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Chapter one

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Its the first chapter people, and things are kicking off to a good start ;]

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Gerard’s hands were shaking as he stared at the cars racing down the highway, their headlights barely cutting through the thick mist that hung heavy in the night air. Whoever hit him wouldn’t even see him, not even when it was too late. Whether that was a positive thing or not Gerard wasn’t sure, but no matter – it wouldn’t change his mind either way. He wanted to die, everything inside him was sobbing for it. Desperate for release, for the sweet numbness of sleep eternal. Life was his only enemy now.

Swallowing thickly Gerard began to walk down the bank that lead out onto the highway, the cars nothing more than black shapes in the mist, a flash of light as they whizzed past and their headlights cut through the mist for a second, and then they were gone again. But though he couldn’t see them, he could hear them just fine, and despite the terrible driving conditions it didn’t sound as if many people were driving any slower than usual. Typical... for this side of town.

Dropping his school bag at the bottom of the bank Gerard allowed himself a moment. He closed his eyes and tipped his head back, taking long, slow breaths of cold air that filled his lungs with ice. He focused on his body, on the sensations of the world around him. The sounds, the smells, the feeling of his still beating heart buried in the depths of his chest. He had half hoped that by the time he got this far he would be having second thoughts, but he was as sure as he had ever been – with death so close he could almost touch it, it only made him crave it more.

He wondered if there was something he should do before he left. He hadn’t left a suicide note for his parents to find – it would be hard enough for them, he knew, without them having to know he had been the one to take his life. No. It would be better to show them some mercy, to give them the hope that perhaps he had been kidnapped... that he would return. Then when his identity was found his parents could pretend, or even truly believe, that what had befallen him was just a terrible accident. That the mist had caused him to lose his way – that he had stumbled into the oncoming traffic without a clue... that he hadn’t even seen the car coming. Dead before he could even realise his life was at its end. He wanted them to think that it had been painless. He knew they would be able to cope much better that way than if they knew he had wanted this all along, that he had deliberately walked to the nearest highway and stood in the middle, waiting to be knocked down. They would only blame themselves if they knew the truth. Would be wracked with guilt for the rest of their lives, believing that there was something they could have done that would have made things okay. Would have changed their only child’s mind. But there was nothing they could do. Nothing they could say. And Gerard didn’t want them to be killed from the inside out by guilt.

That was why he hadn’t left a note.

Much better just to let them think it had been a tragic accident... never been intended.

The air was filled with the ‘whoosh’ of cars as they sped by, and every now and then the louder, more threatening noise of a lorry going by. Gerard hoped he would be lucky enough to get hit by one of them... As he stood on the side of the road he bit his lip and wondered if maybe he was supposed to pray before he stepped out. He wasn’t particularly religious, but he knew he had been christened as a baby. He was fairly certain suicide wasn’t allowed in most religions, and if God and heaven did exist then he guessed it would be nice to be let in those pearly gates. A small prayer wouldn’t hurt... just to hedge his bets so to speak. But when he opened his mouth to say one nothing came to mind. He knew the Lord’s prayer, and he had been to weddings and baptisms before where they said prayers... but he wasn’t really sure what you were supposed to say in this sort of situation. Maybe God wouldn’t listen to him anyway, maybe He had already given up on him.

Gerard sighed and hoped that wasn’t the case. He hadn’t sinned as far as he was aware, and he had tried to get by and ignore the constant need to end his life, but he just couldn’t take it anymore. If God was like everyone made him out to be then He was listening... maybe He was watching Gerard right now, ready to accept him into His Kingdom. Gerard hoped that was the case... he hoped there was light at the end of the seemingly endless darkness.

Gerard ran a hand through his hair and tensed his muscles, taking one final deep breath as he prepared himself to step out into the traffic. He wasn’t afraid, just strangely numb. Like the world wasn’t even real and that the force of the oncoming collision would snap him out of a bad dream. He thought of his mom, his dad, his pet dog and his best friend Ray. He didn’t want to leave them all behind but they weren’t enough to make him want to stay. He only hoped they would forgive him, that the pain he was about to cause them would be swift and bearable. He really did love them all, but this was just something that he had to do.

Opening his eyes Gerard looked out into the mist, using the sounds of the cars to pinpoint exactly where he had to stand. He waited until he heard one car go by and the other sounding a short distance away before running out into the road, stopping at where he assumed the middle was and screwed his eyes shut in preparation. ‘I love you –‘


The pain wasn’t at all what he expected. His skin burned from where he grazed it as he fell to the ground, rolling across the road, but the hit itself didn’t hurt at all. It was just a heavy weight, a sudden collision in his side – which itself disorientated him for a moment. Why hadn’t he been hit head on? Had he become confused in the mist and faced the wrong way?

