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Chapter three

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The fun begins ;D

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Gerard was led through the tunnels until they reached a part of the underground caves that was rarely used. The caverns here were mostly empty, used for storage in the dark ages and holding prisoners up until about three hundred years ago, when the Stars had decided to stop that particular practice no longer having a need for it.

Bob didn’t say anything at all as they walked, and Gerard took the short walk to make sure that he was looking okay. He didn’t consider himself as vain but he took pride in his appearance – mostly because one of the first things he had learnt at the cult was the better looking you were, the more attention you received, and even though the Catholic was going to have no choice but to give him his attention he knew that if he was in the Catholic’s place he would want his captive to be at least a little good looking. In fact, he hoped the Catholic himself would be good looking.

“Ah, Gerard, there you are.” The Elder was stood waiting beside a large oak door, three other Stars stood around him in their cloaks and full face masks, the Elder had a large grin on his face and he had never looked more happy to see Gerard. “The Catholic is inside here.” The Elder gestured at the door. “All we know about him thus far is that his name is Frank and he is a virgin.” The Elder’s lips twisted up at the corners and Gerard felt his stomach give a small jump with excitement. He had never had sex with a virgin before, in fact, the only times he ever got to top was during rituals, since Brian couldn’t stand bottoming. But Brian had taken a lot of guys’ virginity – Gerard’s included – and when ever Gerard asked about it he insisted it was always amazing. “It’s not just the fact that their tighter, though that’s obviously a factor, there’s just a real thrill in knowing your taking some ones innocence.”

Gerard nodded at the Elder and he gestured for one of the other Stars to open the door. “Don’t forget Gerard, do not have sex with him yet, otherwise, enjoy.” The Elder smirked and Gerard smiled, kissing his masters hand and making sure his mask was still aligned before walking to the door.

“Thank you.” He murmured and the Elder winked at him. He gave a small nod of his head before turning away and walking through the doorway into a dimly lit stone chamber, three flaming torches offering the only light but it was enough. The chamber was of course stone just like the others, but it was smaller than most, but other than the figure in the centre it was completely empty and so still spacious.

Gerard stopped just inside the door way and waited until the Stars outside had closed the door with a soft ‘thunk’ before moving any closer. He took two small steps forward so that he was closer to the Catholic and then paused to observe him.

The boy was young, Gerard guessed around eighteen or nineteen, and he was glad to see he was very good looking. He had black hair that swept across one side of his face, shaved and dyed blonde at the sides. He had a lip and a nose ring, Gerard smirking as he wondered how the cool metal would feel against his lips when he kissed him. He wore black trousers and a white shirt, and since it was a Sunday Gerard guessed he had been abducted on his way to or from church, the thin fabric of the shirt revealing a slim and slightly toned body beneath that made Gerard’s body fill with desire. The boy was sexy, in a mouth wateringly innocent way, and when he looked up at Gerard his hazel eyes sparkled from the light of the fire and tears building inside them. Gerard had to take a deep intake of breath to steady himself when their eyes locked, the boy’s eyes were the purest Gerard had ever seen. This boy had not seen the evils of the world, he was innocent to the core and Gerard wanted him, he wanted to watch those eyes swirl with lust and pain and fear that would slowly chip away at his innocence bit by bit. He wanted that shining, golden hazel to turn into a churning, stormy mixture of gold and brown and green and he wanted to be the cause of it.

He wondered if that was what had drawn Brian to him so intently those first few weeks. His eyes had been just as innocent when he had first come here – it was no wonder he had made Brian’s sex drive go up a few notches – which was quite a feat considering how high that mans sex drive was to begin with.

“Who are you?” Gerard snapped out of his thoughts with a jolt when the boy spoke, his voice quiet and shaking as he stared at the masked man before him with wide, frightened eyes. For a moment Gerard was stunned, losing his thread as he was met with that sweet face, but then he managed to break out of it and slipped into the cocky facade he often used to grab attention from people, falling into character easily.

