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Chapter six

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Gerard ran a hand through his hair and sighed, biting nervously on his lip. Up until this point he had felt as if he had a firm grip on everything, he was the master, he was in control. But that control was slipping slowly through his fingers, and the more he thought about it the more he realized that that control had been slipping away for quite some time. He wasn’t even sure who was in control anymore... him or Frank?

He hadn’t thought anything of his dreams, after all, wasn’t it only normal to have sex dreams about people you were completely lust crazed over? He had thought it was simply because he wanted Frank like he had never wanted anyone before, but what he had dreamt last night had shocked him to the bone.

This time he hadn’t dreamt of having sex with Frank. In fact, it was just a normal to the point of boring dream. Just he and Frank sat together, talking, laughing, holding hands and lacing their fingers making Frank blush. Gerard had been mask-less, and Frank had called him by his real name instead of Red. There were no ropes or blindfolds, no gimmicks what so ever. Just him, Frank, and a room with a sofa and a TV and other such trivial things most civilised people tended to own. And it was the most obscene thing Gerard could ever have imagined.

Such dreams were not acceptable. He had never dreamt anything quite like it, hadn’t even thought about things like that in his waking life. Never had he felt the urge to sit down with Brian and just... talk. They often talked after sex, when they were lying together, coming down from their highs – but they had never sat down with completely innocent intentions just to get to know each other, and Gerard couldn’t understand why he would want to do that with Frank... but he couldn’t deny that the idea was appealing. He had woken from his dream with a soft smile that turned into crushing disappointment when he realised no such event had taken place. Frank still knew almost nothing about him, and he knew nothing about Frank. And he couldn’t understand why that upset him so much.

Was the catholic becoming more than just a prop for a ritual to him? Was he actually considering friendship? He couldn’t see Frank in that way – it just wasn’t healthy. Not for him, Frank, or the task. They were from entirely different worlds – Frank was only being shown a glimpse of this alternate universe simply because they needed a piece of his soul. And the only reason Gerard was catching a glimpse of Franks world was because he needed to use his soul to guard Franks. Friendship simply didn’t come into that equation.

Gerard supposed that he should have been happy enough, after all – eventually he would be able to have sex with Frank and up until then that had been the only thing on his mind. He’d had no desire to find out about Frank’s interests, his likes, dislikes, or hobbies – the only thing he had cared about was Frank’s ass, and when he would be getting it. But now things were beginning to turn and the last thing he needed was to put a twist in the plot. Frank was not here for chit chats or discussions, he was here to be fucked and cut and used for the pleasure of the Stars God – and Gerard would not let himself forget it.

If he lost sight of his goal now then he would never be able to live it down. He had been trusted with this task and if he failed it because of his own abnormal feelings then he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself... and he wasn’t so sure that the Stars would be able to save his life twice.


Frank sighed and played with his tie as he sat beside his mother in the church, the priest droning on as he read a passage from the bible. It had not been too long ago when Frank would have been the perfect Catholic teenager, sat up straight and paying unlimited attention as he listened with pride to the passage, but now he was bored and restless, wondering how much longer it would be before he could get out of here and back home.

It was usually on the way home from church when he was abducted by the people who knew Red. Satanists Frank supposed, and he had never been more excited... if he had ever been excited by that thought at all. His mom usually stayed at church after he left – she was part of some club the church held apparently, though Frank got the feeling she was actually flirting with the priest. Not that she would ever admit it, what with it being a sin and everything – but this always meant that she wouldn’t be home for a few hours after Frank had left, which would be the time he spent with Red. But today she wasn’t staying at the church – but leaving straight away to spend a weekend out with her friends. They were going to New York to see a show in Times Square and wouldn’t return until tomorrow – meaning that Frank could spend more time with Red. Assuming Red would agree, of course.

Frank blushed a deep red at the thought and bit his lip, looking around at the holy images lining the walls and feeling the usual guilt grip at his insides. He knew the last thing he should be wanting was more time with the satanic stranger that did such unholy things to him, but he just couldn’t help it. There wasn’t a single night that went by that he didn’t dream about Red, and all the things he had done to him... and could do to him. It had got to the point where he didn’t even try to stop himself from jacking off to the memories, so bad that the guilt was barely present anymore. He had hated the guilt more than anything but now it was disappearing he was praying for it to return – without the guilt he knew there was no way he would put up a fight when it came to Red touching him. Not that he had put up much of a fight anyway. He had always thought seduction was almost like a myth, the same way that some people didn’t believe in love (although Frank did). He had thought that seduction was just an excuse for weak people to make out like it wasn’t their fault that they had given in to temptation... but now he saw that seduction was not only very real, but very powerful.

