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Chapter two

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We get a little deeper into the darkness...

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Gerard got dressed slowly, taking his time only because he could feel Brian watching him and as much as Gerard refused to admit it – he loved attention. Craved it like a Christian craves heaven. Whenever he knew someone was watching him, no matter who they were or what they were watching him do, he would do all he could to keep their focus on him. With getting dressed it was easy, he simply slowed down his movements, making them more fluid and exaggerating certain aspects, like the swaying of his hips and the tensing and relaxing of his muscles. Turning the mundane task into a dance, smirking softly to himself as he felt Brian’s eyes drilling holes into his back as he stared, completely spell bound. Gerard loved the way he could seduce people like that, have them become so transfixed as if he were something more than just a simple human man. Like a God. A giant. He told himself it was just a trait of his, something he was born with, some people were born with confidence, he told himself he was born with the need for attention, but deep down he knew that wasn’t true.

Behind his sensual, mysterious facade, Gerard was still the same boy he had been eight years ago. No matter how much he changed, how much he began to love his life, there was always something missing. He could be sexy, he could be disgusting, he could be good or evil, light or dark, he could be anything he wanted – the sky was his limit and he’d probably find a way to get past that too if he wanted – but no matter who he chose to be, no matter how well he played that part, he couldn’t shake off the chains that kept his soul bound down as that thirteen year old child intent on taking his life. When Gerard received attention it helped loosen the chains, it helped him feel as if he had broken free. He was no longer suicidal, he was no longer a child, he knew that but somehow he couldn’t truly believe that he had grown up. Couldn’t truly love life the same way everyone else was able to. Life was amazing, it was tragic and it was beautiful and Gerard adored his life more and more every day, but something was missing... he couldn’t imagine what it was, but he knew that without it he would never completely pull away from that thirteen year old boy.

That’s why he craved attention. That’s why he had mastered the art of securing any ones attention at any one time, as if a simple click of his fingers would send all eyes on him. Attention made him less of that child, made him more of who he wanted to be. A dark, mysterious, sensual man. A god. A giant. He could be whoever he wanted, but acting wasn’t enough, he had to believe it and make others believe it too, while he could do that he was free.

Or as free as his chained soul allowed.

“You staring at me Brian?” Gerard asked softly, smirking as he finished buttoning up his black shirt and turned to face Brian who was indeed staring at him.

“Can you blame me?” He chuckled, lying naked in the bed, the white covers tangled around his hips and hiding only the most important details. He was propped up on his elbow, his head resting on his palm as he smirked at Gerard. The younger man had showered and changed after barely enjoying the afterglow, but Brian was still sticky with sweat, cum once again on his stomach and chest, and he was content to stay that way for the remainder of the day. Especially if Gerard kept him entertained the way he was.

Brian was fairly certain that most normal people didn’t turn things such as showering or getting dressed into an erotic act without meaning to, but Gerard – somehow – just did. Brian wasn’t sure if Gerard deliberately made everything he did a million times sexier than it was supposed to be, but he didn’t really care whether he did it on purpose or not, just so long as he was allowed to watch then he was more than happy.

“You, Brian, are the horniest man I know.” Gerard chuckled, glancing in the plain mirror hanging off the wall beside the bed and running his fingers through his hair, tilting his head to check his black locks at all angles before deeming them acceptable. Brian grinned and shrugged, stretching his aching muscles and winking when Gerard turned to watch.

“It’s only because you’re practically sex in its human form.” He smirked, making Gerard smile like a girl who had just been told she looked exceptionally beautiful today.

“You flatter me.” He grinned, blowing Brian kiss and grabbing his studded belt on the way to the door. Brian laughed softly and rolled onto his front, watching Gerard with bright eyes as he slid the belt through its loops, shaking his ass when he noticed Brian watching, the two men chuckling together.

“I speak only the truth.” Brian smiled, winking at Gerard when he glanced over his shoulder at him. “Now bugger off and go see the Elder before I pounce on you again.” He added playfully and Gerard laughed, opening the door and waving a hand at Brian.