“Me?” He queried softly, keeping his voice low so that it was not loud but carried effortlessly through the room. “They call me Red.” He drawled, forming each word carefully so that his lips shaped around them, making them seem like solid things rather than empty air, an art he had perfected when he learnt it never failed to secure most people’s attention –though he was no less thrilled when Frank’s eyes showed a hint of interest behind the fear, staring at the masked mans cupid bow lips as he slowly approached him.

“R – Red?” He breathed as the man walked towards him leisurely, swaying his hips softly in tight black jeans. Frank could feel his heart beginning to hammer in his chest and he silently begged it to be calm, this man before him was a danger – a big danger. He had been kidnapped and brought to some underground cave by people he did not know – hidden behind masks and cloaks, and yet even beneath his gut wrenching fear there was a small whine of desire deep in his stomach as he stared up at the man. Even beneath the mask that covered the top half of his face Frank could tell he was handsome, and he hated himself for thinking it. For some years he had been desperately fighting to suppress the feelings he had towards some men, knowing they were unholy and that his parents would never forgive him if he turned out to be gay. But never had those feelings been so hard to suppress as they were now – he shouldn’t be feeling anything other than pure fear for this man and despite the fact he was tied up and completely at his mercy, he couldn’t help but half want to be touched by him.

“Yes.” Gerard said softly, smirking as the boy stared at him with interest slowly being replaced by want that was growing with each second. Gerard had always been able to seduce people with nothing but a glance, but even so, he was surprised and thrilled to see that the Catholic was beginning to desire him. He wondered if maybe this Catholic was not as sweet as he seemed to be, perhaps this gorgeous boy was as in to men as Gerard was. If he was, then that seriously helped his case. “And what should I call you?” He asked as he began to unbutton his shirt, hoping the question would distract the boy just enough for him not to panic when he saw what Gerard was doing.

Franks eyes grew wider as he watched nimble fingers flicking buttons open, his mouth going dry as pale skin was slowly revealed. Frank had only ever seen men un-dress during gym class at school, but that was a lot different to what Red was doing. His movements were slow and fluid, and Frank knew he was trying to seduce him – but that knowledge was not enough to stop him from thinking unholy things about what was going to be revealed to him. As frightened as he was his body was betraying him. “F – F – Frank...” He managed to stutter in response to Red’s question, barely processing it – the answer coming forth automatically.

Gerard smirked and paused a few feet away from Frank, keeping a small distance so that the boy would have chance to get used to the idea that his personal space was about to be invaded big time as he undressed. Gerard used his attention seeking skills to his best as he slowly allowed his shirt to slip off his shoulders, dropping to the floor silently as Frank’s hazel eyes drank in the sight of him, his breath visibly hitching in his throat. Gerard’s heart missed a beat as he became certain that Frank was indeed attracted to men. Attracted to him, and slowly spread his legs apart just a little as he worked at his belt buckle, Frank gulping as his eyes trailed down to watch. Gerard unbuckled his belt slowly and then flicked it out of the loops in one fluid movement, Frank’s lips parting and his stomach lurching with desire.

Frank was petrified, he had been kidnapped by unknown men to be brought to an unknown location for an unknown reason. But he couldn’t help himself, there was a painfully good looking man stripping before him in a way much sexier than Frank had ever imagined (though he always tried not to imagine such things) and as much as he wanted to look away, to scream and beg for help, he knew there was no use – no help would come, and his cheeks were flushed and heated from embarrassment and want as Red’s body was shown to him.

Red’s skin was pale, but not in a deathly way, and beneath the softness of flesh Frank could see the hardness of muscles and he shook lightly as he realised he desperately wanted to reach out and brush his fingers over that chest, down that stomach... The want he was beginning to feel for his captive was making him more frightened than the captive himself. Though the question of why he had been kidnapped was still at the front of his mind, begging to be answered as Frank’s body begged to be touched.

