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Chapter seven

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Well people, it’s not the longest chapter I’ve done, but I think you’re going to like it ;] It gives me supreme pleasure to say (even though I know you people won’t mind, just to cover my back so to speak -) WARNING: This chapter includes full on, detailed, tasty butt secks between two guys :] If you are bonkers and don’t like it then turn back now, if not – proceed with smirks my friends. It’s one heck of a ride ;]

By the time morning came Gerard had completely forgotten that there was something the Elder was planning to tell him. His mind was too occupied in re-thinking over everything that had happened with Frank the night before. He had said that his mother was away and had practically pleaded Gerard to let him stay for longer than usual, just to be with him. It had been a surprise to hear him ask for such a thing, but a pleasant one at that. It had made Gerard’s stomach churn in a way that it never had before and his heart had actually hurt, a strange, sweet pain that he despised and adored all at the same time.

After informing the guards at the door that Frank would be staying indefinitely, Gerard had returned to the cavern and had just... laid with him. He had sorted out his clothes and helped Frank do the same before pulling him into his arms and holding him close as he listened to Frank talk about himself. The catholic had of course asked him questions too, but Gerard had been careful to give vague answers or bat the questions away with one of his own – not because he had anything in particular to hide but because he knew it was important to keep hold of some of his mysterious facade for as long as he could. Frank clearly trusted him now which was what he had set out to achieve, and he was certain that when the time came Franks soul would not try to fight his as he protected it, but that didn’t mean he could let his mask slip.

Frank may have wanted to know him for who he really was, to see the face behind the mask and learn about the man that was Gerard and not Red, but that was simply not acceptable. And not just because there was some sick satisfaction in knowing that Frank saw Gerard as an almost God like figure, too mysterious, too seductive to not be something more than a simple human man, but because wanting to know who Gerard was, was the same thing as wanting to get into his heart. And just because Gerard didn’t bother with love didn’t mean he didn’t know what it was, or how to spot it. And he could tell, as much as it shocked him and as much as he wanted to deny it – Frank was falling for him. Becoming exactly what the Elder had wanted him to become – the pet who would submit, serve, and forever love their master. Which would have been just fine, perfect even... if Gerard wasn’t becoming the master who would control, protect, and forever love their pet in return.

If there was one thing Gerard couldn’t understand it was love. And he refused to admit that the way he was feeling for the catholic had long since over stepped the line of ‘just doing my job’, had done a hop – skip – and a jump over the line of ‘friendship’ without him even realising they had reached that line in the first place, and was now toeing the line of ‘love’ with an annoying smug smirk on its ugly little face.

Getting to know the catholic had been dangerous. Allowing a friendship to form behind his very back had been way too risky, and love was the consequence he was going to have to face sooner or later whether he admitted it or not. The Elder would be ecstatic when he heard that the innocent little catholic had fallen in love with the Satanist, and Gerard would be congratulated for it. The problem didn’t occur unless he admitted to having feelings for the catholic as well – and if he did admit that, even to himself, then he would be severely punished for it, if only by his own mind.

“Gee?” Gerard looked up with a jolt, snapping out of his thoughts with a blank expression on his face as he re-orientated himself again. Brian was watching him with curious eyes and he gave a small smirk as Gerard actually blushed. He rarely saw Gerard blush, and so he knew he had been thinking about something he shouldn’t have – and he also knew that something was probably the catholic. Brian wasn’t an idiot and he had watched the subtle transition in the way Gerard spoke about the catholic, or even spoke about things in general. He was the same man Brian had always known but there was a new light in his eyes, a spring in his step, a positive attitude toward everything despite having always preferred the more negative views in life. He’d be stupid if he couldn’t guess the reason and although he was surprised, it didn’t upset him.

“Oh hey Bri, I didn’t see you there.” Gerard said quickly, clearing some papers off the chair opposite him so Brian could sit down, pouring some coffee into a mug from the coffee pot sat in the middle of the table, Gerard holding a piece of toast that had only one bite taken out of it. He had been holding the toast with a vacant expression on his face when Brian had entered the room, back from taking a walk through the caves where he had bumped into the Elder.

