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Chapter eight

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Hey people :D Let me begin by apologising (as usual) for being so extraordinarily late with this chapter x_x I just lacked the motivation, but today I finally decided to get my ass in gear and so instead of doing my art coursework (oops) I spent the whole of this evening writing this chapter for you guys. So... I hope you like it! :D But in my haste to get it up for y’all (no pun intended) I didn’t get chance to proof read it, so if it’s a little shabby I apologize in an advance and heads up -
So look forward to that one but in the mean time, WARNING: This next chapter contains minor blood play. If you don’t like it then proceed with caution.
That is all :]

Frank was tired. Exhausted. His mind hazy as he became lost in a pattern of college and church. He wasn’t sleeping well at night, haunted by dreams of Red and all the amazing things he could do to his body. Dreams so delicious that they shouldn’t be allowed, especially when all they did was torture Frank, reminding him like a spiteful slap in the face that he hadn’t seen Red for a week.

It had been after that mind blowing orgasm when Red had taken his virginity that Frank had breathed out a shaky ‘I love you’. Thinking back now he didn’t even know why he had said it. It had just seemed like the appropriate thing to say at the time. His whole body had felt as if it were vibrating, charged with a strange energy that made it impossible to wipe the soft smile off his face, and Red had pulled him into his arms and cradled him close as he mewled and purred, utterly boneless and so incredibly spent. The whole situation, the absurdity and odd perfection of the moment had made his heart swell to the point where he thought it might explode in his chest, and with Red’s arms warm and protective around him he hadn’t even thought about it before speaking. Worse, he hadn’t even cared after he had. He had thought in that moment that he knew for certain – that he was indeed in love with Red. Even now, with a week without him clearing his senses he still felt that same painful tugging at his heart. As if it had a fish hook embedded deep into it with a wire connecting it to Red, each beat making the hook tug at the flesh it had purchase on and causing him to bleed internally.

But that wasn’t to say he had been so consumed in the amazing afterglow that he hadn’t noticed how Red didn’t return the statement. In fact, the way Red had tensed and clenched his teeth had made Frank blush and bow his head, realising he had just revealed something that was not shared like he thought it was. Stupid really, to think that Red actually cared about him. After all, it had been clear from the very start that Frank was nothing more than a prop needed for some ritual, love was not something that had ever meant to come into play.

Frank felt like an idiot for ever letting his guard slip so far that his heart had been snatched up, albeit unintentionally, by the Satanist.

And now here he was, feeling dazed and even a little stunned as he wandered round college, almost in a state of limbo. For the week leading up to that final night with Red he had been abducted practically every evening, and now he hadn’t seen hide nor hair of the men who kidnapped him. He had even started walking home extra slowly, just in case. But nothing ever came of it. And it was clear now that they had achieved whatever it was they had been after, whatever it was they had needed him for, and he had been tossed aside like yesterdays news. Who knew, there could be hundreds of people just like him who had suffered the same fate, but Frank found it hard to believe that any of them were agonizing over it. It seemed almost insane now, that when this had all began he had wanted nothing more than to be let free, to never see Red again and forget all about his brief insight to the darker religions in the world. Now he wanted nothing more than to go back to the caverns and have just even one more minute with Red. To say goodbye, at least. He had fallen asleep in Red’s arms that night and when he woke up he had been back in his own bed, with nothing but the pain in his ass to prove to him it wasn’t a dream.

At first he had been fine, not a doubt in his mind that either the next night or the night after he would be abducted as usual and taken to that seductive, mysterious man. And who knew what wonderful things he would have planned for him then. But that hadn’t happened, and Frank couldn’t understand it. Had he done something wrong? Were they really through with him now? Or had him saying something as stupid as ‘I love you’ made them drop him like hot metal?