“What are you going to do to me?” He breathed, his voice pathetically small and wobbly as a few stray tears leaked down his cheeks. Red smirked and closed the gap between them with small steps, sinking down to straddle Franks waist as Frank leaned back a little, his fear increasing just as much as his desire. He was torn between what to feel as Reds weight settled on him, one half of him was trembling with lust that he had never felt before, for years he had been forcing himself to never look or think about a man in a sexual way, but with Red’s crotch pressing firmly into his own it was difficult to keep his mind free of unholy thoughts. And the other half of him was trembling with pure fear as he realised this man clearly wanted him for some sort of sexual pleasure, knowing that he was going to be tainted and broken beyond repair and there was nothing he could do about it. He flexed his fingers and tugged at the rope binding his wrists, already knowing that it was not going to give as Red gently brushed a finger across his jaw.

“Many things.” He breathed in response to Frank’s question. “Many things your God did not intend, but will not save you from.” He whispered and Frank closed his eyes as more tears fell, Red’s words confirming his suspicions, though he still had to ask. To make perfectly sure.

“You’re going to rape me?” He whimpered, meaning it to be a statement but the words sounded like a question. Red was silent for a moment, processing the question as he trailed a fingertip oh so gently beneath Frank’s quivering lower lip.

“Yes.” He whispered and Frank’s eyes snapped open as he felt the heat of breath over his lips, his stomach giving a violent lurch when he saw that there was barely an inch between their faces, Red’s lips hovering over his own. He gave a whimper of fright and Red looked at him with lust darkened eyes. “Yes.” He repeated. “Eventually. But today? Not quite.” Frank was confused, and was going to ask what he meant but his lips had barely parted before they were locked with Red’s. His eyes fell shut automatically and all of his insides fluttered with shock.

He had never been kissed before.

He tugged again at the restraints binding his hands behind his back, but once more they didn’t so much as stretch, and he whined softly into Red’s mouth, though from pleasure or horror he couldn’t tell.

Red’s lips were soft and warm and they coaxed Frank’s lips into action before he could even think about it, he barely realised he was kissing this mad man back, but indeed he was, shyly parting and pouting his lips against Red’s as he allowed the other man to control the kiss, carefully copying his actions and feeling a spark of happiness shoot through his stomach. It was only then that he realised what he was doing but he couldn’t bring himself to stop, he had never known kissing was so much fun.

Gerard gave a smug smile when Frank didn’t try to pull away and kissed him as tenderly as he could so as not to panic him. The Elder had given him strict instructions and he knew if he had any chance of getting this boy to bond to him then he had to be gentle, though it was difficult. Frank’s kissing was timid and inexperienced and it was making Gerard hot, eager to plunder that mouth with his tongue and tear the clothes from his untouched body, to make him feel the unbearable pleasure he had never experienced before. But he had to restrain himself, he had to remember that Frank was still afraid, and that if he went about tearing clothes and ravaging his soft skin then the boy would probably be scarred for life – absolutely petrified of him from then on.

For now, he had to be careful. Ravaging would have to come later.

Gerard ran his tongue slowly over Franks’ bottom lip as he began to run his hands down his clothed chest, feeling Frank tense and then gradually relax beneath his touch as his lips shakily parted, Gerard gently snaking his tongue into the Catholic’s mouth to touch his own, almost moaning at the contact but managing to hold it in, Frank not so much as he gave a breathy sigh of pleasure when Gerard slowly explored his mouth with his tongue, quickly unbuttoning and pushing the folds of his white shirt aside so that he could brush his thumbs over his rosy pink nipples.

Gerard felt a rush of blood straight to his groin when Franks chest actually jolted, both from surprise of being touched there and from the shock of how good that simple touch felt, a louder, though still quiet moan, escaping into Gerard’s mouth as the young teenagers body began to tremble again, his fear ever present though his body was beginning to ache with desire. It was suddenly a lot harder for Gerard to restrain himself.

“O – Oh...” Frank breathed as Gerard pulled slowly away from his lips, withdrawing his tongue and looking at Frank with a small smirk as he stared back, gently swirling his fingers around the boy’s nipples as he observed his face. Frank looked as if he was already deep into sex though they were barely beginning foreplay, his half lidded eyes shy and hesitant as his lips remained parted, his breathing becoming heavier as sinful fingers did things to his nipples he had never even considered would feel good. Gerard’s stomach quivered with lust as he moved his lips to Frank’s neck, kissing the skin tenderly and flicking his tongue over his pulsing vein as he pinched Frank’s nipples, eliciting a hiss of pain which became a sigh of pleasure as he banished the pain away with a soothing rub.