It was also quite enjoyable. There was a lot to be said for being seduced. Frank was both excited and horrified over the way that the simplest of things Red did would leave him with a head full of mist and a body that felt charged with electricity, tingling away and then sparking everywhere Red touched him. It rendered him completely vulnerable and exposed, submitting to whatever Red wanted without fight or question. Within five minutes of being around the satanic man he would have no control left over his own mind and body, and he knew he shouldn’t – but he loved that feeling.

Frank gave a small smile and slumped in his seat, completely oblivious to the sermon going on around him, too busy drowning in a bitter sweet memories of Red. He went back through each meeting in his mind, trying to remember every last detail whilst at the same time trying not to get aroused, or show any sign that he was thinking of something completely different to the lessons the priest was trying to teach them. Never before had he spaced out so badly during church.

With his head full of Red, the minutes ticked by like seconds, and before Frank knew it the sermon had come to an end and people were bowing their heads to join the priest in prayer. Frank snapped out of his thoughts and looked around in slight confusion, his mind going blank for a moment before his mom dug her elbow into his ribs and gave him a shocked glare. Frank glanced at her clasped hands and surprised face and suddenly remembered what he was supposed to be doing, and hurriedly gave an apologetic grin as he clasped his own hands and bowed his head as the priest began to pray.

Linda stared at Frank for a short moment with a slight glare, wondering why her son hadn’t flowed straight into the prayer along with everyone else like he usually did. For a couple of weeks now she had noticed he was spacing out more often, and nothing seemed to engage all of his concentration. It was like he was constantly thinking about something, but what that something might be she had no idea. She had thought that he would at least make some effort to pay attention when in church, but the past two Sundays he had daydreamed even more in church than at home. She had some suspicions as to what it could be, at first she had been certain he was being bullied again at school as he constantly looked afraid and upset, but now she had noticed every so often he would smile stupidly to himself as if he had just thought of something amusing and now she wasn’t so sure bullying was the reason for his day dreaming... now she was beginning to wonder if he had met a girl...

“Amen.” The priest concluded the prayer and a chorus of ‘amen’ flooded back to him from the congregation. People raising their heads and looking around as the priest thanked them for coming and did his usual speech of how they were welcome to stay as most people stood up to leave. Frank unclasped his hands and looked up, running a hand through his hair. He had tried hard to pay attention during the prayer and honestly join in, knowing that he owed that much at least having spent the entire sermon thinking about Red. He had a strong feeling that God would not forgive him very easily, and Frank couldn’t blame Him if that was the case. After all, if enjoying what Red was doing to him wasn’t bad enough he had just spent some time when he should have been thinking of God... thinking about Red. And the guilt was nowhere near as bad as it should have been.

Frank suddenly felt terror grip at his lungs as he realised he was only feeling a little sorry. Only a tiny part of him was honestly sorry for his unholy thoughts – but the rest of him was just content to continue thinking about Red, regardless of the consequences. He bit his lip and tugged at his lip ring as he scolded himself mentally, telling himself to remember that God knew his thoughts... God would not be pleased with him.

“Frank.” Linda, now on her feet and slinging her handbag over her shoulder, gave Frank a suspicious look. “Maybe you should go and speak to the priest.” She suggested softly and Frank looked at her with wide eyes, trying to look innocent but he knew he probably had a look of guilt in his eyes.

“Why?” He asked as sweetly as he could, getting to his own feet and pulling on his jacket.

“You just... look like you need to speak to him.” Linda shrugged, taking out her lipstick and applying it as she observed her son. He had a look about him which she hadn’t seen since the last time she had caught him stealing cookies from the kitchen, way back when he was six. “You don’t have to.” She added casually, checking her watch and walking out into the aisle, Frank following her sheepishly.

“Okay...” He mumbled, Linda turning to press a kiss to his cheek and fuss about with his shirt collar like she always did.