“Fuck kid, are you completely insane!” Gerard didn’t recognise the man’s voice, it was gruff and deep and definitely not the voice of an Angel. For a short moment he lay still on the side of the road, his mind taking in the sounds of the cars still going past, the panting in his ear that wasn’t his own, the weight of something across his back that was not a car... it was warm, and soft, and... human.

“NO!” Gerard shoved the man away and scrambled into a sitting position, his ribs flaring in pain from the angle at which he had hit the floor. He hadn’t been hit by a car – he had been pushed out of the way! His chest filled with rage as he looked at the man in front of him, getting to his knees. “YOU! YOU PUSHED ME!” Gerard shouted, getting to his feet with some effort and pointing a shaking finger at the man. He looked to be in his mid – thirties, with matted brown hair and stubble coating his strong chin. He wore a long black trench coat and his eyes seemed to be all black pupils and no coloured iris.

“I just saved your life.” He said calmly as he got to his feet, brushing the dirt off his coat as Gerard took a shaky step back. The man was tall, towering over him with broad shoulders and muscled arms. Gerard fleetingly compared him to a tree.

“I didn’t ask you to!” He shouted, still pointing at the man. “I WANTED to die!” He screamed and the man looked at him with a raised eyebrow, a small smirk twisting at his lips.

“Strong words for such a little boy.” He grinned, showing sharp teeth stained yellow from cigarettes. Gerard cringed and clenched his fists at his side, taking another step back, the man mirroring it so that the gap between them didn’t grow. He liked this kid, he could sense something about him that drew him in – and that was a rare feeling for him. He wanted to learn more about the defiant child before him.

“I’m not a little boy!” Gerard snapped moodily. “I’m thirteen years old!” The man chuckled in response to these words and closed the gap between he and the child in one swift movement, clamping a large hand down on his shoulder and gripping so tight Gerard hissed in pain, his eyes going wide in sudden fear as he tried to twist out of the man’s grip.

“Thirteen eh?” He drawled, laughing darkly at the fear evident on Gerard’s face. “How interesting...” Gerard couldn’t see why that was so interesting, but he didn’t have much time to think about it before he was being scooped up into the man’s strong arms, his head pressed tight against his chest so that his screams were muffled by the man’s trench coat as he began to run exceptionally fast down the road.

The man didn’t know what it was about the boy that so appealed to him. They weren’t looking for any new members for the cult, and they had a strict eighteen or over policy – but since when had rules, even their own, meant anything to the Morning Stars? Besides, he didn’t want the boy for sexual purposes, and he was sure if he promised to protect the boy from some of the more explicit parts of their rituals then he could persuade the Elder to allow the boy into their little, twisted family. He would be the youngest member in the entire history of the cult, even from when it first began over nine hundred years ago and pretty much anyone could join, and this only excited the man more. Such young children were still innocent enough to be moulded. The boy could be taught the ways of the cult and come to be truly loyal to it. If a child his age was suicidal already then it was a promising sign, if he could be taught how to control his pain, master it, manipulate it into something more... The boy already knew of the darker side of the world, clearly he had been gripped by its negative hold for some time. If they could successfully show him the beauty of such negativity then he would be a promising asset to the cult.

And yes. He was a good looking kid.

Gerard struggled in the man’s bear like grip and screamed into the leather of his trench coat. Scratching at his shirt and flailing his legs in an attempt to break free, but the man may as well have been a walking statue for all the good it was doing him. He was feeling a little dazed, shock making his muscles quiver. One second he was committing suicide... the next he was being kidnapped. He couldn’t get his head round it.

He screamed until his lungs went raw, biting, scratching, kicking, refusing to be still until the man let him go. The man found it beyond amusing, even adorable almost. But even so, his patience reached its end soon enough and as he tramped through a thick wood, he smacked the boys head off a tree to knock him out and give himself some peace and quiet.


Gerard’s hands were trembling slightly as he fumbled with his lighter, finally managing to spark the tiny flame and hold it against the end of the cigarette resting between his pouted lips. He took a deep drag and tossed his lighter onto the bedside table, pulling his cigarette away from his lips to blow out the smoke and breathe a short sigh of delight.