“I love you too, you junkie.” He smiled and Brian tipped his head to the side.

“Junkie? What is it you’re implying I’m addicted to?” He asked with a curious smirk and Gerard laughed, slipping out the door way and poking his head back into the room.

“Sex obviously.” He grinned, laughing and slamming the door shut as Brian promptly threw a pillow at him.

“Asshole.” He chuckled to himself, staying propped on his elbows until he was sure Gerard had left before slumping back down onto the mattress, shifting to get comfortable. “Besides, I’m no more addicted to it than every other damn person in this place.” He scoffed to himself, punching the pillows into a more comfortable shape before closing his eyes to try and get some much needed rest.


“Ah, my precious boy, come in.” The Elder smiled brightly when Gerard entered the room and rose to his feet, his arms outstretched to greet him.

The Elders chamber was larger than most, the stone walls arcing up wards to create a dome with flaming torches held in brackets on the wall offering the only light in the room. There was a large, oak wood desk on the right side and a mahogany four poster bed on the left, both items of furniture hand carved in interesting shapes that at first glance only looked like random swirls and curves, but Gerard had learnt that with closer inspection they revealed themselves to be intricate forms of demons and angels alike.

“Master.” Gerard smiled softly and met the Elder in the middle, closing his eyes as the older man tenderly kissed first his forehead and then both cheeks, his hands resting on Gerard’s shoulders.

“Sweet boy, come – sit with me here.” The Elder smiled warmly and took both of Gerard’s hands in his as he led him towards the fire that cracked merrily in the stone fireplace.

Despite Gerard being twenty one the Elder still spoke to him as if he were a child, and treated him the same way he had treated him as a thirteen year old boy. It was not to try and be patronising, Gerard knew, but because of the way he viewed himself in the cult. Because the Elder was the leader, for all intense and purposes, he saw the other members of the cult as his children. Not unlike the Christian pope, though the Morning Stars didn’t refer to the Elder as ‘father’, instead calling him ‘master’ as a sign of their spiritual submissiveness and willingness to obey his orders. Because the Elder viewed the Stars as his children he often spoke to them as if they were still young, but Gerard found that he enjoyed this, it somehow helped him to relax whilst in the sometimes intimidating presence of the Elder – it made him seem much warmer and more like family when he spoke to Gerard like he was a child. Gerard knew that if the Elder spoke in the same authorative tones he used when speaking to people who were not Stars then it would intimidate him and make him feel awkward, which was something he did not want for the man who had helped him find salvation all those years ago.

“You are not too disappointed about being unable to participate in the finding of the Catholic, I trust.” The Elder said softly as he sat down in a red armchair, Gerard sitting in the chair opposite.

“Not at all, master.” Gerard said politely. It wasn’t exactly a lie – he hadn’t intended to help find the Catholic and so he hadn’t been disappointed as such, only hurt and a little offended when he had been told he was unable to partake in the task – but now he knew it was because he had a bigger responsibility he wasn’t offended at all.

The Elder smiled softly and leaned back in his chair, resting his fingertips on his chin as he regarded Gerard with sparkling brown eyes so dark they could be black. “Good.” He drawled slowly, splaying the fingers of his other hand across the arm of the chair, hooking one leg over the other as his eyes took in the man sat before him.

Gerard had become used to the Elder’s analysing stare within the first month of being with the cult. The man regarded beautiful people above all others purely on the way they looked, admiring the features of his esteemed favourites whenever he saw them. Brian too was used to the staring, having been in the grip of those eyes many times himself. Gerard had felt awkward beneath the stare at first, but as he became used to it he began to understand it more, until it was just another thing that he deemed normal despite knowing that in the world he had come from it was not normal at all. He knew that the only reason the Elder stared was because he wanted to savour the beauty he could see – the Stars worshipped negativity, could find beauty in what others thought was only ugly. So when someone was conventionally beautiful – like Gerard or Brian – the Elder was drawn to them like a moth to a flame, the beauty seeming dazzling compared to the less conventional beauty around him. Like a real diamond sat in a nest of costume jewellery.