Frank’s head was beginning to spin, feeling heavy as he felt his trousers becoming tighter and tighter. He couldn’t believe what was happening to him, and although he was frightened about how far this was going to be taken he couldn’t help but moan and sigh like a cheap whore. He had never been kissed, never been touched, and this Red guy seemed to know exactly what he was doing. Frank knew he should be more afraid, he knew that what was happening was supposed to be a nightmare, but it was feeling much more like a forbidden fantasy he would never have forgiven himself to think about. This was meant to be rape, but oh it felt so good...

Gerard trailed his mouth down Franks neck to his collar bones, kissing softly the whole way as Frank closed his eyes, his self control draining away like water down a plug hole. He knew he should resist, and he sort of wanted to, but he couldn’t bring himself to try. He was the only nineteen year old he knew who had never been kissed, in fact, pretty much everyone in his year – gay and straight alike – were no longer virgins. Frank of course was saving himself for marriage like the perfect Catholic his parents so wanted him to be, but it wasn’t like he was having sex right now, and Red had said he wasn’t going to rape him... yet...

Gerard continued his kissing until he reached Frank’s nipple, taking the rosy nub into his mouth and sucking lightly, delighting in the shocked gasp that fell from Frank’s open lips.

He was loving every second of seducing the Catholic, adored how easily he gave in even though he was clearly still frightened - even though he knew this was something his God would despise. Gerard smirked inwardly and rolled the boys nipple between his teeth, Frank whimpering softly as his body shuddered from the sensation. His spine tingling as Gerard ran his hands slowly down his sides, loving the feeling of his soft, heated skin beneath his exploring finger tips. He pushed Franks shirt further back, the fabric falling down his arms until it was stopped by his bound hands, Frank whimpering from the feeling of being so exposed. His chest was pushed out from the way his arms were twisted behind his back, and knowing that he wouldn’t be able to cover himself even if he wanted to, that Red was able to drink in the sight of him whether he liked it or not, made him feel more vulnerable than he had ever felt before.

Gerard laved his tongue over Frank’s nipple before releasing it, looking up at the young teenagers blushing cheeks and giving him the sexiest smirk he could muster, Frank forgetting to breathe for a second. His eye lids fluttered as Gerard’s hands ran slowly but firmly down his thighs, gently squeezing as he ever so slowly spread Frank’s legs, resuming his kissing trail down Frank’s stomach, the muscles contracting and quivering slightly beneath his hot lips. He continued to look up at Frank from beneath his eyelashes, pressing gentle butterfly kisses to his skin before stopping just above the waistline of his trousers. Frank watched him with wide eyes as Gerard reached up and flicked the button open, slowly dragging the zipper down and sliding the fabric down Frank’s legs to half way down his thighs, noticing the way Frank’s body tensed.

Gerard had learnt some years ago the subtle differences between a good tense and a bad tense, and he knew that Frank’s had been a bad tense. Although the large bulge in his underwear implied that he was enjoying this much more than he wanted to, he was obviously not so far gone that his fear had completely disappeared, and Gerard realised he was walking on the dangerous line of going too fast. If he went too far and Frank didn’t enjoy it enough for him to stop being afraid of Gerard then the plan could be ruined, but Gerard also knew that he couldn’t just stop and withdraw. Though Frank might be relieved if he did it would also ruin the plan in a different way – Gerard had not forgotten that as well as Frank needing to bond to him he also had make him his own, the Elder had said like a master claims a servant and if Gerard backed off too much now then that relationship would never be established because Frank would know if he just fretted enough then Gerard would bow down to him. And that was the completely wrong impression to make.

Somehow, Gerard realised he now had to create that perfect balance of remaining in control and doing what he wanted whether Frank liked it or not, without actually giving the boy any reason to fear him.