His whole body was still a quivering, sticky mess. Tangled intimately around Brian’s who had fallen asleep, snoring softly with his head resting beside Gerard’s. Brian was not the only man Gerard had had sex with – some of the Morning Stars rituals involved him having sex with other members of the cult – but Brian was Gerard’s constant, in more than one sense of the word. Not only was he Gerard’s constant in the sense of the cults lingo – A constant was the nearest thing to an actual partner, though neither Brian nor Gerard were prepared to go into any form of commitment. It was a trait many of the Morning Stars shared, hence how they had coined the term ‘constant’. It was basically the same thing as a partner, but it just meant if you met someone else, or wanted to sleep around, then that was perfectly fine. But Brian was also a constant for Gerard in other ways... he was his rock. His island in a stormy sea. Loyal to him, always there when he needed him. He was predictable, Gerard knew exactly where to find him at any one time. He loved Brian, he just wasn’t in love with him, and they were both happy with that. Those feelings never changed. They knew each other inside and out. When everything Gerard knew... everything he believed in... everything at all, was tipped on its head, Brian stayed the same.


And he also gave the best fuck Gerard had ever had. This was why he usually ended up having to smoke at least three cigarettes immediately after wards... not to mention the fact his body would be quivering as if it was charged with electricity for the next five minutes.

Dreamily Gerard smoked his cigarette, lazily itching his flat stomach that was spattered with cum, both his and Brian’s. He remembered the first day he had met Brian, and he smirked at the memory. He had been so afraid that day... it was hard to imagine that now.


”Rain? Who is this?” The voice that spoke was firm and cold, the deep voice of a man who had power over others. An authority figure of some sort. Gerard was shaking violently both from cold and fear, his hands bound behind his back and a blind fold covering his eyes.

“I found him outside the local town master, on the highway. He was trying to kill himself.” Gerard recognised the voice of the man who had kidnapped him and he began to squirm, crying softly, his whimpers caught and held in a cloth gag tied around his mouth.

“Really?... This is... interesting.” The other man sounded intrigued, Gerard could imagine him stroking a beard as he spoke, eyeing him as he lay, helpless, on the floor. “You know his age?” He asked.

“Yes. Thirteen. I know I should have left him, but I see potential in him master. Please allow me to keep him here, to make him one of us. I swear I shall not taint him until he is of age.” Gerard heard the rustle of clothes as someone sat down and for a long moment there was silence, the air filled with tense anticipation as ‘master’ thought over his answer.

As Gerard waited his heart beat seemed to get louder, thundering in his ears the more the silence stretched on until he was surprised the two men weren’t commenting on it. Surely they too could hear it. It was like a herd of wild horses galloping across rock, their hooves sending echoes of noise that drummed in time to his frantic heart beat. It was deafening.

“Keep him.” Gerard jumped when the man spoke. The one the other man had called Master. “Teach him our ways, but do not keep him from anything. I too see great potential in him – And I feel he should be allowed even to have his innocence stripped from him despite his young age.” There was another rustle of clothes as someone jumped to their feet, the man named Rain, Gerard presumed.

“Oh master, thank you – Thank you!” He cried, his voice filled with glee, but the other man cut across him in the same cool tones he had spoken in the whole time.

“Not by you, however.” He said calmly and the other man instantly fell silent. “I wish for Brian to be his mentor. And it shall be he who takes this boy for his own. Fetch him now, bring him here. I wish to speak to the boy.”

When the man – the Elder – had removed Gerard’s blind fold his face had not been the gnarled, evil face of an old man like Gerard had been expecting. He was middle aged, his deep brown hair only just beginning to go grey and he had an equal amount of laugh lines and frown lines forming on his face. He smiled warmly at the frightened child and helped him up to his feet, removing his gag though he did not untie his hands.

He spoke to Gerard about where he was – in a set of caves both over ground and underground – and who he was - the Elder, or boss you could say, of a religious cult. He told Gerard that he should not be afraid, that today he had been saved... had found salvation. Gerard had not believed him, but he had been too afraid to argue. The man had told him that he must refer to him as ‘master’ at all times, and to listen to his mentor and be as obedient as the servants in fairy tales. He told him he was a special child, honoured, to have been chosen in this way. Gerard hadn’t known what he meant, deeply confused by all the man was telling him but not wanting to seem disobedient by asking him to explain.

The explanation of the cult – the Morning Stars – had all been a surreal blur. Gerard felt as if everything was going by at a thousand miles an hour while he stayed stationary in the middle of it all. He felt dizzy, frightened, alone. He couldn’t think straight, couldn’t breathe right. He was supposed to be dead by now. He was supposed to have no worries, no responsibilities, no thoughts what so ever. And yet he had been dragged into some crazy mans lair, to be some... some... some toy!... But then Brian had walked in, and everything came to a sudden stop.