Frank gave an annoyed sigh and wiped the tears off his cheeks, slipping into the boy’s bathroom as other students hurried to class so that they wouldn’t see him crying. He hated to admit it but he missed Red, and he couldn’t deny it. And that frightened him, as if he missed the Devil himself. Made his stomach churn and bile rise in his throat. Red was a Satanist, he was the epitome of bad news. He was not the sort of person you were supposed to miss, certainly not the sort of person you were supposed to love. If he let himself get consumed by his sadness over missing Red then God would never forgive him...

But Frank couldn’t pretend anymore. He wasn’t losing his faith, he was just turning his back on it, letting it take a back seat while he allowed himself to crave all those temptations he had tried so hard to fight. He didn’t want to confess his sins and repent in an attempt to cleanse his tainted soul, he wanted Red. And he wasn’t going to give up on that want, despite knowing that Red was long gone.

Red didn’t need him anymore.


Gerard sighed and removed his full face mannequin mask with a grimace, running a hand through his hair as he left the Star Chamber. Tomorrow night was Halloween and all the preparations were now finished for the final ritual. The air was static with excitement and everyone he passed beamed at him and clapped him on the shoulder, or flashed a thumbs up. Gerard couldn’t remember the last time the Stars had been so excited over a sacrifice – he guessed Frank had had an effect on everyone. Or maybe it was him who was making the difference, his blatant attraction to the Catholic making people more ecstatic because they knew the bond between him and Frank was strong, making the sacrifice purer. Either way, he didn’t really give a shit, he just wanted to see Frank again.

That night one week ago had been amazing, he couldn’t remember the last time he had felt so amazing during or after sex. In fact, he was pretty certain he had never felt that amazing before. Frank was just perfect, everything about him enticed Gerard and pulled him in more. He had spent years being taught how to respect and love all things negative and positive, to find beauty in ugliness and ugliness in beauty. Had been taught that every single thing in the world was composed of a balance of opposites. Love and hate, light and dark, perfection and flaws. But Gerard couldn’t find anything of the sort in Frank, when he looked at him all he saw was light, all he saw was perfection, all he felt was love... Either Frank was the only exception to the rule or Gerard was being blinded by what should have been a forbidden emotion.

If he was going to be honest with himself he had been trying to deny his true feelings for weeks, and even though they just got stronger every time he was with Frank he had been able to create even just a thin barrier between him and the truth. But then Frank had said it... had admitted something that tore the barrier into bloody shreds, leaving Gerard feeling open and exposed. He had tried to reply, but the words got stuck in his throat, suffocating him, and he knew he had hurt Frank by not responding.

When Gerard had gone to the Elder that night to fill him in on how the evening had gone, he had told him what Frank had said and the Elder had been overjoyed. It was the best they could have hoped for – Frank was in love with Gerard and that made the risks of the ritual even smaller. “Frank’s soul will submit to yours just as beautifully as he submits to you” the Elder had insisted, repeating it over and over again like a chant as they went round the caverns, talking to the other Stars about Gerard’s ‘success’ and informing them that preparations for the final ritual were to begin immediately. Since then the whole week had been a buzz of non-stop activity and Gerard was exhausted.

“Good luck for tomorrow Gerard.” Bob squeezed Gerard’s shoulder as he passed him in the passageway and flashed him a wide grin, Gerard returning it half heartedly.

“Thanks Bob.” He mumbled, pocketing his mask and thinking about how good his bed seemed right now. He just wanted to fall into it and sleep for the next thousand years. He had gone through rigorous training that week, being forced to memorize every last word of the final ritual in Latin and being taken through the ritual step by step by the Elder several times so that they could be certain nothing would go wrong. At first he had been nervous that he would forget something but now he had no doubt in his mind that he would get things perfect, he had gone through it too many times to not. But what he cared about most now, the one thing plaguing his every thought and dream was Frank, and how much he missed him. Tomorrow night would be perfect no matter what, purely because he would finally be able to see Frank again.