The Morning Stars were, technically, a satanic cult – but the Elder didn’t flaunt this fact even amongst the Stars. The Elder had a vision – a vision that had passed through each of the Elders – for the Morning Stars to one day be accepted, even if un-liked, in modern society. The Stars saw themselves more as a cult of open mindedness than of satanic worship, though they’re God was indeed Satan, they still believed in and accepted the Christians God. The Morning Stars simply worshipped negativity – saw the beauty in it, the light in the darkness, the grace in the vile, they didn’t see themselves as evil – in fact, most of them believed themselves to be artists. Poets. They defied the unwritten rules of society and accepted life in their own way, saw it through their own eyes and not any others. The Elder taught that everything was beautiful. Beauty came in different forms, and could cause different reactions. He questioned everything – Why was pain considered bad? What was pain. What did it actually feel like?

Gerard had been asked those questions the first week of being in the cult and he had thought them stupid. At the time he had been miserable, he felt like he had been cheated out of his death and he wanted nothing more than to be let free so he could go back to the high way and seek his end. The Elder had smiled when he threw a fit of rage over it and slapped Gerard sharply round the face – Gerard had been stunned, his jaw had dropped and his eyes had filled with the tears. Brian had chuckled and swooped down to plant a kiss on his stinging cheek and whispered something Gerard would never forget.

”You can leave whenever you like. No one is here against their choice... We only wanted to help you. You can reject us, like you reject that pain, if you like.”

That, Gerard now thought, should be the slogan for the cult. Any of the Stars could leave whenever they chose, and no one would say or do anything to stop them. People were often brought to the cult against their will – but it was up to them whether they stayed or not. And the pain? Gerard had understood what Brian had meant as soon as the words left his lips – it was as if the knowledge had been there all along but he just hadn’t realised it. The pain in his cheek was small, hardly relevant – but because he knew it was there and because he tried to reject it, it hurt. When he stopped fighting it, when he paused and let himself feel it, he found his cheek to be quite warm, the stinging like a soft tingling over his flesh, the shooting pain making him feel more... alive.

Gerard had chosen to stay, and from that day on he became a prized asset to the Cult.

“So, my beautiful one, do you know what it is I have called you here to tell you?” The Elder asked after a long pause spent admiring the beautiful man opposite him. Gerard had grown into a charming example of a human, and the Elder felt proud to be considered almost like a father figure for the once timid boy.

“Only that you have a task for me, master.” Gerard replied softly, keeping his face calm despite the excitement that was beginning to build inside him. It was rare for any of the Stars to receive special tasks, and whenever there was one to give it usually went to Bob – not just because he was the Elders son, but because he was usually the best man for the job.

“I have a very special task for you, Gerard.” The Elder smiled, chuckling softly at Gerard’s eager smile. “One I know you would be perfect for.” The Elder leaned forward in his chair and laid his hands on his knees, leaning his weight on his elbows as Gerard held his breath in anticipation.

“What is it master?” He asked quietly when the Elder made no sign of continuing. The older man smiled and gently ran a finger down the upside down crucifix hanging on a chain around his neck.

“You know that I want this Catholic for an offering.” He stated softly. “That I wish to offer both his blood and his semen to our God.” Gerard nodded and the Elder smiled. “You are, of course, aware that both contain a part of our soul. That by offering them to our God we are risking the whole of the Catholics soul.” Gerard nodded and felt his heart rate begin to increase, the thudding so hard that it ached inside his chest, like a fist punching his ribs repeatedly. “I do not wish to give the boys soul away.” The Elder said softly, barely audible above the crack of the fire, as if it was a deep secret though it was common knowledge amongst the Stars that giving away whole souls was simply unacceptable. They were not evil, giving a part of the soul away was harmless, it gave their God no hold over the person the soul belonged to – simply a taste of human life to keep Him pleased.

“I understand.” Gerard whispered so that his master would continue. The Elder smiled and leant forward, taking both of Gerard’s hands in his own.

