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Chapter four

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Again, no sex in this one per se, but I think you'll still love the double helping of molesting ;]

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A/N: Hey all =D Just a quick note to saaay – I actually didn’t think I was ever going to get this chapter out, for the past few days I’ve been adding only a paragraph or two to it each time, and it was beginning to feel like a real chore as I wondered whether to move things on quickly or take it slowly. In the end I decided ‘screw it’ and have moved swiftly on cos’ 1. I’m as impatient as Gee ;] and 2. I feel like that’s what works best for this story cos’ I don’t intend for it to have many chapters. So if you think it’s going too fast then let me know and I’ll see if I can change it, and also – I DO NOT KNOW LATIN! XD So if one of you guys do, and the Latin in this is totally wrong then I apologize... and the correct phrase would be appreciated :]
Other than that – ENJOY! You sick puppies ;]

Frank ran his fingers through his hair and gripped tightly as he squeezed his eyes shut, forcing himself to take deep, calming breaths as he worked himself closer to another panic attack. He had been suffering from them all week, and he knew it was his own fault for allowing himself to get so worked up over that guy... Red. A stupid name. He thought for the hundredth time that week, trying to belittle the man somehow so that he seemed less ominous.

Frank knew that there was every reason to be afraid of Red and the men who had brought him to him, but he also knew that Red wasn’t going to hurt him. To trust him was possibly the most stupid thing Frank could do and yet Frank also knew it was the right thing. He had spent every waking moment since the incident in the caves thinking about what had happened, and he knew that the mysterious man who had done such terrible, wonderful things to him was not out to hurt him. He didn’t know how he knew, and as much as he tried not to think of Red in any way other than fear, he couldn’t help but feel certain that those beautiful brown eyes he had seen behind that mask had been the eyes of a trust worthy man.

Frank knew Red didn’t want to kill him, but he was not naive enough to not realise what Red did want him for. At first he had had no doubt that the men who had kidnapped him were evil, and when he had seen Red he had been positive that he was going to be raped. Mercilessly and brutally raped, until he would be unable to walk and simply left to bleed to death on the cave floor. When this hadn’t happened, and the same men who had kidnapped him had brought him back home he had been stunned. He had wondered if they were playing some sort of sick game. Dressing in masks to frighten him, bringing him back home so that he would be constantly on edge – and this was still a possibility, he knew. But the more he had thought about what had happened the more explanations he came up with, until the truth smacked him like a wrecking ball to the stomach.

Red was part of a satanic cult.

Frank didn’t know how he had never seen it before. It was common knowledge that such a cult was active somewhere in the town, though it was very secretive and no one quite knew where the Satanists were based. They hadn’t bothered the town in any way, except of course by merely existing which angered many of the Catholics, but as there was no evidence of goats being sacrificed or children being snatched or whatever it was they did, there was no grounds for the council to seek out the Satanists and put an end to their cult. But whenever Frank went to Church the vast majority of the time the reverend would mention the cult and implore them all to stay away from anyone who looked to be ‘preaching the dark ways’ – which was why he felt like hitting himself for not realising instantly who it was who had kidnapped him.

He had been kidnapped by Satanists. The caves he had found himself in were obviously the base for the satanic cult, and Red was probably in a high position of power, assuming he wasn’t the leader. Frank had felt his blood run cold the night after meeting Red, his head going dizzy as he realised the sinful things he had let a man do to him were now even worse than he could have imagined. For not only had it been a man to place his mouth in areas he really shouldn’t, but it had been a Satanic man, and Frank was no longer sure that God would forgive him. Was that why Red wanted him to confess? Because he knew Frank wouldn’t be forgiven? Or was there another reason? Frank had no doubt that he was being used for some sort of ritual or spell, and that Red raping him was not merely for sexual gratification.

How could it be when the man was so good looking even with a mask covering half of his face? Frank knew that he could get with any person he wanted, so why would he choose a scruffy punk Catholic unless it had some alternative motive.

