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Chapter five

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Questions are asked and promises are made

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Frank stared in horror at his reflection, his lips parted as he pressed a fingertip gingerly to the bar fastened through his skin. The piercing looked good, and Frank hated to admit that he loved it, but beneath that initial pleasant surprise was the not so pleasant fact that he now had a new piercing to try and explain to his parents. And not only was it a piercing, it had a tag on it... an ownership tag.

Frank flicked the thin metal disk and bit his lip as he watched it move and glitter in the bathroom light. It was identical to the disks found on dog collars, the ones that usually had their name and address on in case they got lost. But this one did not have any writing on it, only a small engraving of a strange symbol Frank had never seen before. He had searched the internet all the previous night researching ancient symbols from all over the world, but nothing had resembled the one engraved on his tag. He presumed it was some sort of satanic symbol, possibly to do with ownership or something, but he couldn’t be sure. And he hadn’t been able to summon enough courage to type in the words ‘satanic symbols’ into the search engine. It wasn’t important, really, when he thought about it. The fact was it was there on his tag, that happened to be dangling from a bar pierced through the base of his neck, and that for some reason... he just couldn’t take off.

Frank knew that the piercing really didn’t need to be a big deal. All he had to do was unscrew one of the balls and pull it free. It would heal closed within a day or two and no one would be any the wiser. He wasn’t sure how Red would feel if and when he found out, but then it wasn’t like Red had considered how Frank would feel when he decided to give him the piercing. Frank knew that wasn’t exactly a strong argument, after all, Red was clearly using Frank as a tool or something for some Satanic ritual and thus his feelings were irrelevant, even so, it was the only argument Frank had and so he clung to it.

He couldn’t keep the piercing, as much as he quite liked it, it would be difficult to hide successfully from everyone. College wasn’t a problem, many of the students had strange piercings and no one would question it, but his parents would be angry and want to know what the symbol meant, and even worse if anyone at the church saw it then he would be doomed. What if it was a satanic symbol and the priest knew about it? Frank would be kicked out of the church, something his parents would never forgive, and he himself couldn’t stand the thought of losing his faith. He knew that he could try and hide the piercing, he could wear scarfs or turtle neck jumpers, but that was only acceptable if the weather was cold. If it was warm then he knew people would assume he had love bites on his neck and he knew his parents would demand for him to let them look at his skin.

Frank groaned and bowed his head, pushing his fingers through his hair as he shuddered. He wished he could take the piercing out, but no matter how much he told himself he was a fool, that God knew what he was thinking and would be angry, he just couldn’t bring himself to remove it. Every time he touched it a painfully realistic memory of Red’s hot, teasing mouth, would make him quiver and clutch the sink for support. He remembered how when the piercing had bled, a fingertip had swiped up the blood. How he had heard Red sucking at his own fingers and he bit his lip, his eyes fluttering closed as he imagined the masked man feeding off his blood like a vampire. It shouldn’t have been appealing at all but Frank felt his cock twitch with interest and he struggled to fight back the urge to indulge in the memories once more. He hated what was happening to him. Hated Red for doing such terrible things to him. It wasn’t fair that something so bad could feel so good, and even though he had only been abducted twice, he could already feel his mind unravelling.

He didn’t know who Red was, or even what he was, but intentionally or unintentionally, he had caught Frank in his trap, like a fly in a spider’s web. And Frank wanted to struggle, but the spider had the most beautiful eyes, and the web was made of the finest silk, and even though he knew he was going to die, he was content to lie where he was and wait for the spider to devour him.


Gerard watched as the Elder slowly stirred his cup of tea with a long handled, silver spoon. Gerard had never seen the Elder drink the tea, but he often saw him pouring it, or stirring it, and carefully placing the cup on the little china saucer. He had never questioned it before, it was just something the Elder did and the fact that he never drank the contents was just a fact. Though as Gerard watched him now he wondered if it was comforting to the old man, or maybe he had a tea preparing OCD. He only ever did this when he was stressed or excited, as far as Gerard was aware.

“Gerard. I know I have congratulated you profusely all of last night but,” The Elder laid down his spoon and folded his hands across the top of the wooden desk separating him from his favourite Star. “I just felt the need to congratulate you personally. On a one to one level.” He smiled and Gerard gave a soft grin, crossing one leg over the other and brushing a hand through his hair.