“I know you do.” He said softly. “And I trust you fully Gerard. Which is why I’m giving you this task, if you choose to accept it.” The Elder paused, allowing Gerard to brace himself for what he was about to say next before continuing. “In order for only part of the boys soul to be taken – and a small part, at that – you must claim the rest.” Gerard gasped and his eyes widened, the Elder holding his hands tighter as if he expected him to run away. “Please listen.” He said quickly. “You have not been taught the meaning of such a thing – very few have. When we Stars claim souls for ourselves we do not own the person or their soul like the statement suggests, it merely means that if anything goes wrong with the final ritual, if only a tiny fault occurs in the process then all of the soul will be given to our God – which, as I have said, is not what we wish to achieve. If you claim the boy’s soul first, then only the small part we are offering will be taken – the part held in the blood and semen we shall spill. The rest of the boy’s soul will be...” The Elder struggled for the right word. “Guarded -“ He finally settled on. “By your soul. Once the ritual is over your souls will be completely unlinked just as they are now, as if they were never one. But for the few minutes of the ritual your soul will act like a barrier keeping the rest of the boy’s soul back – and safe. Do you understand Gerard?” The Elder looked deeply into Gerard’s eyes for any sign of doubt as Gerard answered.

“I...” Gerard paused, biting his lip as he worked the words over in his mind. “I think so. Basically... my soul will act a safe house for the Catholics during the ritual?” He asked and the Elder nodded, smiling.

“That’s correct.” He said softly. “As you know, the part of his soul in the blood and semen we shall spill will not be needed at all by the boy – people cut themselves and” The Elder gave a small smirk “Ejaculate, on a daily basis. The small part of our soul in each drop of blood, or semen, is usually wasted – we are merely sending what is unneeded to our God. Yes?” Gerard nodded, having been taught this already. “You also know, that offering any part of our soul – no matter how small or irrelevant to us – to our God is a risky thing. The boy will not be harmed, but if all of his soul is taken then he will be unable to reach his heaven – and you know I would never damage another person’s faith thus.” Gerard nodded again, his gaze steady, locked with the Elders to show how genuine he was being. “This is why I wish for you to act as – as you put it –a safe house. It is merely a precaution, but one I wish to take.” The Elder concluded and Gerard nodded once more, his mind spinning as he thought everything through.

“I see.” He whispered, the Elder giving him a moment to process his thoughts and come up with his answer.

Gerard was a little overwhelmed by everything he had been told and what was being asked of him. He was not afraid to do the task, though he was completely lost as to how he was supposed to claim the boy’s soul exactly. And he was struggling to take in all the new information about the Cult he had learnt. Their religion, for lack of a better word, really was a complicated and intricate thing, Gerard supposed most religions were – but just when he thought he knew all there was to know about the Stars something more was added for him to think over.

“Are you willing to accept this task, no privilege, Gerard?” The Elder asked after a moment, Gerard snapping out of his thoughts to look at the older man again.

“I am.” He said after only a short pause, smiling when the Elder beamed at him. “Though, I must ask, how exactly do I claim the boy’s soul?” He asked curiously and the Elder’s eyes grew darker as he released Gerard’s hands, smiling softer now.

“It’s very simple.” He assured him. “You must claim his innocence, by being the first to take him. Even if he is not a virgin, being a Catholic I’m certain we can assume he has never been taken by a man before. You must also make him your own, much the same way a master claims his servants, have him submit to you, let him know you own him. Mark him in some way to make it official – a tattoo, a scar – anything you think appropriate. And you must also consume some of his blood and semen yourself – if only a drop. I’m sure you do not mind?” The Elder paused to gouge Gerard’s reaction.

“No, that’s fine.” Gerard assured him, smiling to himself as excitement began to creep up again. Claiming a soul sounded like a lot of fun to him. “Is that all?” He asked and the Elder shook his head, holding up a single finger.

“There is just one more thing.” He said softly and instantly Gerard was back to giving him his full attention. “Once you have done the things I have just mentioned, the Catholic will be nearly ready – but we won’t know he is completely ready until one, important thing happens.” The Elder paused, Gerard looking at him with baited breath.