Frank groaned and lay back on his bed, tugging softly at his hair as he squeezed his eyes shut. He hated that he couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened, it was driving him insane. He hadn’t been able to focus on any of his lessons that week as every little thing reminded him that he was currently living in sin. That until he confessed he would be tainted by everything Red had done to him. But that wasn’t the worst of it – During every waking moment Frank’s heart was constantly pounding with fear, his spine tingling as he kept glancing over his shoulder, obviously paranoid and he couldn’t hide it from anyone. But at night... at night Frank would re-live what had happened in his dreams, waking up with a gasp and a frantic heart, chilled to the bone with fear but at the same time with a throbbing erection between his legs. And that sickened him more than anything. He had battled for years with the unholy thoughts he sometimes had, and he had been successful until Red had done this to him, now he just couldn’t help himself. He would try to ignore it, he must’ve had a hundred cold showers in that week alone, but he always ended up surrendering. He would try to make things a little better, by thinking of women and not Red, and when that didn’t work he would try to imagine another Catholic man, anything that wouldn’t be quite as bad – but in the end it was always Red’s name that was breathed between his quivering lips, and that was enough to drive him completely over the edge.

Frank whimpered softly and rolled onto his front, burying his face into his pillow and wrapping his arms around it, praying to God to forgive him – to help him banish the thoughts he had and to protect him from whatever the Satanists had planned next. Praying was all he seemed to do now.

Frank whispered the end of his prayer and stayed deadly still for a moment, listening to the silence of the house as he waited for that feeling of calm that usually took hold of him after praying to come. But it didn’t. His mind was still choked with images of Red. That soft, pale skin, the almost feminine hips that swayed as he walked, the strange way every movement looked like part of a dance... those hot, silky lips and hungry mouth that could do such terrible... terrible things...

“Fuck...” Frank gasped, shuddering as he let his guard slip for a second, a spark rocketing up his spine as he imagined he could feel those lips on him again. He rolled onto his back and pressed his pillow over his face, screaming into it in an attempt to stop those thoughts before they could progress any further, but he already knew it was no use. He had been trying to fight them all week and he hadn’t succeeded so far. Besides, tomorrow was Sunday and he would have a chance to go to confessional without his parents asking questions as they encouraged him to confess his sins every Sunday – ready for the new week. So, he thought, what was the point in trying to fight it, when he already knew he would give in? At least tomorrow he could be forgiven and it would be all out of his system then, it was much better to give up now than to give up next week when he would be tortured by guilt for another seven days.

At least that’s what he told himself, just to try and blunt the guilt a little as he sighed and moved his pillow away; biting his lip as he almost reluctantly slid his hand down his flat stomach and into his jeans. It’s okay... this is just natural... all guys my age do this... he thought to himself, softly rubbing at his semi through his boxer shorts. But he couldn’t pretend that in reality this really was okay... it might be natural for most people, but being gay was definitely not natural, and getting off to the memory of a Satanic stranger was definitely... not... natural.

“O – Oh...” Frank bit his lip and tugged at his lip ring with his teeth, the guilt and the shame bubbling almost as high as his lust, his chest aching with sorrow even as he pushed his jeans down his legs to free his erection and wrap his fingers around it, stroking himself slowly as he mentally beat himself up, Red’s masked face working its way into the insults to keep his pleasure rising even as he tried to deny himself anything that felt good. He didn’t deserve pleasure. He was a disgrace to his family, his religion... himself.

But God it felt so good. And the memory of Red was like torture... sweet, delicious torture that frightened him only because he wanted to feel that mouth again... wanted to feel it so badly. The short encounter with the man had left him completely hooked, like a teenager desperate for their second hit of heroin. He wanted to believe that he didn’t want him but the lie was obvious, the constant day dreaming, the waking up to a boner that couldn’t be ignored - he was trying to lie to himself, but it was useless. He wanted Red. He wanted to be touched by him and kissed by him and he didn’t care if he was a worshipper of the Devil. At least not right now... not whilst the thought of him was almost too good to bear.