“There’s no need. Really, it should be me thanking you.” He chuckled, the Elder giving him a questioning smile. “I’m so privileged to have been trusted with the honour you’ve given me, and I’m enjoying myself immensely. I can’t thank you enough.” He beamed and the Elder smiled in slight surprise, resting his elbows on the table and propping his chin on his folded hands.

“I’m glad to hear that.” He said cheerfully. “Though really, I still wish to thank you. I’m happy you’re enjoying yourself, of course, of course – but there is a good reason why I chose you for this task Gerard. And I’m so proud of you. You’ve proven to me, and all the other Stars, that you are fully capable of this, and many other tasks, I’m sure. You’ve shown that I was right in my decision.” Gerard blushed a little and smiled as the Elder reached across the desk with one hand and squeezed one of Gerard’s. “You have become an amazing asset to this cult, Gerard.” The Elder locked his gaze with the younger man and traced patterns on his palm, smiling at him. He was not going to deny that when he heard Gerard’s plan to claim the catholic on only their second meeting he had been convinced he had made a mistake. That Gerard was far too young, and far too ambitious for the task he had set him. But when he had been proven so amazingly wrong he had been thrilled, and his feelings for the gorgeous man had escalated rapidly.

“M – Master...” Gerard whispered, a little stunned by the lavish praise he was receiving. “Thank you.” He breathed, unable to think of anything else to say. He knew that when the Elder said things like that it was the highest compliment he could give you. He was not one to express his approval so bluntly and Gerard’s stomach was churning with gratitude as he grinned. He was almost certain now that he was definitely being considered as becoming the next Elder, if not chosen already. He had never been one to try and get high positions in the cult, he had always been content to be the pretty boy who would open his legs for anyone. He felt like there was a certain charm to being the cult whore, and when Brian had become his constant that hadn’t changed, though he reserved his sex mostly for him now. He liked being the underdog, people assumed you were incapable of things and did everything for you, underdogs were cute, they got attention and fuss and Gerard had always loved that. But now he allowed himself to imagine being the cult leader he found that the idea wasn’t so unappealing. In fact... he quite liked it.

“Your welcome my boy.” The Elder smiled in response to Gerard’s thanks. “Though... I do have one small request of you, regarding the catholic.” He said slowly and Gerard’s brown eyes locked with his, a curious look on his face.

“Of course... what is it?” He asked softly, his hand still held by the Elder. The older man bit his lip for a second before patting Gerard’s hand as if he had some bad news to tell.

“Gerard, I have every faith in you, and I have no doubt that you are fully capable of completing this task without problems. But I must ask you to slow down. I’m sure you could probably complete this task at any pace you choose, but the Red moon isn’t for another two and a half weeks. If you go too fast, then you’ll have completed the task far too soon.” Gerard bit his lip and blushed a little, looking at the Elder with a sheepish grin.

“Oh... I didn’t think about that.” He confessed. He had been so eager to progress as quickly as he could, the idea of being inside the Catholic so enticing, that he hadn’t thought about why he was even doing the rituals. Now though he felt like hitting himself for forgetting such an obvious point.

“That is why I’m here to guide you.” The Elder chuckled, patting Gerard’s hand as he grinned. He remembered a time when he had been young and passionate as Gerard was now. And he had seen the catholic, and the boy truly was a beauty. If he had been faced with the same situation when he was Gerard’s age he knew for a fact he wouldn’t have had the self control Gerard had. It was by no means perfect, but even now when he was older and wiser, he found the idea of pinning the catholic down and taking him whether he liked it or not immensely tempting, and he knew Gerard had always had a thing for rough sex. Whether he was giving or receiving. So he was impressed that he had shown such self restraint. Even so, the fact still stood that things had to be slowed down. “I don’t want to take away all your fun.” He said with a small smile, Gerard nodding. “I just think that it’s best if things go a little slower, do what you like but don’t have sex with the catholic yet. Even if you feel like he’s ready, just wait a little longer until I give you the go ahead. Don’t forget that claiming him is not enough on its own. He must want to be bonded to you.” The Elder took both of Gerard’s hands in his and stared him directly in the eyes, Gerard growing serious as he nodded. “Please don’t forget that Gerard. If he doesn’t want to be bonded to you, when the final ritual comes he may panic, and his soul with fight. This can be extremely problematic Gerard... But if he trusts you, if he submits to you as a lover more than a slave then his soul will not fight yours, and you will protect him as you are supposed to. Do you understand?” Gerard considered the words, thinking them through and making sure he really did understand as he was sure he did.

