it. That's what I wanted to tell him but instead I kept shut waiting for Pete to take the reins like he always does. When he didn't, Brendon asked again, louder than the music downstairs. "Why the FUCK were you in there together?!" Pete visibly winced and touched his head. Screw this, I'll tell him myself. I opened my mouth to say something but Pete's voice came out instead. "Brenny Bear. Please don't yell. I drank way too much and I just finished hurling into the toilet. Patrick was just helping and scolding meat the same time. Right Patrick?"

Pete looked back at me, his eyes pleading for help. I rolled my own eyes and nodded. "Yeah, you know how Pete is," Brendon's glare softened and shook his head. "That's all?" Pete nodded his reply, "of course." Brendon's eyes shifted towards me and I simply looked away.
I'm just getting worse 'til there's nothing left.
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