“Mmm... oh...” Frank passed his tongue across his bottom lip as he tipped his head back, spreading his legs wider as he gripped his length a little tighter, twisting his hand with each stroke up and smoothing his thumb across the tip, hesitantly allowing himself to imagine Red more clearly, to pretend that he was right there with him, kissing his lips and breathing on his neck. That the fingers curled tight around his erection were Red’s and not his own.

Frank gasped and moaned, arching his back slightly as he tangled a hand into his hair, gripping tightly when thinking of Red buried the guilt deep down in his stomach to be forgotten for a few, blissful minutes, the pleasure building at an incredible rate as he bucked his hips into his rapidly pumping hand. “R – Red... ooh Red...” Frank whispered, stopping to quickly spit into his palm before resuming the desperate stroking to his member, pretending it was Red’s hot mouth encasing his cock and licking him into completion, the memory like white hot sparks dripping down his spine as he bit his lip hard enough to draw blood. “Mmm... fuck...” He whimpered, squeezing his hand as he gripped his hair tightly, his stomach tightening as he felt himself get closer, submitting to the sensations and the delicious memory of Red as his back arched high off the bed, his legs shaking as he came with a gasp over his hand and stomach.

And then the guilt hit.

Frank stared at the white substance dripping down his fingers and grimaced, the guilt springing free from his stomach with a vengeance, knocking the air out of his lungs as it wrapped him in its chains.

He felt disgusting. Dirtier than any amount of soap could clean, tainted like a child who had seen death up close. He wasn’t even sure that things would be okay even if he was forgiven tomorrow; it seemed as if things would never be okay again. The slippery slope he had been trying to climb from the first time he had looked at another boy with even just a flicker of desire had proved too much for him. Red had been that gentle push that sent him sliding backwards, and he could try to claw his way back up but the bottom was fast approaching, and it was only a matter of time until he would have no choice but to give up completely.

He only prayed that he was wrong.


Frank tried hard to ignore the fact that the priest sat on the other side of the grate had known him since he was a baby. That this time on Friday he would be round Frank’s house having tea with his parents. He knew that he wouldn’t mention anything... there was a rule about that wasn’t there? But that didn’t excuse the fact that he was about to tell the man that he had been abducted by Satanists, been sort of raped (though he wasn’t sure if it was rape at all) by their possible leader, and had then spent the whole week fantasising about the man. He was tempted to lie and not mention it at all, but that would only be making his situation worse and God definitely wouldn’t forgive him then. He had no choice but to be honest and hope that the priest wasn’t so concerned that he told his parents.

“F – Forgive me father... for I have sinned...” Frank stuttered, the priest behind the grate speaking in soft, low tones as he asked him to confess. Frank passed his tongue across his lips and picked at his nails as he forced himself to summon up his courage and confess, he had to be forgiven, he couldn’t stand how the shame was eating him from the inside out and he wanted nothing more than to feel like God was still here for him.

When he faltered the priest glanced at the grate separating him from the teenager, his interest sparking when he realised Frank Iero – for once – had something to confess. And something big, by the sounds of it.

“I...” Frank paused, not wanting to speak, but knowing he had no choice. “I... I was kidnapped last Sunday.” He breathed and he felt, more than saw, the priest tense.

“Kidnapped?” The old man repeated, sounding disbelieving as Frank looked down at his shaking hands.

“Yes father... I w – was on my way home from church... and two men in cloaks and masks came up behind me and k – kidnapped me.” He whispered, pausing for a moment as the priest remained silent for a second.

“Is this a joke?” He eventually asked, sounding older than he had a minute before, as if he had aged ten years in barely a second. “Are you trying to be funny child?” He demanded softly and Frank shook his head, trying to look at the priest through the grate but the small gaps were not large enough to clearly make out the man’s face.

“Of course.” He breathed, his voice desperate. “Why would I lie about this when I’m here to be forgiven?” He whimpered and the priest turned his own head to try and see Frank.