“What will that be?” Gerard breathed and the Elder lowered his hand, leaning back in his chair as he locked his gaze with Gerard once more.

“In order for your soul to be attached enough to his to protect it during the final ritual, he must want to be bonded to you. There are many ways of telling this – he might say he loves you, he might simply refuse to leave you. Or perhaps he will go against some of his beliefs in order to please you. It could be all or none of those things, but rest assured you shall have to be constantly waiting for some sign to show he is bonding to you.” The Elder gave Gerard a challenging look and tapped his chin. “Do you still wish to take the task?” He asked after a small pause and Gerard bit his lip, thinking through everything he would have to do – to a stranger no less. He was sure he would be able to do it, and making the Catholic – whoever they may be – become pretty much dependant on him, to own them and dominate them like the ritual required, was a very tempting idea. He would have their undivided attention at all times.

“I do.” He said, nodding with a small grin, no doubt in his voice. “I won’t let you down master.” The Elder grinned and got to his feet, offering his hand to Gerard who accepted it, allowing the Elder to pull him out of his chair.

“Excellent!” He beamed, squeezing Gerard’s hand and hugging him tight for a moment. “This is wonderful! I shall alert you as soon as the Catholic has been selected and brought here.” He promised and Gerard nodded, thanking him. “Now, go – Go! Get some rest, I’m sure you need it knowing your usual activities.” The Elder chuckled and Gerard blushed ever so slightly, smiling sheepishly. “Besides, you shall need your energy for when the Catholic gets here.” He added and Gerard nodded, kissing the Elders hand before turning to take his leave.

“Thank you Master.” He said softly, smiling as he opened the door and stood with one hand on the door frame. “You have given me a great honour.” He turned his head and grinned back at his master as he smiled warmly back at him.

“You deserve it, sweet one.” He said softly. “Now go, I shall call for you soon.” Gerard nodded and thanked him once more before taking his leave.


Gerard lay in Brian’s arms, tracing patterns on the older man’s chest as Brian stroked his fingers through Gerard’s soft hair, the two men laying in silence for a while as Brian let everything Gerard had just told him seep into his brain.

Gerard was smiling softly to himself, now that he had had more time to think and come to terms with the task set before him he had realised the greatness of it – The Elder was, he knew, more than capable of claiming the Catholic’s soul himself, and so were many of the other Stars who had been here much longer than Gerard had. And yet Gerard had been the one given the task, he had been the one person trusted with this important duty. If it went wrong it could be disastrous, and yet the Elder had trusted him with it. It was not just an honour and a privilege, it was a blatant hint at Gerard’s future in the Cult.

“Wow...” Brian finally breathed, his eyes wide as he stared up at the ceiling. “This is... huge.” He whispered and Gerard nodded with a soft chuckle, trailing a finger delicately around one pink nipple.

“I know.” He whispered back and Brian looked down at him, kissing his hair and breathing in his sweet scent as he closed his eyes.

“Do you think this means... I mean, I’m just speculating here but... do you think maybe the Elder’s considering naming you as the next leader? Do you think he’s given you this task to see if you’d be up to the job?” He asked softly and Gerard shrugged, not wanting to let on that he had been thinking the exact same thing in case it seemed arrogant. But the truth was he had been wondering the same thing – why else would the Elder choose him when there was other, more experienced men available? He knew the Elder had been thinking over who he would name his heir for some time now, Bob was the obvious choice what with being the Elders son, but had never shown interest in the job. He loved the cult and he was stronger, smarter, and faster than most other Stars but he was also unreliable. He could leave the caves for weeks on end sometimes, just seeking fun in the ‘outside world’ only to return and act as if he never left. He was a good guy, and pretty much all of the Stars loved him dearly, but now Gerard thought about it, it wasn’t surprising that the Elder did not plan to name him next in line to lead the cult.