“Yes.” He said eventually. “I understand Master.” He promised and the Elder smiled, raising Gerard’s hands to his lips and pressing soft kisses to each of his knuckles.

“I trust you.” He said softly. “You know that. But for now, I think it’s best if you spend some time bonding to him. I don’t mean tell him your life story or anything ridiculous, but right now imagine how he must feel. You are nothing but a mysterious stranger who has touched him in places he has never been touched before, and I think you must give him a little more knowledge about you. Not a lot, of course, but enough for him to see you as a mysterious person rather than a mystical being. You’re probably just a dream to him right now. Try to form a...” The Elder paused, gesturing with his hands as he struggled to think of the right word. “Relationship, I suppose. Something a little more than a simple ‘sex for Satan’ thing.” He said and Gerard chuckled, the Elder smirking a little himself at the wording. “And then, when you’ve formed this ‘relationship’ of sorts, it will be the right time for you to take him. If you can, then make him want you to take him, despite his religion and his fear make him crave you like he has never craved anything.” The Elder continued and Gerard smirked.

“If I can?” He repeated with a scoff. “Master. You know I’m more than capable of making him crave me.” He chuckled and the Elder laughed, nodding as he leaned across the desk to press a kiss to Gerard’s cheek.

“I know.” He nodded, settling back in his seat. “Just do as I’ve asked, and take things slow. And then when I give the go ahead, you show that boy exactly what it is to be bad.” He smirked, winking at Gerard who subconsciously licked his lips, making a shudder of desire go up the Elders spine. He rarely had sex these days, but if there was one man who would be able to get him into it then it was Gerard. Which made him certain if there was one temptation the catholic wouldn’t be able to deny himself then it was the gorgeous creature sitting before him.

“Mmm... I can’t wait.” Gerard smirked, his eyes swirling a darker shade as he gave a devious grin, the Elder biting his lip softly as that lustful gaze took his breath away.


Frank stared down at his restraints with a small pout, tugging at them gently to test their strength. The knots had been tied as perfectly as they always were and he knew he would be more likely to slice straight through his wrists than break the rope. He had become used to the bonds by now. The kidnapping was still heart stoppingly terrifying but being tied up no longer made him panic like it had. He was a little nervous, but he was pretty sure he wasn’t going to get hurt. But that was all he was sure about, he still had no idea what sort of thing Red was going to do to him today, and what frightened him most was the fact that his stomach swirled with excitement from all the possibilities.

He wondered if the fact that his wrists had been tied in front of him and not behind like usual had something to do with whatever Red was planning. Or was it just because someone different had tied him – Frank couldn’t know, for his blindfold had only been removed once he had been placed in the usual cavern and the person who had tied him had walked away.

Frank had noticed that his captives all wore mannequin style masks that covered the whole of their faces, unlike Red’s which only covered half of his face – which Frank had to admit was extremely useful as he was beginning to crave Red’s sweet kisses, not that he would ever admit it. And his captives masks were also white, where as Red’s was black. Frank bit his lip thoughtfully as he wondered if this too had any significance, or if it really meant nothing. He gave a thoughtful hum and jumped as the door to the cavern opened, his heart soaring into his throat as the man that haunted his dreams sauntered into the room.

“Ah. No blindfold today? I am glad.” Red’s opening statement confused Frank and he stared up at him with wide eyes as he tipped his head a little to the side, shrinking away from him out of habit even as his body began to hum with life, eager to feel those magic fingers again.

“You are?” Frank asked softly as Red walked towards him, wearing tight black jeans and a black waist coat with no shirt underneath. The amount of milky flesh left on show provided a feast for Frank to set his hungry eyes on, and he thought, with a spark of panic, how he’d love to have the whole banquet.

“Yes.” Red drawled, smirking at Frank’s sudden look of horror. He wondered what the boy had thought about to cause it and hoped it was something about his outfit, he had spent a long time considering what clothes to wear and changing his mind so many times it had driven Brian crazy, so he hoped his effort had not gone to waste. By the darkening of Frank’s eyes he assumed not. “It means I can see all of your pretty face.” He whispered in response to Frank’s confused look, delighting in the soft blush that coated the younger mans cheeks as he diverted his gaze for a moment.