“Why would you want to be forgiven for being kidnapped?” He asked, completely confused and Frank sighed.

“Th – That’s what I’m trying to tell you.” He whispered, bowing his head again. “I was blindfolded and taken to a cave... I don’t know where... and a man...” Frank bit his lip and took another deep breath, trying not to allow his voice to shake as Red appeared in his mind’s eye, smirking softly as his hands ran down his body. “This m – man...” Frank forced the image away, this was the worst time for him to be thinking of Red in that way. “I couldn’t see all of his face... he wore a mask... but... b – but... he...” The priest resisted the urge to tell Frank to spit it out already, leaning closer to the grate as Frank’s voice got quieter and quieter. “H – He... t – touched me indecently... a – and he k – kissed me... and I let him...” Frank closed his eyes with shame as the priest’s jaw dropped just a little. He knew Frank, he was good friends with his parents. Frank had been coming to church with them all of his life and never had he confessed to anything much more than thinking ill towards a bully. The priest had always thought of Frank as a model Catholic teenager – and he still did – and he would not have believed this story if anyone else had told it him.

“Is that everything?” He asked softly when Frank didn’t continue, surprised when he heard a small ‘no’ from the other side of the grate. “Then confess to me, child.” He said as gently as he could, Frank’s voice shaking so much it was clear.

“A – after what happened... all week I.. I can’t help it Father, I keep thinking of him, I keep remembering what happened and I... I... I touch myself indecently, even though I’m terrified of him. I have feelings of sexual attraction towards him, and I can’t stop myself from thinking of him in that way. You must help me Father, I don’t know what to do.” Frank begged in a quiet rush, tears brimming in his eyes and he blinked them back, determined to remain as strong as he could as the priest remained silent for a long time. Clearly thinking through everything Frank had said.

First there was shock, Frank was the last person the priest would have expected to like men, and then there was confusion as to what to do. As a priest he knew he should forgive Frank on behalf of the Lord, tell him what to do to purify himself by the temptations and perversions the Devil had set in him, to pray for him and to never mention what Frank had revealed to him to anyone. But as a man who knew Frank and his family personally, he knew he should walk the boy home and tell his parents, call the police and have Frank tell them the story to find the men who had done this. And he would have too – if Frank had told him this outside of confession, but because Frank hadn’t told him, he had confessed to him, he was bound by his honour as a priest to remain silent.

“Child... It has taken much for you to be so honest today, and the Lord smiles upon your bravery.” He said softly, his voice trembling only a little, Frank feeling relief begin to swell inside him. “You must pray for your soul, and ask the Lord to purify you of the unholy perversions that have laid claim upon you... Are you truly sorry for your sins, child?” He asked softly and Frank nodded, closing his eyes as he breathed a deep sigh.

“I am.” He whispered.

“Then you are forgiven.” Frank smiled softly and crossed himself, clasping his hands as he thanked the priest and moved to leave, the priest stopping him as he called his name.

“Frank... may I now offer you some advice, not only as your spiritual teacher but as your friend.” He asked gently and Frank bit his lip, half turning to face the grate. “You know I am unable to say anything of this without your permission, and I promise to you this will all remain confidential. But I implore you to tell your parents, or go to the police at least. Put in an anonymous claim if you must, but what happened to you is illegal – and those men must be stopped in case they try to do the same to others. Think of how this will affect other people Frank, if not yourself.” He said as gently as he could and Frank nodded, clenching his fists and clamping his teeth over his lip as he knew there was no way he would go to the police about this.

“Thank you father.” He said softly, turning on his heel and promptly walking away.