“I don’t know... maybe.” Gerard whispered in response to Brian’s question. “I don’t know if I really want to become the next Elder.” He confessed softly and Brian looked at him in surprise. “It’s just, it’s such a huge responsibility. This place... the Stars... it saved my life. If I fucked it up –“ Brian chuckled softly and cut Gerard off by placing his fingers over his lips, shaking his head with an amused grin.

“You wouldn’t fuck it up Gerard. Besides, if things started looking really bad we’d just kill you.” He said casually, shrugging as Gerard rolled his eyes, nipping the end of Brian’s finger with a smirk.

“Well that makes me feel better. Thanks Bri.” He chuckled. Brian laughed and winked at him.

“It’s what I’m here for babe.” He grinned, snuggling down beneath the bed sheets and pulling Gerard with him, wrapping his arms softly around his body. “But anyway, Mr. Elder-to-be, aren’t you supposed to be resting?” He teased softly and Gerard giggled, pressing a chaste kiss to Brian’s lips.

“Yes I am. Now stop distracting me and let me sleep.”


Gerard paced the floor of his room as he waited for the call. A Catholic had been selected and was currently being taken to one of the stone chambers, where he would be tied and left for Gerard to arrive. Gerard had been given a set of instructions and was ready to begin his task, waiting impatiently for Bob to collect him and take him to whatever chamber they had left the Catholic in.

Gerard ran his hands through his sexily dishevelled hair and took a deep breath. No one had told him anything about the Catholic, so he had no idea what to expect. He only hoped that he would be good looking, and not too old.

Gerard had been given a black, mannequin style mask to wear in front of the Catholic, it would only cover the top half of his face so that his lips would be free and the Elder had come to see him to give him some last minute instructions which Gerard began to think over, just to make sure he was sure on what he was doing.

”I don’t want you to take him today, we’ll wait until your third or fourth encounter for that. He’s currently scared and confused, so for now we’ll keep it simple. For today just get a feel of him, so to speak, undress him, get used to the sight of his body and seek out some sensitive spots for future reference. Maybe drink some of his semen if it seems like it won’t completely push him away. Remember, even though it would be easy for you to rape him and do everything by force it won’t be any use to us, he has to bond to you – always keep that in mind. Do what you need to do, but seduce him as you do it. I know your capable Gerard.” The Elder had smiled, Gerard nodding and thanking him as the Elder was called away, but he had had one last thing to say before he left. ”Oh and Gerard, don’t tell him your real name. It isn’t really a danger but it keeps the mystery, and besides, we can never be too careful. Just use your Star name for now. And good luck!” The elder had rushed away then, off to help bring the Catholic in and Gerard had been left to pace his room and wait for his call.

Gerard pulled his mask on and gave a small smile. He was a little nervous but mostly excited, he knew he was more than capable of doing this and the thought of seducing someone so innocent was thrilling. His Star name would also come in useful later on too – The Stars all had what they called their ‘Star name’, it was pretty much the same thing as a nickname and used instead of their real names during rituals or sometimes during sex. The names were chosen on a specific characteristic of theirs, often to do with their sex life. Rain for instance was named such because of his love for having sex in the rain. Brian was known as Synyster because of his tendency to become dark and dominating during sex – seeming almost sinister, but it was something Gerard found undoubtedly hot and had come to adore.

Gerard himself was known as Red.

“Gee.” Gerard looked up and swallowed thickly as Bob appeared in the door way, a small smirk dancing across his features. “The Catholic’s ready now.”

So people, this chapter wasn’t as long as the first one I don’t think but still acceptable I believe XD So this story’s starting to get pretty deep into the cult and their beliefs so I guess now is a good time to quickly mention that this story is FICTION – it does not portray the bands beliefs, heck, it doesn’t even portray my beliefs, and also if you are in a Satanic cult (ya’ never know) then if this is all completely wrong and stupid then I apologize XD But I really know nothing about Satanic cults so this is all pretty much guess work.
And just a quick little warning – from here on in there will be sex. Lots of sex. Sometimes dark and always detailed SEX. If you do not like it, then do not read it =]
That is all ^_^
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