Gerard paused, but made it very clear he was not hesitating, and looked up at Frank with smouldering brown eyes. The Catholics lips were trembling again, and he passed his tongue over his lower lip with a frightened expression, his eyes wide but still shining with lust.

“Do not fear me.” Gerard breathed, pressing the softest of kisses to Frank’s midriff, raising a hand to gently rub at Frank’s nipple as he realised this was quite the weak spot for the teenager. The effect was immediate. Frank’s eyes fell shut and he gave a soft intake of breath, biting his lip as his body tensed. A good tense this time. Gerard smiled to himself and slowly moved down again, continuing to tease Franks nipple as he used his free hand to slowly pull his boxers down, freeing his erection to the cool air and making his body begin to quake with nerves, though he made no sign of wanting to resist. “I’m not going to hurt you.” Gerard promised softly, looking at Franks pulsing erection and feeling his own desire flare to life again, his mouth watering as he craved to taste him. To be the first to feel that untouched organ in his mouth.

Frank didn’t realise what Gerard was doing until the head of his cock was suddenly encased in wet warmth, the feeling sending sparks shooting through his spine and stomach, making his back arch slightly and a loud moan to erupt from his throat. Never, never had he let himself fantasize about such an act, not even with women. He knew that it was something all men were supposed to want but it seemed so sinful, such a dirty thing to do that he had never wanted to imagine it feeling anything other than wrong. But oh God it felt so good, Red’s mouth suddenly seeming so inviting as he bucked his hips with a low whine. “Uhmmm...”

Gerard couldn’t help but give a soft moan himself, flicking his tongue over the head of Frank’s erection and tasting his hot flesh, his own erection straining in his jeans as he thought about how no one had ever done this for the boy before. How the boys cum was as yet un-tasted, how he would get to be the first. He pressed one hand to Frank’s hip and wrapped the other around the base of his cock, taking more of him into his greedy mouth and pumping his hand in time to his bobbing head as he flicked his tongue back and forth across Frank’s shaft, the velvet flesh so good against his tongue.

Frank whimpered and moaned as he tried to buck his hips up, his body resting back against his elbows as his fingers flexed, dying to tangle them into Red’s hair, to grip and tug and knot as he was attacked by an onslaught of sensations. His stomach sucking back against his spine with each inhale, breathing heavily as his muscles tensed and quivered with the most amazing pressure building in his abdomen. He knew he wouldn’t last long, not now that he had completely lost control and was just letting himself drown in the painfully good sensations. He had only ever sought pleasure from his own hand before, and felt guilty even just for that, but he thought that sort of pleasure was the same no matter how it was achieved, he realised now that he was wrong. Having his cock being sucked and licked in such a wicked way was making him almost dizzy with pleasure, his skin sparking as if touched by an electrical layer, every muscle in his body shaking with the desperation to hold on forever, but at the same time begging for release. It was if masturbation was a muted, numbed version of what he was feeling now, and he never wanted it to stop. But he was so close already.

Gerard revelled in the delicious sounds Frank was making, whimpering and moaning, completely lost in the pleasure Gerard was causing. He hummed softly, sending vibrations down Frank’s shaft and swallowing the hot drop of pre-cum that landed on his tongue, the bitter, salty taste making him even hungrier for Frank’s release, hollowing his cheeks and squeezing lightly as he relaxed his throat, moving his hand away from Frank’s hip and allowing his hips to buck. Frank cried out, ending in a long, low moan as every last inch of his engorged flesh was taken into Gerard’s mouth, his lips encased around the base of his erection which was beginning to throb and pulse as he neared his climax, tugging harshly at the rope around his wrists, desperate to grab hold of something, anything.