Brian walked with Gerard towards the cavern he had been summoned to as he admired how Gerard’s new black trousers hugged his hips and thighs in all the right places. He wasn’t at all jealous that Gerard had taken a strange interest, bordering on obsession, in the Catholic though only having seen him once. It seemed that every other thing they talked about was the Catholic, and Brian wasn’t stupid enough not to realise that the teenager had had quite the impression on his constant. It made him long to see the Catholic himself, to see if he could find what it was Gerard seemed to find so enticing in the nineteen year old. But the only people who got to see the boy was the Elder, the men who abducted him, and Gerard himself, though in a meeting held that week all of the Stars had been informed that in the final ritual, which they would all be present for, the Catholic would be revealed to them, and the excitement of that revelation was still charging the atmosphere even now.

“Gerard.” The Elder gave a grin which widened when he saw Brian beside him. “And Brian too! At last you have arrived.” The Elder kissed both men in greeting before turning his full attention to Gerard who was pulling on his mask, a content smile playing about his lips though the Elder was ringing his hands with nerves.

“Gerard, you know I have full confidence in your abilities, but are you certain that this is not too fast?” He asked softly, the two Morning Stars guarding the door to the cavern nodding their heads in agreement. Gerard had revealed that morning that he wished to claim the Catholic that day, despite it only being their second meeting. The Stars had been shocked, and some had been outraged, declaring that he was going to ruin the whole thing by trying to show off and go too fast, but Gerard had remained calmly insistent. He knew it seemed crazy but he was certain now was the right time. The more he thought about the Catholic the more he got the feeling that this was more than a chance meeting, that their meeting had not simply been an accident – a case of him being in the wrong place at the wrong time and randomly selected to be their offering. It felt almost as if... it were destiny. As if Gerard’s whole life had been building up to their coming together, that the reason he had been so depressed as a child had been solely so that the Stars would save him, that all of his talents in seducing that had made him so popular in the cult had been part of him only so that he would be chosen to carry out this ritual – as if some higher force had chosen for this to happen and Gerard didn’t want to take his time making sure everything was going smoothly, not when he knew he was right.

Though of course he couldn’t tell anyone else that, they would all think he had gone completely mad. He himself was even wondering whether he was still in full possession of his marbles.

“I know you are nervous master, but please trust me. This is going to be fine, I can feel it.” Gerard assured the Elder as the two Stars by the door scoffed. Brian scowled at them and laid a hand on Gerard’s shoulder – he had been the only person not to question Gerard’s decision. Not because he cared for him, but because he had always seen something in him different to others. There was something about Gerard that made him special, and Brian didn’t know what it was – but he knew that they had no reason to worry.

The Elder regarded Gerard intently for a moment, chewing on the inside of his cheek as he considered demanding that they wait a while longer, but Gerard’s eyes were filled with conviction and he knew the man loved the cult too dearly to risk upsetting them.

“Okay...” He sighed, receiving shocked glances from the two Stars. “I trust you, please do not let me down.” He begged gently, squeezing Gerard’s shoulders as he smiled and kissed his masters cheeks.

“I won’t.” He promised, turning to peck Brian on the lips before pushing past the two Stars on the door, and entering the slightly larger cavern where the Catholic was waiting for him.


Frank tensed when he sensed another’s presence in the room and trembled softly. He had not been kidnapped after church yesterday and had been surprised, and as much as he hated to admit it, a little disappointed. He had been almost certain that what had happened had been a one off and he was never going to see Red again. The thought had left him strangely numb, too confused as to whether to be relieved or upset to feel anything at all. But then after college that day, he had once more been grabbed from behind and blindfolded before he could even begin to struggle, being bundled into the boot of a car and taken back to the caverns, though this time he had been left blindfolded.

He had been stripped of his shirt and someone had painted something all over his skin after using thick rope to tie his hands behind his back like the first time. Whatever they had painted on him had now dried and he could feel it cracking a little every time he moved, it had felt like strange symbols or lettering, but he couldn’t be sure. The soft hand that had painted it onto him had been almost too gentle, the paint cold and sending prickles across his skin whenever it touched it. Frank knew the person wasn’t Red – he hadn’t even known if they were male or female, but he had quite enjoyed being painted, which he found more strange than frightening.