Frank stared with emotionless eyes out his window, watching the wind blow red and gold leaves about the street. The first of the trick or treaters were just beginning to appear, small kids with their parents or older siblings, the majority of them in batman outfits. Frank had noticed there was always a trend in Halloween costumes - last year’s had been ghosts – and that as the night wore on there would be an order in which people came out. It was always little kids first, then in an hour or two the older lot, then as soon as the sun had set and the sky was beginning to litter with stars the teenagers would start their rounds, until finally, when the moon was high in the sky, the older teenagers would appear intent on wreaking havoc on the streets and throwing candy at each other. Frank joined them sometimes, always able to get more candy than the others by playing the ‘-and it’s my birthday too!’ card. But tonight he just didn’t feel like it. Right now the last thing he wanted was candy.

“Frankie...” Frank turned and forced a soft smile as Linda opened his door and poked her head round, giving a sad smile. “You sure you don’t mind me going out? I’ll stay if you like.” She offered for the millionth time that day. She had bought Frank all the gifts he had wanted and cooked him his favourite breakfast, spent the day with him and tried to make his birthday as special as every year, but it had not been missed on her that Frank was unhappy. She had been aware of it for some days now, and she was worried about him. She had gingerly tried to ask him about it but each time she did he forced a smile and insisted he was fine.

“Don’t worry mom I’m fine, I’m going out with the guys remember?” Frank smiled, trying to sound as convincing as he could. His friends had of course offered for him to come out with them like he did every year, and when he had declined they had tried all sorts of playful threats and black mail in order to make him come out like friends do, but he had softly insisted that he wasn’t up to it, telling them he was sick, and since Frank being sick was a common occurrence they didn’t push it. Linda though, was still under the impression that Frank would be doing his usual street haunting with them and had made plans to spend the evening with some of her friends.

“Well, okay... if you’re sure.” She said doubtfully, worried about her son despite his constant insisting that he was fine.

“I’m sure mom. Seriously, go and have some fun.” Frank smiled, Linda giving a weak one in return as she nodded, walking into the room to kiss Franks forehead and brush his fringe back off his face, something that she always did that annoyed Frank to no end, but right now it was sort of comforting. A constant, when everything seemed to be shifting around him.

“Okay. Well, you have a good night sweetheart, and just call if you need me.” Linda said softly, giving a more genuine smile and Frank nodded, kissing her cheek.

“Thanks mom. I’ll see you later.” He smiled and she nodded, saying her goodbyes as she left his room, shutting the door behind her. Frank waited until he heard the front door shut and her car pull off the drive before sliding off his bed and grabbing his jacket off the handle of his wardrobe door, making his way out of his room.

He was going stir crazy just sat in the house, left to his thoughts. He needed to get out, walk somewhere, he needed to breathe. He was sick of feeling so numb purely because he couldn’t bear the thought of facing the fact that Red was gone. That he just wasn’t interested anymore – had never been interested in the first place. He had to stop hoping that he would be taken back to Red, all he was doing was setting himself up to fall.

Frank stepped out of his house and locked the door before setting off down the street, shoving his hands deep into his pockets and bowing his head as he ignored all the trick or treaters rushing around, dragging less enthusiastic carers with them as they chatted about all the different Candy they had collected so far. Frank could remember a time when he had been the same, and a part of him craved for that simple innocence of childhood, but he was too old for that sort of thing now. Now he had a lot of other things to be worried about and candy wasn’t one of them.

Frank dug his i-Pod out of his pocket and pushed the headphones into his ears, turning his music on full blast to ensure that he wouldn’t be consumed by his thoughts anymore, walking briskly down the street and hanging a left down a backstreet where no other people were. Making him feel better when he was alone, less claustrophobic.