Gerard closed his eyes, desperate for any friction on his own aching erection but he ignored it, forcing himself to focus on the Catholic who he could tell was on the edge. With both hands now free he rested one on Frank’s thigh, cupping the teenager’s balls with the other, gently rolling them in his palm and hearing a choked moan from Frank, his chest rising and falling rapidly with his laboured breathing. Gerard moaned softly and swallowed around Frank’s cock, Frank’s legs spreading as wide as they would go of their own accord, his hips thrusting up into Gerard’s mouth with reckless abandonment as he sought his orgasm, Gerard knowing that in those last few seconds he would be oblivious to all else so he took the moment to move the hand on Frank’s thigh down between his legs, nudging his finger tip against Franks entrance, barely nudging past the tight ring of muscle before stroking at his inner walls, not even a centimetre inside him, just enough for him to know it was there and to know he wasn’t going any further. It would make him a little shaky after wards no doubt, but it would also be that last bit of pleasure that would push Frank over the edge – which Gerard knew would banish most of his fears about being touched so intimately there, and start securing the Catholics trust.

Never one to be wrong, Gerard had barely pushed his finger inside Frank before he gave a choked moan, his back arching right off the floor as his mouth gaped in a silent scream, his whole body convulsing as he came hard down Gerard’s throat. Gerard didn’t so much as gag as he swallowed everything the boy had to give, and there was a lot of it too – Frank had never felt an orgasm so intense in his life and his body shook for a good few seconds as he felt string after string of cum shoot from his tip, Gerard taking it all without spilling a drop.

When Frank finally collapsed back against the stone floor his chest was burning from the need to breathe, panting heavily whilst his stomach quivered in a delicious way. His arms ached fiercely from being tied in such an awkward position for so long and he felt completely boneless, his eyes too heavy to open as he struggled to regain his breath. He didn’t know whether to smile or cry, mixed in with the most amazing afterglow was a terrible guilt that made his heart fill with pain. What had he just done? He had enjoyed something so sinful... and God would know. God always knew.

Gerard sat up and licked his lips, tasting Frank on them as he gave an almost content smile. Frank had tasted amazing, and he had had a lot to give, Gerard knew it was because he had never felt anything so amazing in his life, and Gerard was pretty certain he never would again unless it was Gerard himself providing it. His mouth was filled with the taste of cum and he was desperate to reach down into his jeans and work himself into his own orgasm, but that would have to wait.

He looked down at Frank and drank in the sight of him for a moment. His skin was shining with a thin layer of sweat and he looked as if he had been fucked for hours on end. His body was completely slumped and his eyes closed, his mouth open as he panted. He had the most gorgeous sex hair and his whole body, particularly his cheeks and neck, was flushed light red, his stomach and chest heaving with his heavy breathing. With his arms bound behind him still, his shirt fanned about his arms, his trousers and boxers half way down his thighs and his now softened penis shining wetly in the dim light he was the image of lust. If Gerard could lock the image into his head and paint it then it would create the most perfectly obscene portrait of post orgasmic bliss. It made him want to do it all over again, though he was fairly certain Frank wouldn’t appreciate it just now. He was probably feeling tremendous guilt, being such a sweet little Catholic after all.

“You will be taken home now.” Gerard whispered huskily after a moment of silence, Frank’s eyes opening to look at him in surprise.

“I – I will?” He breathed and Gerard gave him a soft smirk as he nodded, leaning over him as he laid a hand on his chest, feeling his frantic heartbeat against his palm, like a frightened bird in a cage.

“Yes... and I have a request for you.” He said softly and Frank passed his tongue over his lips, his eyes filled with worry as he looked Gerard hesitantly in the eyes. “I want you to go to confession next Sunday, and tell them about us.” He breathed, his lips dangerously close to Franks, Frank wanting to punch himself for actually hoping he would kiss him. “Tell them what I did to you, and be forgiven for it.” He whispered and Frank closed his eyes, the urge to cry suddenly overwhelming him though he didn’t know why. He couldn’t understand why Red wanted him to confess and be forgiven for what had just happened but he wasn’t going to argue. As amazing as it had been he felt awful about it, knowing that he should have hated it, that he should have done everything in his power to prevent it.

“O – Okay...” He consented and Gerard smiled, pressing his open mouth to Franks and pushing his tongue past his lips to wrap around his, sharing his taste before pulling away and getting to his feet. Frank watched with teary eyes as Red walked towards the door, biting his lip. “Will I see you again?” He blurted out before he could stop himself, wincing as if he had just been slapped around the face. Red paused and turned his masked face to look at him, a small smirk playing about his lips.