But the presence he could feel in front him now he knew was Red – the way his breathing began to quicken along with his heart eliminated any doubts that it could be someone else.

Gerard paused in front of Frank with a soft smirk, observing him silently for a moment as his eyes trailed over his olive skin, covered in the old Latin phrases needed for the claiming rite. Frank looked purely delectable as he knelt, shirtless on the cold stone floor, his half naked body so inviting with his beautiful innocent eyes covered with the black silk blindfold, his lips slightly parted and his muscles visibly tensed.

“Did you go to confessional yesterday?” Gerard asked softly as he circled Frank and knelt down behind him, his legs on either side of Franks as he wrapped his arms around him and trailed a fingertip across his jaw. Frank tensed and relaxed with a shudder, the breath from his exhale ghosting over Gerard’s fingers as they brushed beneath his lips.

“Y – Yes...” Frank stuttered, Red dipping a finger between his parted lips before following the curve of his throat down to the dip between his collar bones.

“Did you tell your God about what I did to you?” Gerard breathed huskily into Frank’s ear, delighting in the gentle tremor that flitted across the boy’s skin as he flicked his tongue over his ear lobe, biting down gently on the tender shell of his ear before kissing down his neck.

“Yes.” Frank whispered again, swallowing thickly as he tipped his head back onto Red’s shoulder, feeling his cock begin to stir with interest already just from the feel of Red’s hands on him, his lips brushing butterfly kisses to his neck. Just knowing what Red was capable of was enough to make his stomach quiver with anticipation, thoughts of God and sins being shoved to the back of his mind by want much larger than their first meeting due to the tiny amount of fear he had left, and that was swiftly disappearing itself.

“And have you been forgiven?” Gerard asked softly, his tone light and almost amused as he glanced to the side to see what he had ordered to be put there waiting for him. He moved one hand away from Frank’s nipples which he had begun to tease as he delicately picked up the long needle resting on some sterilised cloth.

“Y – Yes...” Frank whispered, biting his lip and sucking on his lip ring as Red sent numb shoots of pleasure through his body, his presence alone enough to make his mind dizzy, the way his fingers played with his nipples only heightening the pleasure.

Gerard sucked at Frank’s neck as he began to softly whisper in Latin, the words of the ritual having been taught to him by the Elder earlier that day. He pulled and rubbed at Frank’s nipple, mingling pleasure with pain as he drawled the dead language into Frank’s ear, noticing its effect as the boy’s breathing grew heavier and he subconsciously spread his knees very slightly.

Frank knew he shouldn’t be getting turned on, and he knew he would only beat himself up over it later, but something in the seductive way Red spoke the Latin made him feel almost hypnotized, his skin crawling with want, and instead of fighting something he knew he would only end up submitting to anyway, he completely gave up and surrendered to the sweet torture Red put him through. His lips brushing Franks ear as he spoke the Latin verses.

“Ego vindicatum vos ut meus own.” He whispered softly, Frank gasping as Gerard pressed the needle to the skin between his collar bones and pushed slowly, the teenager clenching his teeth as the thin rod of metal slid beneath his skin before exiting a small distance from where it had entered. Gerard watched the path of the needle from over Frank’s shoulder, keeping the line straight as Frank tensed against him. He had had enough piercings to know what a needle felt like when it penetrated the skin, but never had it made his cock swell in his jeans before.

Gerard pushed a thin bar through the holes, pushing the needle out the other side as he did so before screwing a ball on either end to complete the piercing, a thin metal disk hanging off the bar with Red’s symbol engraved into it. At first he had considered using a dog collar, like masters do with their pets, but then he had decided to use something a little more permanent and come up with the idea of the piercing. He whispered the English translation to the Latin phrase as he screwed on the balls.