The tones of Iron Maiden and Alkaline Trio forced their way through his mind, keeping him sane, almost content, as he wandered the streets, focusing on nothing but the guitars and the drums keeping his feet moving one in front of the other. He wouldn’t let himself think about Red anymore, he couldn’t. He was supposed to be a catholic, he was supposed to be better than this, he was supposed to -

“Oomph!” Frank nearly had a heart attack as a hand was clamped over his mouth from behind and a soft cackle sounded in his ear, a strong arm hooking around his waist and pinning his body to that of his captive behind him. At first Frank struggled, trying to scream against the hand over his lips, but as he was dragged backwards and a blindfold was tied over his eyes his heart kick started into a rapid pace, thumping loudly against his ribs. His stomach gave a mighty lurch and for a long minute he couldn’t breathe, tears building behind the blindfold as a strange sense of relief washed over him – was it them? Was it the Satanists? Was he being taken to Red at last?


“You are ready?” The Elder asked with a grin and Gerard nodded, finishing putting on his mask as he stood barely a foot away from the doorway leading into the Star Chamber, every one of the Morning Stars stood behind him, filling the tunnel and chattering in hushed voices as the Elder cupped Gerard’s cheek in his hand. “Then go in, and enjoy it my love. After this the catholic shall be taken home and this will all seem like a dream.” He smiled, Gerard almost choking from the sheer force his breath was shoved out of his lungs, making his chest ache. He had almost forgotten that after tonight he would never see Frank again, this time it wouldn’t just be one week of missing him, it would be an eternity of torture.

“Thank you Master...” He breathed, his mask helping him hide his pain as he kissed the Elders hand, the Stars beaming at him and calling out whispers of ‘good luck’ before he dissapeared through the door, shutting it behind him. The others would not enter until they heard the ‘signal’.

Gerard turned and gave a soft sigh of happiness as his eyes fell on the naked body of the Catholic, his hands tied behind his back and his legs splayed open slightly from where he was leant over the stone alter in the centre of the room, shaking a little. His muscles were taunt from how his arms had been stretched right round to bound his wrists tightly, the Stars who had kidnapped him obviously wanting to make sure there would be no chance of him escaping at this vital stage. Gerard half wanted to loosen the knots, but the other half of him was turned on by how submissive Frank looked, making him ache for him all over again.

“Frank...” He breathed as he strode towards him, Frank’s body tensing at the sound of his voice. He let out a small whimper of relief and shifted a little against the alter as Gerard reached him and ran his hands down his naked back, Frank instantly feeling less exposed, less vulnerable, with his master here.

“Red...” He sighed, turning his face to the side so that his cheek pressed against the cold stone of the alter, tears of happiness dripping down his cheeks from beneath his blindfold as he felt his heart fluttering in his chest, swelling with happiness. “You’re here.” He whimpered, slumping a little as he gave a soft sigh of delight, Red pressing tender whispers of kisses to the back of his neck.

“Of course... did you miss me?” He chuckled softly, running his hands softly down Frank’s body as he gave a nod, opening his legs further in invitation and tilting his hips back.

“Mm... Yes... so much...” He whimpered, Red kissing his neck softly for a moment longer before he gave a soft sigh, biting his lip. He wished he didn’t have to do this, knowing that the quicker he got this ritual started the quicker it would be over and the sooner he’d be facing a life without Frank, but he had no choice but to go through with it. And besides, falling for the catholic was never something that should have happened, never seeing him again could only be a good thing. God only knew they couldn’t be together.

“Then you’re ready.” He sighed, straightening up as Frank frowned from behind his blindfold.

“For what?” He asked softly, tensing as he heard the sound of people entering the room, beginning to tremble again as their footsteps echoed around the large chamber. It sounded as if there were hundreds of people surrounding them, an audience of silent strangers when it was usually just him and Red. He whimpered softly and tried to move, but Red had a hand on his back, keeping him down. “Red?” He whimpered, fear sparking in his stomach and turning into a fire that coursed through his veins, making his heart pain. “R – Red?” He felt his tears increase as the sound of movement stopped, the people who had joined them apparently settled.