“O – Oh...” He mumbled, biting his lip and tugging on his lip ring. He didn’t know, or care, whether Red was being honest or just patronising. But either way, he had never imagined anyone who worshipped Satan could come up with such sweet lines whether in honesty or not, and it was making it very difficult for him to be afraid. He knew he should hate the man slowly kneeling in front of him, and he wanted to, more than anything he wanted to hate him. But he couldn’t help but look at him through his eyelashes and softly lick his lips as he imagined kissing him. What had become of him? To crave such a terrible thing, from such a cruel person. But Red hadn’t shown any cruelty towards him. Frank supposed being abducted and pierced and molested could be seen as cruel but whenever he thought over everything he had been put through so far it made his blood run hot and his heart rate soar, and hating Red would suddenly seem like an absurd thing to do.

Gerard tipped his head to the side and gave a quizzical smile as he wondered what Frank was thinking. He looked nothing short of adorable with a soft frown on his face, his cheeks still tinged a light pink, and he had to work hard not to lunge at him and kiss every last inch of his body. He wanted Frank, like he had never wanted anyone before. He supposed it was because he had never had to restrain himself before, whenever he wanted sex he got it, if he wanted sex with a specific person it took him all of ten minutes to seduce them and get them between his legs (or he between theirs, depending). He had become used to being able to have whoever he wanted, whenever he wanted – but Frank was, temporarily, off limits. Gerard had never been in a situation where he had to set himself boundaries, and he didn’t like it. He knew that he could do some things with the Catholic, but every night he found himself dreaming of pushing deep into that tight, virgin hole, and Brian just wasn’t blunting his lust enough anymore. He was desperate to feel Frank all around him and the idea of waiting was almost too much to bear – especially when he knew it would be only too easy to seduce him like he did with everyone else. But the Elder had given him specific orders and he wouldn’t – couldn’t – go back on them.

“Are you afraid of me, Frankie?” Gerard asked after a moment, a playful smirk on his lips as Frank looked at him in surprise, his hands clenching and unclenching where they lay bound in his lap.

“I...” Frank paused, thinking about it. He wasn’t sure how to answer. His automatic response was yes, but the word on his tongue was no. He wasn’t afraid of Red per se, but he was a little afraid. “No... Yes? No? Erm...” Frank bit his lip as Gerard chuckled softly, enjoying the flustered look on his face. “I... I... am, a little... I guess. But... not of you.” He paused before nodding, smiling slightly as he decided he liked that answer, that it described his fear well enough. Gerard gave a small smile and frowned a little behind his mask.

“Oh? Then what are you afraid of?” He asked, shuffling a little closer to Frank so that he could trail a finger down his jaw, Frank biting his lip again as he nervously met Gerard’s gaze for a second before looking away once more.

“I... I’m afraid of what you might do to me.” He confessed softly, feeling suddenly vulnerable and exposed. He hadn’t expected to have been asked any questions, usually Red would come in and within minutes Frank would be confused and disorientated, lost in a cloud of desire. He didn’t know why Red had chosen now to actually make conversation with him, but even though it scared him, it excited him at the same time. Maybe he would learn something about his masked captive.

“Frankie...” Gerard cupped Frank’s face softly in his hands and locked their gazes, gently stroking his thumbs over Frank’s cheeks as he got lost in his beautiful, innocent eyes. “I’m going to make you promise.” He whispered and Frank bit his lip, watching him silently, giving him his full attention as if his life depended on it. Gerard smiled and trailed one hand down the side of Frank’s neck and down to his bound hands, resting against them as he touched his forehead to the Catholics. “I will never hurt you.” He swore and Franks eyes fluttered closed, his lips parted as a soft sigh escaped them, his hands trembling a little.

“You already have.” He breathed and Gerard cupped his face with his one hand a little tighter, making Frank look at him again.

“How?” He asked, almost demanded as he worried over what he had done. Frank smiled shakily, surprised by the panic in the Satanists eyes.

“You pierced me.” He reminded him, raising his tied hands to touch his fingertips to the tag he was still wearing. Gerard looked down at the metal and smiled softly, his panic depleting as quickly as it had come as he pressed his own hand to the tag.

“Ah, perhaps I should elaborate.” He said softly, lowering his head to kiss the symbol of his claim. He was surprised, and deeply pleased that Frank hadn’t taken the bar out. He cupped his hands around both of Franks and looked at him again with a smile that was far too soft, far too kind, to be faked. “I will never hurt you in a way that upsets you.” He explained, kissing Frank’s forehead. “I can tell you enjoyed this.” He said softly, meaning the piercing. “You moaned in a way that made my skin shiver, and I promise you, I will make you make that sound again.” He drawled and Frank almost moaned from the words alone. He smiled softly and looked at Red with eyes quickly being consumed with lust and for a long moment they were silent, enough being said by the look they shared.