“Well anyway, I’ll see you tomorrow evening darling.” She smiled, not wanting Frank to think she was trying to accuse him of anything. She just wanted to help, clearly there was something going on – whether that required the priest’s attention or not was Frank’s decision, but she didn’t want to ignore it just in case. “You know my number if you need me, and there’s plenty of food in the freezer for dinner. Or you can call for a pizza, it’s your choice.” She beamed, Frank nodding his understanding and groaning as Linda pulled him into her arms for a tight hug. “Take care of yourself, and I’ll see you tomorrow.” She smiled, Frank nodding again and wishing her a pleasant evening as she pecked his forehead and waved goodbye to the priest, leaving the church with Frank still stood in the aisle, looking a little bemused.

“You’re mother going away for the night Frank?” The priest asked from the front of the church where he was slowly walking about with a lit candle, touching its flame to the wicks of all the other candles dotted about the church. Frank turned to face him and nodded, still tugging on his lip ring.

“Yeah... she’s seeing a show.” He said casually, the priest nodding and placing his candle into a standing chandelier before turning to look at Frank, walking slowly towards him with his robes billowing about his feet.

“How lovely.” He said casually, Frank watching him suspiciously as he drew closer. “I hope you don’t think I’m being intruding Frank, but I must ask you if things are any better... you know... concerning the kidnapping thing.” The priest whispered the last part and Frank blushed deeply, having almost forgot about his confession after that very first meeting. He had considered confessing every week but had decided against it from fear of the police getting involved... though now he was beginning to wonder whether he wasn’t confessing purely because he didn’t want the priest to know. What Red did to him was for him to know only, it formed special memories that he didn’t want to share with anyone else and even though he knew he shouldn’t, he was keeping those memories close to his chest to savour for years to come.

“Oh... W – Well... erm... Y – Yes, things are a lot better erm...thanks...” He stuttered eventually, the priest giving him a disbelieving look as Frank gave a nervous giggle and ran a hand through his hair. “Erm... yeah. Nothing else has happened at all and I’m great, just fine.” He insisted, grinning widely at the priest for what felt like forever until the old man finally sighed and nodded, patting Frank’s shoulder.

“Well... that’s good to hear.” He said softly, still not convinced. “Keep praying Frankie.” He added and Frank gave him a look of guilt as the priest nodded and turned to walk away, Frank biting his lip so hard he almost bit right through it, spinning on his heel and running from the church before he could be asked anymore questions. He didn’t feel welcome in there anymore, it was like all the people in there, even the paintings on the walls, were all staring at him. Accusing him. Knowing what happened to him every week – sometimes even three times a week now – the Satanists having had kidnapped him from college quite a few times. He wanted to feel like he was fighting it, wanted to believe that he didn’t like what was happening to him – but he wasn’t fooling God, and he wasn’t fooling himself, and he wasn’t even sure if he wanted to pretend otherwise anymore.

“Fuck...” He whispered as he strode across the gravel path leading to the church, his hand once again pushing through his hair. Things were getting out of control. He was so confused, and he hated it. Why couldn’t he simply despise Red and everything he did to him like he was supposed to? Why did he enjoy it so much? And what was it he expected to get out of this exactly? He was only a prop, a tool in some sick ritual and he was petrified of the idea of forgetting that. Red didn’t care for him what so ever, and so he shouldn’t care about him either. But he couldn’t help but wonder what Red was like in reality, when he wasn’t wearing the mask, or carrying out some ritual. He was probably just as seductive and mysterious... but what were his hobbies? What did he like and dislike? It was hard to imagine him doing anything even remotely human and normal like watching TV or making a sandwich. But Frank guessed he must do things like that, because beneath the mask... wasn’t he just another a guy? Even if it was hard to believe...

“Hey wha -!” Frank was cut off short as a hand clamped over his mouth so tightly that his head was forced back against someone’s chest, his breath being forced out of his lungs from the jolt his body received. He gasped and struggled out of habit, giving up almost instantly though as his view of the trees in front of him was cut out by a blindfold being tied around his eyes from behind. He breathed out shakily and slumped in his captive’s arms, knowing the drill from the amount of times this had happened and not even attempting to get away as his arms were yanked behind him and tied by the wrists. He was usually kidnapped coming home from church, but never had he actually been captured whilst still inside the church grounds. Either the Satanists were getting impatient... or they were getting confident.