Gerard leaned down over Frank as he felt him shaking, tears glittering in the torchlight as they slid down his cheeks. He didn’t want to frighten him, but he knew there was no way to have made this easy for the boy. He was a sacrifice, after all, and fear was a key element for any ritual. “Shh...” He hushed softly, hoping to soothe him anyway, not wanting to destroy that trust that they had built up somehow. “You can trust me.” He whispered and he felt Frank relax very slightly.

Gerard straightened up again and look around at the Stars watching them from behind their matching mannequin masks, theirs full faced unlike Gerard’s, hiding their expressions though their excitement was evident in the way it charged the atmosphere. Gerard smirked and slipped back into his cocky facade as he spread his arms out. “Friends.” He called and he felt Frank tensing again. “Today this young catholic is ready for the final ritual. I have taken his virginity and claimed his soul, and now I offer those I took to our Lord.” The feeling of excitement in the room increased as the Stars cheered and Gerard smirked, leaning over Frank once more and pressing a kiss to the back of his neck.

“Get off me!” Frank snarled, his voice surprisingly strong through his tears and Gerard jolted, as if someone had just kicked him hard in the stomach. Frank was horrified, confused, unbelievably hurt. He couldn’t believe he had actually allowed himself to fall for this monster. Of course he had known all along that he was nothing more than a prop in some ritual, and he had spent uncountable hours trying to remind himself of this point. To make himself really believe that Red felt nothing for him. That he was only needed for some sort of black magic. But despite knowing it already, actually hearing it, actually listening to those words slip past those delicious lips he had asked to be kissed by, made it finally real. Confirmed it to the point where he was sick with fury at both Red and himself. He was an idiot, a complete and total idiot and everything he had done – sinned, submitted, turned his back on God – it was all for nothing. All he had done was succeeded in getting himself deeper and deeper into a hole he could never climb out of.

“Frankie.” Gerard whispered, pressing hard on his shoulders to make the teenager lie flat over the alter, licking a wet trail up the centre of his back and up his neck to his ear, whispering soft, understanding words that Frank knew were meant only for him. So quiet only he could hear them. “Please, do not fear me. Do not hate me. Want me, like you always have, like I always will want you.” He drawled, Frank mewling in sadness and trying to shift away but the older man’s grip was firm. “I am not doing this to hurt you... Oh Frankie... I love you, please trust me.” He cooed seductively, barely thinking as he admitted his true feelings to the catholic, Frank relaxing instantly beneath him as if touched by some spell.

“Okay...” He breathed and Gerard smiled, kissing the side of his neck in delight. Frank sighed and closed his eyes tightly behind his blindfold, his broken heart seeming to melt and ooze over his insides at Red’s words. He didn’t want to believe them, knowing that they were probably nothing more than lies to make him stay still, but he couldn’t help but be convinced. Red had told him on that first meeting that he wouldn’t harm him and he had stuck to those words. Not once had he ever given Frank a reason to not trust him and so he couldn’t help but sigh and mewl softly as his soft lips moved over his neck and down his back, coaxing him into the usual state of bliss.

“Thank you.” Gerard whispered softly as he kissed and nipped down Frank’s back, lapping softly at his silky skin as he gripped the backs of his thighs and gently pushed his legs further apart, the fact that they had an audience only making him hotter, the showman in him wanting to impress the other Stars and show them just how good it could be to be ravished by Gerard Way.

Frank moaned quietly as Red’s hands rested on his ass and massaged softly, his kisses making him respond like they always did, never failing to make him submit without question. Their audience were blissfully silent and with his blindfold Frank found it easy to pretend they weren’t even there, pushing his hips back until he felt Red’s groin against the curve of his ass. The Satanist smirked and took the hint, rocking his hips softly against Frank and rubbing his cock against the young boys soft flesh, Frank moaning softly as he felt Red’s manhood begin to swell and stiffen against his ass, making his own body respond just the same and by the time Red was stripping out of his clothes Frank was fully erect.