“Yeah, you looked pretty deep in thought there.” He smirked, helping himself to Gerard’s second slice of toast since he figured he wouldn’t be eating it. It had gone cold by now, and was a little soggy from where the butter had melted but Brian was too lazy to care, not wanting to get up and make his own. Besides, he usually ate pop tarts but they had all gone and he hadn’t been out to buy anymore – and he knew none of the other Stars would have any since they were always teasing him about it. So pop tarts weren’t the stereo typical Satanic breakfast, but then neither was toast as far as Brian was concerned. No one here followed the stereo type as far as he was aware, unless some Stars secretly had goats blood for breakfast, but for some reason it was still an amusing sight for the others when they saw Brian eating the toasted pastry.

He just told himself they were all idiots and couldn’t appreciate the wonder of a breakfast with so much sugar it should probably be illegal.

“Oh I was just... daydreaming. It wasn’t anything important.” Gerard insisted, dropping his piece of toast with a sigh as he realised he had been thinking for so long that it was no longer warm and crunchy and he couldn’t eat it unless it was. “Have a good walk?” He asked, wanting to move the conversation on in case Brian planned to ask him what it was he had been day dreaming about, smiling when Brian remained casual and shrugged.

“Yeah, yeah. I saw the Elder whilst I was out.” He replied, finishing the slice of toast and taking a gulp of the coffee in his mug, black with no sugar, the bitter taste like an old friend on his tongue. “He wants to see you when you’re ready, he told me to let you know.” He added, smiling at Gerard who gave him a quizzical look, opening his mouth to ask why when he remembered what he had been told yesterday.

“Oh yeah. He said he had something to tell me.” He said thoughtfully, sipping at his own lukewarm coffee before pushing the cup away when he decided it just wasn’t the same when it wasn’t hot. “He wouldn’t tell me yesterday – said it would excite me too much.” He added with a small frown, still confused as to what it could be. There wasn’t much that excited him so much he couldn’t contain himself, and he was more suspicious than excited to know what it was the Elder wanted to tell him.

“He was right too.” Brian said seriously, peering at Gerard over the rim of his cup with a small smirk as Gerard looked at him in surprise.

“You know what it’s about?” He asked in an accusing tone and Brian laughed, nodding his head as he grinned at him, sipping at his coffee.

“Yeah, everyone knows.” He chuckled. “He called a meeting about it yesterday but made sure that you weren’t there and told us all not to tell you because he wants to tell you himself. At first we were angry, wondering why you couldn’t hear it at the same time as all of us but as soon as he said what it was we realised he was doing the right thing.” He smirked and Gerard frowned, scowling at him as he crossed his arms.

“What!? So everyone knows this big secret but me? Why can I know now but not yesterday?” He demanded with a pout, Brian reached across the table to pat his hand.

“Aw babe, it wasn’t so much because it was yesterday more of the fact of where you were about to go. Trust me, as soon as he tells you you’ll understand.” He assured him but Gerard pulled his hand away and continued to pout, annoyed that he was the only one still ignorant. The Elder never left him out of anything, he was a favourite – favourites were supposed to know first not last. “Don’t sulk Gee.” Brian chuckled, getting up and going round to Gerard’s seat, giving him a sly smile as he straddled his lap and hooked his arms around his neck. “Hmm?” He breathed, giving a soft pout as Gerard turned his head away, determined to ignore him but then Brian began softly rocking his ass against his groin, still with that innocent pout on his lips and Gerard couldn’t keep up his annoyance.

“Bitch. You never play fair.” He whined, cupping Brian’s face in one hand and roughly pulling him down into a heated kiss. Brian gasped and chuckled, rocking his hips a little faster until he felt Gerard swelling and growing in his jeans, his erection pressing against Brian’s ass as he smirked.

“Of course not, there’d be no fun in being fair.” He chuckled, Gerard smirking in response and kissing him deeper, pushing his tongue into the older man’s mouth to dance and battle against his own. He pushed his hips up to gain more friction and groaned softly as Brian’s hands weaved into his hair, tugging softly and massaging his scalp as Gerard pushed a hand between them to cup Brian through his jeans.