“Walk.” A gruff voice demanded, something poking him in the back and Frank jumped, obediently walking forward as a hand on his shoulder directed him. This was the way things always were, but he never got used to walking whilst blind, and it was a relief when he was suddenly hoisted into the person’s arms and thrown into what he presumed was the usual boot of a car. Lying still as he heard the engine start and rumble beneath him, bracing himself as the car sped forward and he went skidding into the side, groaning softly even as his stomach erupted with butterflies. The fear he had felt the first few times this had happened was still there but it was more of an echo of what it had originally been, filling him with adrenaline and excitement as he became restless - eager to see Red again. Feeling as if it had been weeks rather than days since he had last seem him.


“I’m proud of you Gerard.” The Elder smiled as Gerard came out of his room after having disappeared once more with Brian for the fifth time that day. His hair a little ruffled and his shirt only half done up, his eyes still shining.

“You are?” He asked, a little surprised as he finished doing up his shirt, both his mind and body in a complete mess of hormones as he realised Frank would be here by now. Waiting for him in the chamber – and God only knew how he’d be looking today. Gerard rarely got a say in how Frank would be tied or what he would be wearing, since he never had any reason to make those decisions. But he was becoming severely impatient for the day that he would – and he had been thinking about that day continuously for the past week. If he didn’t get to take Frank soon then he honestly thought he might go mad. Never had he been made to wait for anyone and his patience was wearing thin – and poor Brian may have had a lot of stamina, but even he was being pushed to his limits as Gerard only had to imagine all the wonderful things he could do to that catholic before he would be groaning in frustration and tugging Brian back to the bedroom. It wouldn’t do to go see Frank while he was so eager to feel him – an erection would be difficult to hide, and even more difficult to ignore. If he let himself lose control then he’d end up just having sex with Frank whether the Elder liked it or not and he couldn’t do that... he had to wait. He just had to.

“Yes. I can see how difficult it is to keep yourself under control, and I appreciate it Gerard.” The Elder smiled in response to Gerard’s question, resting a hand on his shoulder as the two of them walked through the tunnels, nodding at other Stars that they passed. “However, I have some good news to tell you after you’ve seen the catholic.” He added with a grin and Gerard looked at him questioningly, giving a half hearted smile.

“Yeah? Why can’t you tell me now?” He asked and the Elder beamed at him, pulling him into a one armed hug as he barked a laugh. The other Stars already knew the news and the air was buzzing with a new excitement that hadn’t been experienced since the day they had first been told about needing a catholic. Even the Elder was excited, which was why he couldn’t tell Gerard until after he had seen Frank.

“I don’t want you getting too excited.” He smirked. “For now it’s just better if you don’t know. But I promise I’ll tell you the second you step out of that chamber.” He swore and Gerard gave a small pout, considering arguing over it but then he saw the chamber where Frank was waiting and all other thoughts disappeared from his mind, making him submit without question and simply nod.

“Okay, tell me then.” He agreed, speeding up for the last few metres and barely nodding at the Stars guarding the door before disappearing through it without another word, slipping his mask on as he went.

The Elder glanced at the two Stars and smirked, receiving two grins back as three sets of eyes sparkled with excitement and anticipation.


Frank heard Red enter the room and looked up, waiting for him to speak – but the footsteps coming towards him were rushed and light, as if the person was running and Frank had only just opened his mouth to question who it was when a hot mouth was press over his, making him ‘oomph’ in surprise.

Gerard breathed out shakily in delight once his lips pressed to Franks, his hands cupping his face as he tugged him closer. He supposed this was a bad move, in hindsight. It revealed how much he wanted to the catholic and that took away from his seductive mysteriousness, but he just didn’t care. And he guessed that Frank didn’t either, as his kiss was far from rejected.

“R – Red?” He breathed when Gerard eventually pulled away, their lips seeming to stick before slowly prying apart. Frank was fairly certain it was Red, he was becoming used to the feel of his lips but he wanted to be sure. Whoever it was – they were a damn good kisser.