Brian was beautiful. He looked to be three or four years older than Gerard and when he had looked at him Gerard was sure his lungs stopped working. He had never found another boy beautiful before, he was only just getting into girls, but he couldn’t deny how good looking Brian was. His black hair fell to the nape of his neck and in his eyes, his face was beginning to take on the more defined sharpness of a mans and his eyes swirled with the memories of a thousand things both dark and magical in equal measure. Gerard found himself hoping his eyes would see the same... and then he realised he had no idea what it was Brian had seen, or why he had thought such a strange thought at all.

The Elder had spoke to Brian in hushed tones, the two of them glancing at Gerard every few seconds. Brian hadn’t said a word, only nodded to show his understanding and smirked some of the times he looked at the thirteen year old in his charge.

When the Elder had finished speaking to him Brian had led Gerard away to wash and change, saying little the whole time. But after Gerard had eaten and slept, and his energy had all returned, Brian had begun to speak to him a lot. Explaining all about the Morning Stars, their beliefs, their rituals, their God. Gerard had been the attentive and adoring student, and one month later, when he knew all that Brian could tell him, he had been chained to the bed and allowed to moan loudly as Brian did something to his body he had never known was possible.


Gerard smiled as he crushed his cigarette out on the bedpost and let it fall to the floor, looking at Brian’s sleeping form with an amused grin.

Brian’s body had changed a lot in the eight years that had passed. Now twenty six years old his shoulders and chest were broader, his entire body more defined, soft skin coating hard muscles. His chin was beginning to grow a light covering of stubble and he was re-growing his hair, the tips of the black locks now stroking his shoulders. When Gerard had first seen him naked Brian had been skinny and lightly toned, his body flawless and almost pure. The years had been transformed him though he was somehow still the same. He had a collection of scars covering his skin, Gerard knew the stories behind some, where as others still remained a mystery – such as the crescent moon shaped scar on the inside of his left thigh. It could have been bite marks, but Gerard wasn’t sure.

He was also covered in multi-coloured tattoos, most designed and inked by Rain – The very man who had kidnapped Gerard those eight years before. But despite all the changes Brian was the same person, and his eyes too were exactly the same. Still a swirling mass of golden brown that had seen so much cruelty, and found the beauty in it. Gerard loved Brian’s eyes... and Brian loved to tell him not to be such a fag whenever he mentioned it, a playful grin splitting his features every time he said it.

Gerard knew that when Rain had stopped him from killing himself that one, misty night, he had indeed been saved. Gerard hadn’t believed in salvation at the time, he had hardly known what it was. He had thought salvation was a predominantly Christian thing, that it meant God would shine his holy light on you and you would feel blessed. But the Elder – the leader of the cult – had explained to him that salvation came in many forms. And that it was not just the God in heaven that could save people, but the God in hell too. Gerard had been petrified – he knew who the Devil was of course and he knew that he was evil, but the Elder had been so kind to him... had talked to him about life and love and everything else in the world, had made him understand it more than he ever had before. He had treated him like something precious, something to be protected. Brian did too. They had showed him how to find beauty in places no one else cared to look, they taught him to not be afraid of pain, or darkness, or fear, but to embrace it, to feel it – really feel it, with all of his senses. And Gerard had realised, with some surprise, after almost two years of living with the cult, that he didn’t want to die anymore. In fact... he felt like he had been dead already, that he hadn’t ever started living in the first place – not until he was kidnapped and brought to the Morning Stars.

When he had told this to the Elder the man had nodded with a smile and gently touched his face. ”The day you came to us was the first day of your life. You were not alive before Gerard, you were not dead either. You had not been born – the day Rain brought you here was the day you were born. And not many people are born already half grown.” He had laughed softly and Gerard had been pulled into a rough, one armed hug by Brian.

”And I’m a lucky guy to have got to mentor such a vile, splendid kid.” He had grinned, Gerard smiling softly in return. The Morning Stars’ ways of complimenting people were different to society’s way of complimenting people, they used ‘normal’ terms such as beautiful and pretty, but because of their worship of positive and negative things alike they also used words such as vile. And though Gerard did not know way, every time Brian called him vile it made his skin crawl in a delicious way.

“Gerard.” The deep voice of Bob, the Elders son, snapped Gerard out of his reverie. “There’s a meeting in the Star chamber.” He said casually, smirking at the sight of the two naked men entwined together. Gerard nodded his understanding and groaned as he stretched his aching muscles, Bob drinking in the sight for just a second longer before walking away, pulling the hood on his cloak up as he went.