Gerard groaned with relief as he freed his erection from his trousers and began to recite the Latin verses he had been practicing all week with the Elder as he dipped his fingers into the vial of oil he had had in his pocket, Frank gasping in surprise when he pressed a slick finger to his entrance and pushed it inside, the Stars watching leaning forward almost subconsciously. Gerard spoke the verses with seductive ease, Frank mewling and rocking his hips back as the finger inside him stroked at his inner walls, teasing him into relaxing before a second finger was added, scissoring and probing until he was moaning and rocking back onto them as if he would never feel anything that good again.

Gerard smirked a little as he spoke, his erection throbbing painfully at the sight of Frank going crazy for him as always despite the almost bad start. He spoke the Latin in an almost dream like way, ghosting his fingers over Frank’s prostate to make him gasp with delight before slowly pulling them back, the teenager mewling in disappointment almost instantly.

“N - No... don’t stop...” Frank whimpered, his cock giving a painful twitch as all stimulation ended, Red still murmuring in the dead language. He groaned and whined, wondering what it was the Satanist was doing, soon finding out when the head of his erection pressed against Frank’s entrance, slick with the oil. Frank gave a whimper of impatience and tried to push back onto him, no longer caring that they had an audience. The whole world could be staring at them and he just wouldn’t care – he needed to feel Red inside him again. He was desperate to feel him throbbing inside him like before, to feel that connection again.

Gerard braced himself for the pleasure as he slowly pushed forward, managing to keep his Latin steady as he watched with a pounding heart as Frank relaxed and opened up to him, his erection sliding into the catholic with ease. Frank gave a low moan and arched a little against the alter, his hands clenching and unclenching against his back, moaning desperately as Gerard gave shallow thrusts into him, keeping the pace steady in order to keep his mind focused on his verses. He could feel the Stars giving him impressed stared as Frank responded in a deliciously beautiful way, giving high, keening mewls of need as he pushed his hips back, obviously desperate for more.

Gerard waited until he had finished the verses, saying the last line as he pulled back until only the head of his erection was still inside the catholic, pausing for a heart beat before slamming back in, Frank arching his back and crying out as the pace was suddenly vastly increased, Gerard thrusting into him rapidly as he gripped his hips tight in his hands.

The feeling of Frank’s velvet heat tight around him instantly sent powerful waves of pleasure through Gerard and he groaned softly, rocking his hips eagerly into him as the ritual verses sent waves of energy through him and Frank both, making them more sensitive and the pleasure seemed to heighten. Gerard leaned down over Franks body and groaned as he pounded into him, taking him roughly and feeling Frank clenching around him already, the young man’s pre-cum leaking onto the alter as he moaned wantonly, Gerard whispering sweet nothings in his ear. “Mm... ooh... Frankie, do you know... ah... why they call me... Red?” He panted, Frank shaking his head and giving a shocked ‘ooh’ as he was suddenly pulled up into Gerard’s arms, standing practically upright with his back to Gerard’s chest.

“Agh... fuck... Mmm... tell me...” He whimpered, giving a low moan from deep within his throat, a purely animalistic sound that made Red’s cock jump inside him, the way they were now standing meant the thrusts were much slower from the awkward angle but Red pushed repeatedly into Frank’s prostate, keeping him teasingly close to the edge.

“Uunn... oh... because of this...” Red panted, and Frank heard a metallic scraping against the stone before he felt a sharp point pressed to his chest, barely having time to register what it was before Red had drawn the blade down his chest all the way to his navel, making a clean, shallow cut that began to weep with blood. Tears of crimson making their way down Frank’s olive skin as he gave a soft gasp.

Gerard put the knife down and thrust up into Frank, making up for the slow pace by shoving in as deep as he could before pulling back, repeating the process as Frank shoved his ass down just as eagerly. Gerard moaned deeply in the boy’s ear as he ran his fingers up the cut he had made, gathering the blood and licking it away with a sigh of pleasure, moaning as the copper taste bloomed over his tongue, filling his mouth with the metallic flavour.