“Of course.” Gerard drawled, pulling back to look at Frank properly and smiling. He was wearing black trousers and white shirt, a red rosary around his neck and Gerard guessed he had probably been kidnapped from church. His tie had been used to tie his hands, round the front this time, and he had the usual black silk blindfold over his eyes. His face was tilted upwards expectantly and he no longer trembled with fear, which Gerard couldn’t help but smile about. His job had been to make the catholic trust him – and he was almost certain that he was succeeding. “Miss me?” He chuckled playfully and Frank passed the point of his tongue over his lips as he gave a shy nod.

“Yes.” He whispered honestly, leaning closer and pouting softly, glad when Red took the hint and pressed a tender kiss to his lips. “I’ve been thinking about you all day. Even in church.” Frank confessed quietly, shuddering a little when he felt a fingertip gently run beneath the collar piercing. Ever since the meeting when he had actually spoke to Red properly he had been talking much more. He got the feeling that these little meetings weren’t going to stop any time soon and he didn’t want his kidnapper, his owner, to remain a stranger for long.

“Really? I’ve thought a little about you too.” Gerard replied casually, his chest warming at Frank’s words. Despite everything that he had done to the catholic so far Frank still possessed that irresistible innocent charm that had so drawn him to him in the first place, and although in the back of his mind he knew he should be trying to keep up the mysterious facade he had obtained thus far, he knew deep down that that facade had been slipping away even as his mask remained aligned – and it wasn’t ruining the task at all, and so he merely smiled and sat down opposite Frank, pulling him into his arms and gently pulling the blind fold from his face. “I wonder...” Gerard drawled thoughtfully as Frank’s honey eyes came into view, blinking to adjust to the dim light. “Shall I untie you today?” He asked, more to himself than to Frank, but the catholic still blushed deeply and gave a hopeful smile as he bowed his head, flexing his fingers as he looked down at his bound wrists.

“If you want...” He whispered, not wanting to sound too eager in case it put Red off. He still wasn’t completely sure whether the Satanist wanted to make him happy or not – he got the feeling that maybe he did, but he didn’t want to get his hopes up. He was still desperately trying to cling to the logic that this man was not to be trusted – he worshipped dark things, and Frank had only ever met him because he had been kidnapped and brought here by force. The obvious thing to do was to be afraid, or at least uneasy, he hadn’t even seen this man’s face – surely that begged the question, what did he have to hide? But Frank couldn’t help but trust Red. He kept telling himself he didn’t, but he knew it was a lie, and he knew that if Red ended up hurting him then he would still feel disappointed, despite having supposed to have seen it coming. He had just never met anyone who could make him feel like this – and not just in the sexual way, in all other sorts of ways too that Frank simply didn’t understand.

“I think... I might...” Gerard said slowly after considering it for a moment, running a finger over the soft fabric binding Frank’s wrists. “Though... it all really depends on whether I can trust you.” He gave Frank a serious look, a hint of a playful smirk on his lips as Frank looked up at him with surprised eyes.

“Trust me?” He repeated and Red nodded, his face hidden as usual by his half – mask, making Frank long to see him properly. “I wouldn’t run away.” He breathed, in a tone that suggested it should have been obvious. “Where would I run too?” Frank guessed that they were in a cavern interlinked with many other caves, every time he was brought here he would be made to walk – with a hand on his shoulder to guide him – and he hadn’t even attempted trying to memorise every twist and turn because he knew it was useless. Where ever they were – it would be impossible for him to find his way out alone.

“Hmm... I suppose you’re right.” Gerard said in a mock thoughtful tone, taking hold of Frank’s wrists and raising them so that he could kiss each of his knuckles before tugging at the knots in the tie, Frank avoiding his gaze as he tried to hide his hesitant smile. The two men were silent as each knot was undone, until the tie slid onto the floor in a small pile of creased silk.

“Thank you.” Frank murmured, gently rubbing the aches out of his wrists. It felt strange being with Red without the blindfold and the ropes binding him. It made him feel almost uneasy... not because he was afraid of Red, but because he was afraid of how the situation had changed. Whilst he was sat here completely unrestrained, it was impossible to hold onto the pretence that he was by force anymore. He had suddenly been given the opportunity to attempt to escape, and he knew had this been the first, or even the second meeting, then he would be running as fast as his short legs could carry him. But as he sat there, facing Red, and not even wanting to escape – had no choice but to face the fact that he was here of his own free will. He may have still been kidnapped in order to get here – but he knew deep down that if actually knew where here was, then he probably would have come here on his own anyway.