“Red.” Frank finally breathed, breaking Red out of his almost trance like state. “Can I ask you something now?” He asked gently, Gerard instantly biting his lip with a small frown.

“Okay... but I won’t promise I will answer.” He said after thinking for a moment and Frank gave a shy smile, blushing deeply as he shook his head.

“It’s nothing probing.” He insisted. “I think it’s probably better if I don’t know a lot about why I’m here or who you really are.” He whispered, Gerard nodding his approval. It was a wise choice, and only made his job easier. “But... I do... have just one question.” Frank breathed, his eyes moving down Gerard’s face to his full, cupid bow lips. Gerard didn’t miss the motion and smirked softly, running his hands over Frank’s wrists and up his arms to his shoulders.

“Then ask it.” He said softly, Frank biting his lip in embarrassment even though he had asked this question before.

“Will you kiss me... please?” He asked bashfully, closing his eyes as if afraid of rejection. Gerard found the action remarkably cute, after all, how could he ever refuse such a request? From such a painfully beautiful creature such as this.

“It would be my pleasure.” He chuckled, Frank opening his eyes and smiling softly, his cheeks red and his heart pounding as Red leaned towards him. Eagerly Frank leaned closer too, closing the gap between them in as little time as possible and sighing with euphoric relief as he felt warm lips soft against his own. He pressed closer, his lips parting in an invitation that Red accepted, his tongue pushing into Frank’s hot mouth and rubbing dominantly against his own. Frank gave a soft whimper of delight that made Gerard’s cock twitch in response. With each new meeting Frank seemed to get more and more relaxed, and now he was even kissing back with so much passion Gerard had to focus hard on remaining composed.

Frank wished that his hands were untied, desperately wanting to wrap his arms around the man before him and tug him closer until he sank into his very body. Red was the only person who had ever kissed him but Frank felt certain that no one would be able to compare with the amazing way Red kissed him. It felt almost as if his lips had been aching, burning as if pressed to a hot flame only he hadn’t noticed until they were pressed against Reds, soothed of all pain by his delicious kisses. He moaned and sighed so as to encourage the older man, wanting to stay kissing him forever, even if Red kissed him for years on end when he pulled away it would still be too soon. He couldn’t get enough of him, and he wanted to burn the feeling of those magic lips into his memory for ever, so that he could call upon it and feel it all over again whenever he wished.

Gerard loved how responsive Frank was being, and wondered fleetingly if the Elder really would mind if he just went ahead and had sex with him. But he knew it wasn’t worth his life to risk it, and so he grudgingly trailed his lips away from Frank’s and to his neck, knowing that if he continued kissing him like that then he wouldn’t be able to control himself.

Frank gave a disappointed whine when the heat of Gerard’s lips left his own, but his complaints died in his throat when his neck was assaulted with tender bites and kisses, Gerard sucking along his vein and making his heart hammer in his chest. He knew he shouldn’t be enjoying it, of course he knew, but he also knew how easy it would be to just not think about it at all. He was content to ignore his guilt and bury it deep until he got home, and he didn’t even want to try and convince himself to do the right thing. As far as he was concerned, what Red was doing felt far too good to be wrong.

Gerard smirked softly against Frank’s neck and kissed down to his collar bones, dipping his hands beneath his shirt and sliding them up his chest to his nipples. He knew they were a sensitive spot for the catholic and took his time teasing them with his fingertips, rolling them and pinching them until they were hard nubs that pressed against his palms when he laid his hands flat over them. Frank was breathing heavily by this point and when Gerard slid one hand down to his crotch he was delighted to find that he was already hard, his erection straining against the fabric of his jeans and making blood pool to Gerard’s groin.

“You get hard so quick Frankie.” He drawled against the flesh of Franks shoulder, gently pushing at him until he was lying on his back, looking at Gerard through half lidded eyes as he blushed slightly. “Is that cos’ you’ve never been through this kind of stuff before... or are you just happy to see me?” He teased lightly and Frank bit his lip, groaning when Gerard rubbed at the bulge in his jeans, one hand still playing with his nipple.