“Mph... off... get them off now...” He growled, nipping at Brian’s lip as he moaned softly, eagerly tugging at the button and zipper on his jeans as he pulled back to chuckle breathlessly.

“I thought you wanted to know what the ‘big secret’ is.” He teased, although it wasn’t really a secret per se, more of an instruction they’d all been waiting for. But Gerard had been successfully distracted and he barked a laugh as he shimmied out of his jeans, getting them half way down his legs, neither of them bothering with their shirts.

“I do... I’ll go as soon as I’m through with you.” He smirked, Brian giving him a devious grin as he stood up to get out of his jeans properly before straddling Gerard’s lap again, kneeling on the seat either side of his hips as he raised himself up, his hands on Gerard’s shoulders to support himself.

“Oh, just couldn’t resist huh?” He teased playfully, a little breathless as he felt the tip of Gerard’s cock pressing against his entrance, making him bite his lip and close his eyes in preparation. He’d had sex with Gerard so many times it didn’t hurt at all anymore, and he wasn’t as tight as he used to be, but though the magic wasn’t as flaming hot as it had been those first few years, it was still very much alive.

“It’s your own fault for turning me on.” Gerard retorted, smirking against Brian’s lips as he kissed him hotly, pushing into him with ease and swallowing down his soft moan as he dropped back onto Gerard’s lap so that the younger man was seated fully inside him. The two of them kissing each other and sucking out moans with ease from years of experience. It was so different to kissing Frank, but Gerard knew deep down that there was no question Frank was more enjoyable.

He began rocking his hips up as Brian used his muscles in his legs to raise and lower himself over Gerard’s erection, riding him at a rapid pace as he gripped his shoulders and slid his hands up to tangle into his hair. The two men forgetting about everything for a bittersweet moment as they indulged in the others body.


“Ah Gerard, come in.” The Elder’s face lit up as he smiled widely and beckoned Gerard into his room, closing the heavy wooden door behind him and leading him over to the armchairs by the fire which was lit as always. He had expected the younger man to have been here first thing that morning, and though it was hardly afternoon, the subtle scent of sex still lingering on him made it clear why he hadn’t arrived earlier. “Good morning?” He asked with a soft smirk as he sank into one of the chairs, Gerard sitting down opposite him with a smooth smile.

“Yes thank you.” He grinned and the Elder nodded, murmuring a drawn out ‘good’ as he poured himself some tea and lifted the cup to rest it on his knees, Gerard smiling patiently until the man was settled. “So, what is it you wanted to tell me Master?” He asked casually and the Elder gave a small grin as he slowly stirred the tea, watching the contents swirl in the cup.

“I have been thinking about the meetings you have had thus far with the Catholic, and taking the fact that we are now in the month of the red moon, I feel the time has come for you to take the boy completely.” The Elder smiled widely as Gerard’s eyes grew wide and a grin split his features, his hazel eyes sparkling with an excitement that seemed to get brighter and brighter the more it sank in.

“Really? I can take him? Tonight?” He gasped and the Elder nodded, his heart beating a little faster with his own excitement at seeing Gerard’s enthusiasm. He could tell that the man had grown quite close to the Catholic, but that was just fine since it helped with his purpose in the ritual anyway. As long as it didn’t grow too strong then he had no concerns.

“Yes, if you so choose. There are currently no plans to abduct him tonight but that can be arranged if you wish.” The Elder said softly, continuing to stir his tea as Gerard nodded frantically, the thought of being able to finally have sex with Frank just too good to ignore. He had waited what felt like forever already, and now the permission had been granted he didn’t want to wait a second longer.

“Yes. I mean, I do wish it. I think tonight is the best time – after all, Halloween is next week and so time is running out.” He said as casually as he could, not wanting to appear to be too eager even though he was sure the Elder wasn’t fooled. The man could read him like an open book, had always been able to read him like an open book, he was probably fully aware of every thought Gerard had had about the catholic but as long as he didn’t let on that he knew, Gerard was content to pretend that his feelings were still a secret known only by him.

“That’s fine. I’ll alert the Stars that he needs to be collected and they’ll set him up ready for you.” The Elder said brightly and Gerard nodded, resisting the urge to squeal with happiness before raising an eyebrow.