“If that’s what you want.” He said softly and then he was gone, disappearing through the door before Frank could even consider answering.


Halfway back to his room Gerard found the Elder and many of the Stars waiting for him in the chamber used as a living area, they all rose to their feet as he entered and gave him nervous looks. “Gerard, my boy!” The Elder rushed to him and laid his hands on his shoulders. “How did it go?” He asked eagerly and smiled when Gerard smirked, taking off his mask as he grinned at them all, their worried expressions changing to relieved.

“It was amazing.” He breathed and the Elder beamed at him. “I was gentle with him, and I think he’s beginning to trust me. I didn’t do much, but I’ve managed to drink some of his semen.” He said proudly and the Elder gave him an impressed grin, pulling him into a tight hug.

“This is wonderful news! Already you are beginning to complete the task. I didn’t expect you to be able to go so far on the first meeting. Are you sure he is not afraid of you?” He asked, pulling back to look at Gerard intently.

“I think he’s a little frightened.” Gerard said honestly. “But not of me. I think it’s just the situation and his feelings in general. When I left, he asked if he could see me again.” Gerard couldn’t help but give a smug smile as some of the Stars cheered, the Elder’s eyes twinkling with pride as he pressed a kiss to both of Gerard’s cheeks.

“I knew you wouldn’t fail me!” He exclaimed. “You, you!” The Elder pointed at two of the Stars and clicked his fingers. “Put on your masks and take the Catholic back to his home. We shall collect him again... When do you think Gerard?”

“Next Sunday.” Gerard answered without hesitation, the Elder giving him a questioning glance but he did not elaborate. “May I go now master, I wish to see Brian.” He said softly and the Elder smiled, kissing his cheeks once more.

“Of course, my wonderful child. Go, and tonight, we shall feast in your honour.” He beamed as the others Stars cheered their agreement. Gerard smiled and thanked them, kissing the Elders hand before rushing away, his jeans still far too tight.


Brian chuckled softly as he took Gerard’s cigarette from him, taking a drag before handing it back, the two men curled up together in their bed as they came down from their post orgasm high.

Gerard had practically dived on Brian as soon as he got to their room, refusing to tell Brian anything about the Catholic until he had sorted out his raging erection. Brian had been more than happy to strip down and help him out, a little surprised by how aroused Gerard was from whatever had happened in that chamber.

Although Gerard was technically the submissive in their relationship he never begged for sex, the only begging that occurred was as he neared his climax and became desperate for release. So it was a rare, and special thing when Gerard Way actually begged Brian to “take me and take me now!”. Brian couldn’t remember the last time Gerard had been painfully aroused and desperate for sex before he had so much as touched him, it was a rare thing for Gerard to be hornier than Brian and it made a nice change.

“I hope you come back like that every time.” Brian laughed softly as Gerard finished his cigarette and laid his head down on Brian’s chest, sighing with a content smile and snuggling close to him. Completely sated after the best fuck he had had in a long time. Though their sex life hadn’t exactly gone downhill – Brian was still the best fuck in the place – it did get a bit samey from time to time, but Gerard had immensely enjoyed shoving Brian onto the bed and riding him as if he only had ten minutes left to live, and made a mental note to do it more often.

“Oh God, I was so desperate to cum you wouldn’t believe it.” He chuckled softly and Brian gave him a sceptical look.

“After what you just did, I think I believe it.” He teased, Gerard blushing lightly and pressing his face into Brian’s neck whining softly.

“It’s not my fault.” He whined with a laugh. “I couldn’t touch myself in front of the Catholic cos’ it probably would’ve scared him half to death, not to mention ruin my sexy mysterious act I had going. My cock was killing me by the time I got back here.” He chuckled and Brian laughed, stroking his hair softly.

“Well, I enjoyed myself, so I’m not complaining.” He smirked, Gerard kissing his neck with a smile. “But anyway, tell me everything that happened already.” He demanded with a grin and Gerard chuckled, kissing his lips softly before nodding.

“Okay okay, I’m getting there.” He laughed before proceeding to fill his constant in.

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