Gerard smiled a little and leaned back on his elbows, observing Frank with thoughtful eyes. He looked as if he was thinking, a small frown on his face, and he was rubbing at the skin of his wrists almost unconsciously, as if he had forgotten he was even doing it. “Well Frankie, you’re untied... why don’t you do something?” Gerard smirked, breaking the catholic’s train of thought and making him look up in slight surprise.

“Do something?” He repeated and Gerard nodded, giving him a seductive smile as he casually examined his nails, Frank still kneeling in front of him.

“Yes... unless there’s nothing you want to do...” He drawled slowly and Frank blinked stupidly for a moment, thinking it through before a deep blush spread across his cheeks and down his neck. There were plenty of things he wanted to do, and now the opportunity was suddenly there waiting for him he wasn’t sure which idea to go for.

“Oh... well...” He stuttered a little, biting his lip as he crawled closer to Red, feeling more confident as he crawled up his body like a cat and wasn’t pushed away, Red only smirking and raising his hands to rest on Frank’s waist. “I have... a few things in mind...” He admitted shyly, though a seductive spark had lit in his eyes. Gerard had never seen that spark in such innocent eyes before and he loved it, it was like watching a drop of black ink spreading through water. Misty black tendrils reaching out to taint the purity. And that was what was happening in Franks hazel orbs – there was only a tiny drop of lust brought on by impure thoughts, but it was casting a shadow over the hazel that turned it to a deep, burning gold, and Gerard wondered what wonderful thoughts were churning through that once untainted mind.

“Oh? Show me.” He whispered, the words soft and delicate but the command was evident and Frank’s lips trembled with desire as he knelt over Gerard waist, his legs on either side of him as he reached his freed hands up to cup his face, running his thumb over the mask beneath Red’s deep brown eyes.

“Can I see you?” He asked quietly and Gerard shook his head, Frank obediently lowering his hands to cup the sides of his neck instead. “Will I ever get to?” He asked softly, his voice tinged with disappointment and Gerard gave a soft smile, running a hand beneath Frank’s shirt and trailing up his warm back, pressing into sensitive areas Frank had never known about and distracting him slightly.

“I’m not going to make that sort of promise to you, Frankie.” He said flatly and Frank nodded, closing his eyes as he arched into Red’s touch.

“I thought as much.” He whispered, his hands on Red’s neck shyly drawing him closer until he could press his lips softly to the older mans. He kissed Red slowly at first, gently, expecting him to take control and surprised when he didn’t. He soon realised that Red was deliberately holding back, wanting to see what he could do for once, and Frank felt his stomach churn nervously as he began to worry. There were so many things he wanted to do Red, things that God would not forgive, but most frighteningly of all – things he might not be good at. He had never been with anyone before, Red was his first kiss... his first everything, and even though he knew teenagers his age were supposed to be more experienced Frank had always remained pure. Determined to be what his parents wanted him to be and not have sex until marriage – and although he wasn’t thinking of trying to initiate sex with Red, he was worried that the things he wanted to do were just not possible due to his severe lack of experience.

Gerard could feel the hesitation in Franks kiss and wasn’t sure of what caused it. Perhaps giving him the freedom to do this had been too much and he was frightening him, or perhaps he was simply shy. Gerard got the feeling it was the latter, as he could almost taste the way Frank was holding back, and part of him wanted to stop him and give him a sort of pep talk, assuring him it was okay. He knew Frank was a virgin and so he assumed he hadn’t done anything at all – only experienced what Red had done to him. It was simply a fact of life that everyone had to learn sooner or later, and Gerard couldn’t help but feel almost privileged that it was he Frank was learning with. He didn’t care at all that he had been with dozens of men, most more experienced than him, and he didn’t care that he had never been with anyone as clueless as Frank. He didn’t want Frank to worry that he wasn’t pleasuring him – it was an absurd thought after all – he just wanted Frank to relax and do what he wanted.

But Gerard simply stayed leaning on his elbows and didn’t say a word. He let Frank lead the kiss and hoped that he would relax in time, and sure enough, after much tender kissing, a tongue lapped shyly against his bottom lip and he eagerly parted his lips to grant access, giving a soft moan of mostly relief when Franks tongue slid against his.