“Set him up” He repeated, slightly confused and the Elder nodded, taking a sip of his tea and regarding Gerard over the rim of the cup.

“Yes. I’ve considered this day ever since I set you the task and I plan on having him... well, let’s just say things are going to be arranged in a certain way.” He said softly with a devious grin, putting his cup back down as Gerard quirked an eyebrow, still confused.

“What way?” He asked but the Elder shook his head, pretending to pull a zip across his lips.

“It’s a surprise, don’t worry though – you’ll love it. I decided this with you in mind, it’s just to make the experience more... exciting for you. It wasn’t a necessary arrangement or anything, it’s... a gift I suppose you could say.” He smirked and Gerard gave a hesitant smile, his mind working over all the many possibilities.

“Okay... will I need to do anything?” He asked curiously and the Elder smirked at him, passing his tongue over his lips as he whispered ‘just show up’.


“Okay, you can come now.” Bob was stood in the doorway, his mask in place but a smile clear in his eyes. The Catholic had been brought to the caves two hours earlier and Gerard had been told he had to wait indefinitely until the Elder decided it was the right moment for him to finally see Frank. It was no surprise that he had been pacing his room ever since, completely restless as he wondered over what it was the Elder was ‘’arranging’’ exactly, and why he had to wait for so long for it.

“Finally.” He snarled, rolling his eyes as he strode out of the room, pushing past the blonde man to practically run through the tunnels, desperate to see Frank. To feel every last part of him at last. He didn’t care if it was obvious he was eager, anyone in their right mind would be the same if they knew how deliciously innocent, how downright gorgeous that boy was. And tonight, after what felt like eternity, Gerard was allowed to snatch that innocence away and reap the benefits.

“Ah Gerard.” Gerard came to an abrupt halt as he pouted, stopping only because it was the Elder – but even then he was tempted to ignore him and continue on. The door to the cavern holding Frank was barely a foot away, he could even touch it. One more second and he could be through that door and running his hands all over Frank. God, he hoped he was naked already. Clothes would not be at all necessary tonight. “I see you’re in a hurry, understandable.” The Elder chuckled, brushing a hand over Gerard’s chest and taking his mask out from inside his shirt where he had tucked it away earlier. “You’re forgetting this.” The Elder smirked and Gerard blushed at his own stupidity, apologizing softly as he pulled the mask on and tied it in place, the Elder giving a satisfied nod. “Perfect. Well, I won’t keep you any longer – enjoy.” He smirked, moving politely aside and brushing a hand towards the door to indicate that Gerard was free to continue.

Gerard thanked him and bowed his head in respect, forcing himself to slow down and walk casually to the door before slipping inside, catching sight of the grins on the Stars guarding the door before he gently pushed it shut again, securing him and his angel in the cavern for as long as he pleased.

“Mmm...” Gerard’s heart skipped a beat at the most delicious, keening mewl he had ever heard, followed by soft, barely audible panting that could only be one persons.

Gerard’s lips parted as he turned around and caught sight of Frank at last, just as he had hoped he was completely naked, but that was hardly the best of it. He saw now what it was the Elder had been arranging and he was no longer annoyed at being left to wait at all, in fact, he was extremely grateful. Never had he viewed a more beautiful, obscene sight in his life and he took a moment to take it all in and commit it to memory.

Frank was stood in the middle of a completely empty chamber, three flaming torches spilling light over his tanned body and making shadows dance across the floor and walls. His wrists were bound together with a leather strap and suspended from the ceiling by a chain that clinked as he tugged on it. His body was making a delicate arch as he tipped his head back, blindfolded as ever, his legs splayed apart and his hips rotating in smooth circles as he mewled and whimpered, his lips parted and shining red from the amount of times he had bitten them. And Gerard could see, glinting in the light, a small glass plug shining from between the pert, round cheeks of his ass, the culprit for all those delicious noises the man was making.