“Umm... definitely because I’m happy to see you.” He breathed in response. Even though it was true he never had been through this sort of thing with anyone except Red, instinct told him that it didn’t matter. No one else would be able to make him respond as quickly, or as passionately as Red could.

“Good answer.” Gerard growled softly, eagerly undoing Frank’s jeans and pulling them down his legs, not bothering with Frank’s shirt since it would mean having to rip it or untie Frank’s hands and both would just consume time that could be spent doing other, more beneficial things.

Frank didn’t mind at all, kicking his jeans off when they reached his shins and spreading his legs without even thinking about it, too eager to see what Red had planned. He didn’t even think about how what he had said had revealed to Red that he was beginning to not only stop fearing this, but actually enjoy it. Crave it even. But even though Gerard’s heart was pounding with happiness he didn’t reveal this fact to Frank, and so he remained blissfully unaware, too far gone in pleasure already.

“You know Frankie, you have the most delicious cock I’ve ever tasted.” Gerard drawled as he flicked his tongue up the length of Frank’s erection, Frank blushing deeply at his words, biting his lip as he closed his eyes and arched his back a little.

“Mm... r – really?” He breathed, Gerard’s hands squeezing at his thighs as he trailed his mouth down to his balls and sucked at them gently, Frank gasping in surprise. “Oh God...” He whimpered, sounding horrified as well as turned on. Gerard loved the conflict of tone and sucked a little harder, Frank emitting a strange sound that was halfway between a groan and a whine.

“Really.” Gerard chuckled, pushing Frank’s legs further apart with no resistance. Frank barely noticing, instinct making him co-operate as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Gerard continued his sinful ministrations to Frank’s balls and the base of his cock, resisting from taking his erection fully into his mouth unless he got carried away. As delicious as Frank was, Gerard wasn’t planning on pleasing him in that way this time.

Frank had no choice but to lay his hands on his stomach, though he knew it would be easy to just reach down and grab his erection he didn’t attempt it. He was certain Red would only bat them away if he did, but at that same time – despite everything Red was doing to him – Frank didn’t want to prove how much he was enjoying it by contributing. Although he knew God was fully aware of what he was thinking anyway, the idea of proving it was too much, and so he kept his hands to himself if only because he hoped it would help his case.

Gerard hummed softly as he worked his mouth around Frank, lapping at the velvet skin of his length as he dug around in his jeans pocket with one hand. He always had a small vial of oil with him – you never knew when you would need it, especially in the cult. And Gerard liked to always be prepared – a good habit, he now discovered, as he found the small glass vial and uncapped it, coating two of his fingers in the slick liquid completely unknown to Frank who was mewling gently as he shuddered with desire, pleasure building at a slow, delicious pace that was driving him crazy.

Gerard looked up at Frank through his eyelashes, gouging his reaction as he slowly moved his oiled fingers to the bottom of Franks erection, Frank jumping at the new sensation, giving out a quiet drawn out moan as Gerard trailed his fingers down, down, down, until he pressed one fingertip ever so slightly against his puckered entrance.

Franks whole body instantly tensed, his initial reaction one of horror as he realised what Red was planning. He knew that Red had touched him here on their first meeting, but he had waited until Frank was on the brink of orgasm and too far gone to have cared. This time however Frank was fully aware of what was happening, and where as on their first meeting Red had barely pushed his finger inside, Frank got the feeling he planned to take things a little further now.

“Your tense Frankie.” Gerard breathed against Franks inner thigh, kissing the flesh softly as he tenderly pushed his finger past the tight ring of muscle, Franks muscles clenched to try and stop him, tight around his finger as he worked up to the first knuckle. “Are you afraid of me now?” Gerard asked softly, working his finger deeper, surprised when Frank relaxed at his words.

“No.” He stammered almost instantly, forcing himself to take deep breaths and relax. He told himself it was because it would only be more uncomfortable if he tensed, but deep down he knew it was because he didn’t want Red to think he was afraid. If it pushed Red away then he would be so angry with himself.

“Really?” Gerard drawled, chuckling softly against Frank’s skin as he wriggled his finger as deep as it would go before slowly rubbing at Franks inner walls, allowing him to get used to the strange sensation. Gerard could still remember the first time someone had touched him like that and he knew that at first it just felt weird. One finger didn’t hurt, but he knew the sensation was alien to Frank and so he took his time letting him get used to it before gently working in the second finger.