“I claim you as my own.” Frank unclenched his teeth and moaned softly, unsure why those words made his stomach tense with pleasure the way they did, and he felt Red’s smile against the skin of his shoulder. “Mmm... you like that Frankie?” He teased as he gathered the tiny bead of blood building beneath the ball up with his finger, licking the drop away and closing his eyes with pleasure he tasted the coppery tang, the hand that had been playing with Frank’s nipple now trailing down his stomach to pop the zipper on the boys jeans. Frank bit his lip and whimpered softly, shaking his head but both he and Red knew it was a lie.

Gerard cupped Frank through his jeans, gently massaging the bulge that had formed and sucking softly at Frank’s neck as he felt the teenager growing against his palm, his erection straining against the denim of his jeans as the blood rushed to his groin, making his head spin and his body ache to be touched. He didn’t want to be groped through his clothes, he wanted to feel Red’s hand on his bare skin so that he could commit it to memory – like an image burnt against his brain to be looked at whenever he wished, and Red was not going to leave him wanting.

Gerard was only a little surprised by how Frank didn’t so much as attempt to stop him, his body slumped and relaxed against Gerard’s chest, his soft lips parted as soft breathy moans were released into the air. He had been frightened when Gerard had first entered, he was sure of it, but now it was almost as if this was a day to day occurrence, Frank seemed at complete ease with him and Gerard couldn’t help but smirk to himself, eager to let the other Stars know how wrong they had been.

He bit at Frank’s skin as he pulled the zipper down on his jeans and pushed the folds of fabric aside to reach into the Catholics underwear, revelling in the tense it caused when he slowly wrapped his fingers around Frank’s erection and pulled it free of his clothes, getting a good look at it over Frank’s shoulder and licking his lips with desire. He badly wanted to taste it again, to feel the engorged flesh in his mouth once more but he was never one to do the same things over and over, so instead he simply trailed his hand up to the tip of Franks cock and gently played his fingers over the head, swirling his nail softly around the tip and watching as the boys manhood curved slightly as it reached its full length, a tiny bead of pre-cum building in the tiny slit which Gerard eagerly gathered up with his finger and licked it away, exaggerating his moan just a little as he pressed his lips behind Frank’s ear, rewarded with a small whine from the teenager as his hips bucked slightly.

Gerard passed his tongue across his lips, savouring the bitter metallic taste of blood and cum together, just a tiny amount of each to brush against his taste buds and tease him into wanting more. But it was too early for that and so he simply ghosted his fingers down Franks cock back to the base, wrapping his fingers around it and sweeping his hand slowly up the shaft, Frank moaning in surprise and arching back so that his hips shoved forward and his head was thrown back against Gerard’s shoulder, his hair tickling Gerard’s cheek.

Frank’s skin was already slick with sweat, the room feeling unbearably hot all of a sudden now that Red’s hand was wrapped firmly around his erection, sliding slowly up and down his shaft and making his cock ache and throb in his grip. He was desperate for more, not wanting to be teased and at the same time loving every second, focusing his mind on the gorgeous man behind him and the hand slowly working his cock rather than the God he knew would be watching and the guilt that was going to suffocate him later.

For now he was happy, and he had always believed in living in the moment.

Gerard increased his pace fractionally with each stroke up, tightening his grip just a little with each stroke down before loosening it again as he stroked back up, pumping his hand as he kissed Frank’s jaw, two tiny tear drops of blood running down Frank’s chest from his new piercing and making Gerard’s cock stir with interest. Oh God... he thought as he clamped his teeth down on his lip, resisting the urge to grind against the teenager as he watched the tears falling, crimson against tanned skin, making him long for more, to see more blood against that chest – preferably without the painted Latin obscuring the image.

“Ooh... Mmm... R – Red...” Frank whimpered softly, Red’s pumping get noticeably faster, sending shivers of pleasure creeping across his skin, his insides fizzing like a bottle of soda, the bubbles pressing into his abdomen and creating a tension that couldn’t be stopped, another hand working into his underwear to cup and massage his balls, making him moan loudly as he felt Red smirking against his neck. He didn’t care if he sounded needy, he didn’t care that Red was fully aware of how he easily he could make him lose control, all he cared about was the pleasure so intense it was almost painful and the climax he was fast approaching. “Oh fuck... mm...” Frank was barely aware of how much noise he was making but Gerard was loving it, gripping Franks length tightly as he watched pre-cum building on the tip, overflowing from the tiny slit and dripping slowly down the underside of Frank’s shaft to be smeared across his skin by Gerard’s relentless hand, creating a lubricant which only helped to intensify Frank’s pleasure.