He was trembling lightly, and whimpering with a certain amount of desperation, his hips continuing to move as he eagerly sought more friction which he knew he wouldn’t get. Gerard could tell that he had been left like this for the hours he had been here, as his cock was fully erect and throbbing, the head swollen as it leaked pearls of cum down his red shaft, the poor teenager just left to this sweet torture all alone. It was the most erotic thing Gerard could imagine, and his cock which had stirred with interest the moment he caught sight of the catholic, had now swelled and grown in his jeans, making them uncomfortable tight.

“Mmph... oh... mm...” Frank gave an almost irritated whine as he bucked his hips, gasping and whimpering, his chest expanding and contracting visibly from his heavy breathing. So lost in his lust that he hadn’t heard anyone enter the room. He had a soft, teasing tingling in his stomach that was barely present, the pleasure remaining at a level pace no matter how many minutes ticked by – it felt as if he had been here for days, and he was beginning to despair that no one was coming for him... that Red wouldn’t come for him. That he’d be left, with an aching erection and no way to climax for the rest of eternity.

“Well, well, well... What would your God say if he could see you now?” Gerard whispered softly as he approached the younger man, his voice deep and husky with desire as Frank gave a soft gasp, turning his head despite his blindfold to try and see his master. The man he had been longing to see all day.

“R – Red...” He whimpered, almost sobbed as sparks danced over his skin where Red laid a hand on him, running it down the centre of his back to cup his ass, squeezing and massaging softly. “I... I thought you weren’t going to come...” He admitted softly, his whole body trembling with need.

“I always come sugar.” Gerard whispered, his eyes glazing over as he gazed down at Frank, softly trailing his hands all over him before coming back to grip his soft ass, licking his lips as he imagined how good it was going to feel when he got to sink into him at last. Frank mewled in response, his desperation evident and only making Gerard hotter.

“Mm... R – Red... ooh... I need... I need...” He whimpered, giving a shaky moan when Gerard curiously nudged the glass plug, causing it to shift. He smirked and sank down to his knees, running his hands down Frank’s thighs and running his thumbs softly over the flesh, resting his cheek on Frank’s ass as he slowly removed the plug, causing Frank to hiss with pleasure.

“What do you need?” Gerard asked seductively, watching Frank’s ass quiver from the onslaught of numb pleasure for hours on end, practically begging him to take him without another second wasted. Oh how badly he wanted to... but he had to tease him for just a moment longer, the sadistic side of him wanting to hear him beg some more.

“Mm... oh God... oh.... I don’t care... something... anything... mmm please... just touch me...” Frank pleaded softly, sounding almost choked up as he spread his legs further apart in invitation, Gerard pressing a tender kiss to the back of his thighs as he smirked.

“Lust, my dear Frankie, is a sin.” He reminded him, nipping softly at the flesh as Frank groaned and sighed, the chain clinking as he twisted his hands to grab hold of it, gripping it tight as he shook his head, so desperate to cum he didn’t care how or when it happened, just so long as it did.

“Unn... I don’t care... I don’t care.” He gasped, crying out in surprise when Gerard flicked his tongue over his puckered entrance, making his knees shake for a second and a loud moan to erupt from his throat before he could stop it. He had been left here like this for hours, and he couldn’t hold back any more. The slightest touch seemed to be emphasized by his sensitive body, every nerve ending stood on edge just begging to be touched. He wouldn’t think about God, couldn’t think about God when the very object of his affections was so close, doing such wicked things to him that was promising to take him to that edge he had been desperately seeking since he had been left here.

Gerard had to fight not to thrust a hand into his jeans and stroke his own aching erection as he listened to the noises Frank was making. Nothing he had done so far compared to what was happening now, the way Frank was responding to him. He was desperate for him, submitting to him as if it was the only thing he could ever want to do, wantonly moaning as Gerard plunged his tongue deeper into him and rubbed at his inner walls. Frank’s declaration that he didn’t care about lust being a sin was exactly what Gerard had wanted to hear, it was the signal they’d been waiting for. The biggest part of his task. He knew now, without a doubt, that their sacrificing of a part of Frank’s soul would go smoothly.