Frank felt his stomach lurch when Red moaned, shocked that he had actually caused it. It was a much needed confidence boost and he began to kiss the older man with more conviction, all thoughts of God and every single reason he shouldn’t be doing this completely forgotten.

He worked his lips hungrily against Red’s, the Satanist politely remaining subdued, as if he were submissive though Frank knew he was only switching the roles in order to give Frank some freedom, giving him control probably out of curiosity more than anything. But Frank didn’t care what the reasons were, as now he was allowing himself to enjoy it he was finding he just couldn’t stop. He wrapped his arms around Red’s neck and leaned closer to him, Red wrapping his own arms around Frank’s waist as the younger man sucked at his bottom lip before battling his tongue more forcefully against Red’s, teeth and tongues clashing as Frank stepped his game up and kissed Red with a fiery passion that made the Satanist moan in delight.

Frank began to breathe heavily as he ran his hands hungrily all over Red’s body, getting to touch him properly for the first time. He undid the buttons on Red’s shirt and pushed the fabric aside, his mind spinning as he gasped and moaned quietly into Red’s mouth, trailing his hands up the older man’s torso and feeling over his chest, rubbing his nipples curiously and making Gerard choke back a moan, his body responding to Frank’s touch quicker than usual from his pure, raw lust for the younger man.

Gerard’s lips were becoming kiss-swollen from the way Frank was practically devouring him, kissing him as if the world would end if he didn’t, his tongue exploring his mouth and making Gerard feel light headed, a little overwhelmed over how enthusiastic Frank had suddenly become. He was soon panting along with the catholic, kissing him back just as hungrily as he pushed his hands into Frank’s back pockets and squeezed his ass, giving a barely audible moan as Franks hips suddenly pushed against his. As soon as their semi’s rubbed together all other thoughts were obliterated, Frank mewling almost desperately as he began wantonly grinding his hips down against Red’s. With each rock of his hips his trousers became tighter and he could actually feel the way Red’s bulge swelled against his, making his heart begin to pound erratically in his chest.

“Ooh... mm... Frankie... I’m shocked...” Gerard panted when Frank finally broke the kiss, his whole body trembling as he continued to rock his hips, desperately seeking friction as his insides quivered with pleasure. His trousers were far too tight, and he didn’t even think twice as he reached down and popped the button and zipper, gasping his relief and doing the same for Red as he assumed he was suffering too. It wasn’t until he opened his eyes and looked down that he realised what it was he had done exactly, and he blushed deeply as he saw the Satanists manhood for the first time.

Gerard kept as still as he could, watching Frank with glazed eyes as he wondered how he’d react. It seemed that the heat of the moment had taken over him for a moment there and his mind was only just catching up with his body. Part of him expected Frank to panic and shove away, retreat to the far side of the room where he could feel safer. What he didn’t expect was for trembling fingers to press hesitantly, almost curiously, against his erection.

“Frank what are y –” Gerard was cut off as Frank spoke over him, as if he hadn’t even heard him.

“You never... please yourself when you’re here... only me...” Frank whispered softly, seeming to only have just realised it. “I can do whatever I want... right?” He asked quietly, meeting Gerard’s eyes as he quickly composed himself, making his face emotionless with only the hint of smirk playing on his lips, managing to fix his usual facade in time for Frank to look at him.

“Yes.” He whispered, fighting back the urge to tell him that it was okay, and that he didn’t have to. It would defeat the entire point and he couldn’t seem too nice after all. “Anything.” He whispered and Frank nodded, pressing a deep, but less ferocious kiss to Red’s lips before wrapping his hand around his shaft, pausing to get used to it before slowly sweeping his hand up. Despite having done this to himself plenty of times recently it felt much different doing it to another person, and he was afraid he was doing it completely wrong as he bit his lip and concentrated on trying to cause as much pleasure as possible. Gerard watched him with a curious smile as Franks shaking hand slid up and down his erection, his nerves obvious and his eyes swimming with tears of worry. Gerard couldn’t remember ever being as nervous as Frank, but he guessed he had never really been as innocent as him. Not only had Frank never done this before, but as a Catholic he had probably never even allowed himself to think of doing this before. Plus, he was probably worrying over the fact that this was going against everything he had ever put his faith in, and he was also obviously a submissive so this was completely out of his comfort zone.