Frank could feel his stomach clenching, and he didn’t care, his fingers gripped at Red’s shirt from where they were tied behind him and he moaned loudly, turning his head blindly until his lips connected with skin. He assumed it was Red’s neck but he didn’t care if it wasn’t, any skin was good enough for him and he sucked greedily as he felt himself lurching over the edge, biting down harder than he had intended as he convulsed with a loud moan, muffled by the flesh in his mouth.

Gerard gasped and choked back a moan as Frank began sucking at the side of his neck, his body convulsing and his balls tightening in Gerard’s hand, Gerard squeezing eagerly at his shaft and watching his cock jump before he came hard all over Gerard’s hand, clamping his teeth on Gerard’s neck as he moaned from deep within his throat and bucked his hips, Gerard milking his orgasm until there wasn’t another drop to give. Leaving Frank feeling sticky and his cock wet but at the same time oh... so... good.

Frank slowly unlatched his teeth from Gerard’s neck, angry red bite marks surrounding a purple bruise unknown to Frank who had his eyes closed even behind his blindfold. Gerard slowly moved his hand away from Frank’s softening erection and licked the cum off his palm and fingers, Frank could hear him sucking at the digits and he bit his lip, a shudder of pleasure running through him as his body remembered their first encounter and all those wonderful things that mouth could do.

Gerard moaned softly at the familiar taste and moved from behind Frank to the front of him, kneeling between his legs and taking his now soft penis into his mouth and delicately sucking to clean it of the cum, Frank giving a weak moan at the feeling that was somewhere between pain and pleasure, his over sensitized skin wanting to both reject and welcome that hot wet mouth.

Gerard looked up at Frank from beneath his eyelashes and let his cock slip from his lips with a soft slurp, moving up his body to press a gentle kiss to his new piercing, and then up to kiss his jaw before he got to his feet, his jeans far too tight just like last time and he smirked as he hoped Brian would be just as willing to help him out as last week.

Frank mewled questionably as he heard Red’s footsteps leading away from him and struggled to sit up properly as he tugged at his restraints, trying to see through his blindfold but it was no use. “Red?” He choked, feeling panic suddenly seize him as he realised he was going again. He heard the footsteps stop and licked his lips, his cheeks blazing as he shyly bowed his head. “Will you kiss me?” He asked, mortally embarrassed but he hadn’t kissed him at all this time and he badly wanted to feel those lips again, even if just for a second. He heard a soft chuckle and the footsteps coming back towards him, he raised his head eagerly and sighed with relief when two warm hands cupped his face, hot lips pressing against his a moment later.

Frank breathed out softly and smiled against Gerard’s lips, his heart fluttering with happiness as he kissed him back with all the passion he could muster for he could tell it was only a short, parting gift. He was disappointed to find he wasn’t wrong as a second later those lips were gone and his own lips felt cold and incomplete without them. But he was grateful that he had got to feel them at all. “Thank you.” He whispered breathlessly and Gerard stared down at Frank’s sweet face with a surprised smile, a strange warmth spreading in his stomach and making him want to just ravish his lips for hours, but with a supreme amount of effort he contained himself and merely brushed his hands into Frank’s hair before gently pulling away.

“You belong to me now.” He whispered softly, Frank looking blindly up at him and not saying a word. Gerard pressed a soft kiss to his forehead, unable to help himself, before swiftly leaving the room without another word. He had an erection to get rid of and a night of gloating to begin, a smug grin splitting his features as he strode through the tunnels and pulled the mask from his face.
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