Gerard massaged Frank’s ass with his hands as he tormented the younger man with his sinful tongue, slipping his thumbs into his entrance to stretch him open so he could thrust his tongue with ease, fucking him with it for as long as he could stand whilst the noises Frank was making was causing him to grow just as impatient as he was. He could feel him trembling and he knew that as soon as he got to actually fucking him, neither of them would last long. But at that moment he didn’t care.

“Mmm.... Unn... Red... Ooh Red...” Frank was in total bliss as he rocked his hips back, wanting desperately for Red to touch his erection too but unable to ask him, too shy, too innocent, even whilst drowning so deeply in his lust, to ask for such a thing. “Mm... Agh! N – No! No – don’t stop... ooh... please... please don’t stop...” He begged as Red pulled away, feeling his cock give a painful throb as all stimulation ended, making him want to fall to his knees and weep. His cock throbbing and aching so painfully he could barely stand it.

“Don’t worry...” Gerard breathed huskily as he got to his feet, stripping hastily of his clothes. Unable to wait anymore as he spat into his palm and hurriedly coated his erection, slowly stroking it as he watched Frank rocking his hips in need, the man’s cock weeping pre-cum that dripped to the floor in one long string, glistening in the dim light. “I won’t leave you unsatisfied.” He whispered, pressing a soft kiss to the space between Franks shoulder blades before guiding the tip of his erection to Frank’s entrance, pressing against it so that it just breached the first ring of muscle, letting Frank prepare himself for what was about to come. “Ego vindicatum vos ut meus own.” Gerard whispered seductively into Frank’s ear, Frank giving a quiet moan and pushing his hips back as he felt Gerard begin to shove his hips forward.

“Oh... oh GOD!.” Frank screamed out in pain as Gerard pushed into him in one, long thrust, Frank shoving his hips back to get him in even quicker despite the pain. He had waited too long already, was already so desperate for release, to wait any longer. He wanted Red inside him and he wanted to feel him moving now. “Oh... ooh... Mm... God yes...” Frank gasped, Red gripping his hips and thrusting without giving him time to adjust, too far gone himself to care. But Frank was surprised by how quickly the pain melted away, or maybe his body just didn’t care by that point. All he could focus on... all he could feel, was the throbbing, pulsing erection that was moving in and out of him, making him feel things he had never experienced before. Not even in any of the things Red had done to him already. He felt bonded to the other man, and it made his heart swell with happiness, his mouth gaping open as he moaned continuously, the pleasure so intense, his body so sensitive after the hours of teasing, that he could already feel the familiar tightening in his abdomen.

Gerard grunted and gasped as he pounded into Frank, moving his hips in long, fast thrusts as he angled each one to try and seek out that spot inside the catholic. He knew he had little time to find it, the both of them already dangerously close to climax. Frank’s body responding beautifully, almost hungrily from so long of not enough, he was so hot, so tight, Gerard’s cock enveloped in a velvet heat that was far too good to be allowed, Frank clenching repeatedly around him, almost as if his body was trying to draw Gerard in deeper. It just felt so right, so terribly right, and Gerard could feel his climax approaching swiftly.

“Ooh... Ooh Red... Unn... so good... s – so... good...” Frank drawled, bowing his head as he tugged at his restraints, barely noticing as they cut into his wrists, feeling that Red was getting close to something, almost an instinct, that he couldn’t cum yet. That he had to wait... just for one more moment... “OH GOD! FUCK! THERE! Ooooh fuck!” He gasped, his voice hoarse as he flung his head back, his body arching and then convulsing as he came hard, Red gripping his hips so tightly his nails dug into his flesh, giving a loud, throaty moan as he exploded deep inside Frank.

Gerard had managed to hit Frank’s prostate just in time, sending them both into a mind blowing climax. He trembled and moaned as he rocked his hips, milking both of their orgasms as he wrapped his arms around Frank’s waist, panting against the back of his neck as he came.

Frank could see stars popping before his eyes as he sobbed with pleasure, his body shaking as he finally reached the orgasm he had been desperately seeking for hours. He could hardly believe that he had just had sex with a Satanist... that he had just had sex at all. He had always believed he would lose his virginity to a sweet girl on their wedding night, like the good catholic he was supposed to be. But as he came in long, hard pulses, he realised he wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.
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