Frank whimpered and moaned, rocking his hips and wishing his hands were untied so that he could grip his aching erection and pump it to bring his climax quicker, his cock leaking pearls of cum as he felt himself so tantalizingly close but unable to reach completion, the pain of the cut only making him that much more aroused. As Red thrust into him he could hear him sucking at his fingers and he realized he was actually licking away the blood, something that should have disgusted and frightened him to no end but for some reason made him moan all the louder.

“Oh... unn... R – Red... please... please...” He begged softly, barely realising what he was asking for before Red had swiped up more blood and was holding his fingers to Frank’s lips, the teenager opening his mouth without hesitation and sucking greedily at the bloody digits, swallowing down the hot liquid as around him the people watching gasped. The Elder among them beaming behind his mask, he could hardly believe how successful this whole thing was and he felt pride at knowing he had been right to pick Gerard for this task.

Gerard moaned loudly at the sight of Frank eagerly sucking his own blood off his fingers, feeding him more until he felt the young man clenching around him with more force, signalling how close he was, Gerard’s own orgasm threateningly near. He pressed his hands to Frank’s shoulders and pushed him back down over the alter, his chest scraping against the stone and getting his blood on it as Gerard began pounding into him with increasing speed once more, the Stars watching waiting with baited breath as they witnessed the delicious way Frank’s body trembled and moved, writhing against the alter as his muscles tensed and rippled, his lips parted as he panted and moaned, begging for more even as his balls tightened and he clamped hard around Gerard’s cock, screaming out as his orgasm ripped through him, thick ropes of cum spilling onto the alter.

Gerard moaned loudly and stared down at Frank with half lidded eyes, shoving his hips back and forth only a few more times before he was cumming hard inside the younger man, crying out with pleasure from his release, Frank still shaking through his own orgasm beneath him. The teenagers hands clenched within their bonds as he gave one, long continuous moan, broken only by gasps in before it would continue, getting softer and softer as his climax finally drew to an end, leaving him feeling completely spent.

The two men were given only a second to regain themselves before the Stars were flooding around them, their soft cloaks brushing over Frank’s sensitized skin as Gerard pulled out of him and scooped him up into his arms, carrying him out of the cavern quickly whilst he continued to tremble in his afterglow. The Stars cheers followed them out of the door as they surrounded the alter, Frank purring softly in Gerard’s arms as they dissapeared into the tunnels.

“Red.” Gerard tensed and looked up to see the Elder coming out of the chamber, beaming widely at him. “Well done, you have pleased me greatly. Let the boy go and we can finish the ritual.” He said brightly and Gerard felt Frank tense in his arms, looking blindly up at him as he struggled to pull his hands out of their restraints so that he could remove his blindfold.

“What? Wait – is that it?” He gasped, Gerard dropping him to his feet as two Stars came out to take him home. “But – But will I see you again?” He whimpered, crying out in horror as one of the Stars lifted him onto their shoulders and began walking down the tunnels as Gerard nodded at the Elder.

“Yes master.” He said obediently, ignoring the painful tugging at his heart as Frank’s screams echoed down the tunnel, his sobs seeming to pierce right into Gerard’s soul.

“Wait! Please wait! Red! RED! PLEASE. Tell me if I’ll see you again, please Red, I want to see you again! Someone tell me please!” He begged, the Elder placing a hand on Gerard’s shoulder and guiding him back into the cavern, oblivious to the internal torment the younger man was going through. All of his life Gerard had been a pro at hiding his emotions and he used his skill to its utmost abilities now, forcing himself to keep his face composed even as his heart thumped painfully, as if someone had driven a knife through it.

“All you have to do now is add your blood to the Catholics on the Alter, then I shall say the final verse and the ritual will be complete. You are an amazing asset to this cult, Gerard.” The Elder said softly, smiling widely at Gerard as he forced a wide smile in return, taking the Elder’s hand and kissing his knuckles.

“Thank you master, it pleases me greatly to know I have not let you down...”
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