As Gerard thought about it he couldn’t help but deeply appreciate how much Frank was trying for him. He wanted to make Gerard feel good, he wanted to return the favour and Gerard’s heart seemed to swell strangely inside his chest as he watched Franks panicked face, the way his eyes were teary and he was gnawing on his bottom lip. He couldn’t stand putting him through so much and so he slowly reached down to touch Frank’s hand, making him gasp and look up at him – fear evident in his eyes. Gerard recognised it as fear of rejection, of doing something wrong, and he had to fight to resist the urge to pull him into a soft kiss and tell him that it was okay, that he didn’t have to do this. That he was happy enough making Frank happy.

“Don’t worry so much...” He whispered soothingly, placing his hand over Franks and curling their fingers round his erection as one. “Just do what you do to yourself...” He said gently and Frank nodded, giving a grateful smile when Red guided his hand, their fingers lacing as Red led the way, moving their hands up and then down, twisting them a little and going slow for Frank to get used to it.

Frank was a little embarrassed that Red had had to step in and help him, after all, it should have been easy. But at the same time he was grateful. It really was self explanatory stuff, but he felt better with Red’s hand on his, working his length together so that he knew he was doing it right. It also made him feel less in control, and he liked it that way.

“Mmm... that’s it... just like that...” Red breathed against Franks lips as he pulled him down into a lazy kiss, taking control this time and pushing his tongue into Franks mouth, savouring the catholic’s taste as he slowly explored his mouth, Frank gaining his confidence again and squeezing his hand a little as he swept it up Gerard’s shaft, brushing his thumb over the head without needing guidance and smirking against his lips when Gerard gasped a quiet moan. “Ooh...” He slowly pulled his hand away from Frank’s, the catholic continuing to pump his hand up and down his length on his own as Gerard reached between them and took hold of Frank’s throbbing erection, gently guiding him closer until their two members were pressed side by side, wrapping his hand around Franks until he could lock the ends of their fingers together and move their hands in sync.

Frank gasped and threw his head back, his lips quivering as he felt their bare erections touching, sending sparks through his body. It was one of the many things that he had always thought he would deny himself and the feeling was almost too much. He could feel the vein in Reds cock pulsing against his own and he moaned loudly, bucking his hips unintentionally as he pumped his hand along with Red’s, the two of them working each other’s lengths as Frank began rocking his hips, making their erections slide together and cause even more friction, Red emitting a slightly louder moan from deep in his throat that made Frank’s stomach tighten in pleasure. It was the single most sexiest thing he had ever heard and he whimpered and mewled as he lost himself in his oncoming orgasm.

Gerard was watching Frank with half lidded eyes as his stomach sank and rose with his quivering muscles, his orgasm approaching far too quickly, especially considering the amount of times he had cum already that day. But Frank was just so gorgeous, just so wonderfully innocent and unsure and it was pushing all the right buttons. No man, with any amount of experience, had made Gerard feel such pleasure, his body quivering and sparking as if charged with static electricity, and he pumped his hand faster up and down Franks cock, in turn making Frank move his own hand faster, squeezing lightly and twisting his wrist as the two of them began to lose themselves, moaning and panting without really noticing it.

Frank was whimpering Red’s name amidst a string of obscenities and the tip of his cock began leaking pre-cum, Red’s soon doing the same as the pleasure heightened, creating a lubricant which made it easier for their hands to move, both of their erections aching and throbbing as they drew closer and closer, panting together as their pumping hands began to lose rhythm, becoming erratic in their movements as Franks hips bucked and rocked, his back arching as he threw his head back and screamed Red’s name, his orgasm making his body shake.

Gerard moaned loudly as he felt Frank’s cum hit his stomach and chest, watching through hazy eyes as the younger man’s body arched and convulsed through his orgasm, whimpering with each string of cum he released. Gerard unable to hold back and giving a choked moan as he came a second after, exploding over Franks hand and stomach, panting harshly as he squeezed his eyes shut.

“Oh my God...” He whispered, tensing for a long moment until their orgasms subsided and then collapsing back against the floor with Frank lying on his chest, panting softly. For a fleeting moment, Frank looked up at Red and saw not a mysterious Satanic God, but just another man. And he mewled softly as he saw just another man, who would always have him eating out of the palm of his hand...

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