“R – Really.” Frank whimper, groaning softly as he felt himself stretch around the second finger, it hardly hurt at all but he had never felt anything quite like it. At first he was certain he hated it, but the more Red rubbed at him the more he began to relax and welcome the tingling in his abdomen. “Mmm... that’s g – good...” He whispered softly, spreading his legs more and raising his hips in invitation. Discomfort quickly melting away into a pleasure unlike any Frank had felt before.

Once it was clear that Frank was no longer horrified Gerard smirked against his thigh and began thrusting his fingers, slowly scissoring them to stretch Frank more though he had no intention of taking him that day, as much as he wanted to. But he saw nothing wrong in showing him what he would eventually be in for and Frank seemed to be enjoying it, moaning softly and panting as he pushed his ass down to get Gerard’s fingers deeper. Gerard couldn’t think of anything more arousing than how Frank had the ability to be shy and timid one second, and a complete lust crazed animal the next. It was like he was fitted with a switch, and all Gerard had to do was figure out how to flick it before Frank would be writhing around, begging for more.

“Mmm... ooh...” He gasped, rolling his hips as Gerard watched him with hazy eyes, his jeans painfully tight – something that seemed to be unavoidable during these little meetings. Frank was incredibly tight and hot, and the thought of that sweet ass around his cock was almost too much for Gerard. He shoved his fingers deeper, thrusting them faster as Franks hands lay clenched on his stomach, his hair sticking to his face as he began to sweat, whimpering loudly. Gerard wriggled his fingers, searching for that sweet spot that would make the Catholic explode. He had enough experience to be fairly certain of its where abouts and he found it within seconds, rubbing his fingers against it and moaning softly as Frank gasped and cried out, arching his back in a graceful arc as he clenched tightly around the fingers, his body convulsing as Gerard repeatedly stroked his prostate, no longer thrusting his fingers, just rocking them against that magic button and watching as Frank squeezed his eyes shut, unable to keep his hips down as he shuddered and panted through the onslaught of pleasure. He’d had no idea that anything that felt so good had existed and he couldn’t hold on, his throbbing cock fully erection and weeping pre-cum as he felt his stomach clench in preparation of his orgasm. Gerard felt it too and promptly pressed his fingers harder against Franks prostate, Frank screaming in delight as he came hard all over his clothed stomach, staining his shirt as he shuddered violently, moaning through his orgasm.

“Oh God... Mmm... fuck... oooh God... mmm...” After a long second Frank slumped back against the floor, panting softly, feeling completely spent. Gerard pulled his fingers free and smirked as he pressed a kiss to Frank’s parted lips, stealing some of his breath before licking up as much of the cum as he could that wasn’t seeping into Frank’s shirt. He licked his lips, savouring the taste before getting to his knees, Frank’s eyelids fluttering open halfway to look at him. “You’re leaving again, aren’t you?” He whispered, his shining eyes showing a hint of pain deep in his pupils and Gerard bit his lip, kissing Frank’s forehead as he nodded.

“I must. I only have limited time to see you in each of these little meetings, and tonight’s time has come to an end. You have to be taken home before anyone notices you’re missing.” He said softly and Frank sighed, knowing he couldn’t argue with that. It was a blessing really, his parents not knowing about any of this. But at the same time he wished that Red wouldn’t leave. The man felt more real somehow, he had been nothing but a mysterious stranger and the small talk they had shared that day had made him seem like an actual human, if only slightly. Frank hated that he wanted him to stay, but he couldn’t help it. He wanted to talk some more, learn more about this strange man whose face he still hadn’t seen. But he knew there wasn’t any use in even asking and so he simply nodded.

“Okay.” He whispered and Gerard felt a twinge of guilt, pressing a tender kiss to Frank’s lips once more before slowly pulling back, kissing his bound hands and then getting to his feet.

“I’m sorry. But it’s just how things have to be. I will see you again.” He said quietly and Frank’s eyes met his through the mask.

“Promise?” He asked and Gerard nodded with a small smile.

“I promise.”

Gah! >.< I am so sorry it took so long to get this out, it feels like it took me forever. I was gonna post it like, a week ago, but due to my own stupidity I completely forgot about all the English work I had to have in at college this week and so I spent my week stressing over that. I added tiny bits each night and so I get the feeling this chapter didn’t flow maybe as well as it could have, so yeah, it’s not my best. But I do apologize for that and I promise to do my best to get the next chapter out much quicker than this one.
Other than that, I hope you still enjoyed it :]
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