Gerard sighed and looked down at the still sleeping Brian, delicately running a hand down his chest before shifting until he had untangled their forms and was sitting up beside him.

He ran his fingertips back up his chest and swirled them round a pink nipple, creating a nub which he pinched, making Brian groan and try to swat his hand away as he raised a hand to his eyes and sluggishly began to rub them. Gerard chuckled and leant down over him, sucking his nipple into his mouth and teasing it with his tongue as Brian’s sleepy groan turned into a soft sigh of pleasure, his eye fluttering open so he could look down at Gerard with an amused smirk.

“And what do you think you are doing?” He asked, his voice strained from where he was stretching his arms above his head, waking up his still sleeping muscles. Gerard smirked up at him and released his nipples, licking down his torso.

“Waking you up.” He grinned, lapping up the cum on Brian’s stomach, his own as it were. “There’s a meeting in the Star chamber.” He explained as Brian tangled a hand softly into his hair.

“Those things always come at the most inconvenient times.” He complained, Gerard moving up to his lips to share a deep kiss once he was done cleaning his stomach.

“I know, but we have to go to them.” He pointed out softly and Brian nodded, gently pushing Gerard away so that he could sit up and have another stretch, Gerard’s eyes flicking over his naked body with an approving look. Brian noticed and playfully slapped his face, jumping to his feet and padding across the cold stone floor to his clothes that were strewn around the floor.

“You mister.” He said to Gerard as he pulled up his black jeans without bothering with underwear. “Are being thrown over that bed and screwed silly when we get back.” He laughed and Gerard grinned, licking his lips as he lay on his front, resting his chin on his hands as he watched Brian dress.

“Oh? Horny are we?” He teased and Brian chuckled, pulling his long black cloak on over his white shirt, pulling the hood up and finding the mask they were all required to wear in his bedside locker, keeping it in hand to put on later.

“I am now, thanks to your little wake up call.” He said in a mock irritated voice. Gerard laughed and got to his feet, walking across the floor on his tiptoes, as graceful as a cat, to collect his clothes.

“You loved it.” He winked, pulling his clothes on and somehow managing to make the mundane task look like an effortless dance as he did so, Brian watching him with fond eyes. Gerard had always been graceful, and he had grown into an exceptionally handsome man. His jaw was strong and his eyes alive with light, so unlike when Brian had first met him. His body was slim with all the muscles of a dancer though Gerard had never danced in his life, his skin pale from lack of sunlight – Gerard rarely choosing to leave the caves the cult was based in, though not all of the Morning stars lived there, some choosing to live normal lives, the cult nothing more than their religion, the place they went to on a Sunday when others would go to church.

Gerard tied the lace on his cloak and pulled the hood up over his head, sending his face into shadow. Brian smiled and offered him his hand, Gerard taking it and lacing their fingers as they stepped out of the room and into the stone passageways lined with flaming torches, rusty shackles dangling from the walls, no longer used, but never taken down from when their ancestors had used them in the birth years of the cult.

The two men walked side by side through the passageways, barely paying attention where they were going as they already knew the maze like hallways as well as they knew each other’s bodies. The Morning Stars caves were mostly man made, the structure somewhat like that of a beehive, with hundreds of rooms all interlinked by the passageways. The Star Chamber was the main meeting room, and was in the very heart of the underground section of the caves.

As the ground began to gently slope beneath their feet Gerard and Brian silently tied their masks to their faces – white masks made of ivory that seemed to glow in the dim light cast by the torches, plain faces like those found on a mannequin, expressionless. The masks covered the whole of their face, and each mask was identical to the next. It meant that when all of the Morning Stars met like this, it was practically impossible to tell who was who.

When they stepped through the high arch that opened into the huge cavern that was the Star Chamber, almost everyone was already present and the stone chamber was buzzing with noise as conversations were held. Brian led Gerard down to the front of the crowd, the hundreds of people present forming a circle around a stone podium where the Elder would stand. Because Gerard and Brian were esteemed favourites of the Elder they were permitted the best ‘seats’ of the house – the spot right at the front.

Bob smiled behind his mask when they stood beside him and nudged both of their shoulders so that they would look closer at him, seeing his icy blue eyes and nodding to show they knew who he was. “I hear we’re being given a task.” Bob said softly and Brian and Gerard glanced at each other before looking back at their friend.

“A task?” Gerard asked excitedly. “What kind?” Bob shrugged and Gerard sighed.

“I have no idea. My fath – The Elder hasn’t spoke to me about any tasks, I was surprised when he told me to assemble this meeting. But it’s the month of the red moon next month, so I’m guessing it’ll be something to do with that.” He whispered and Brian nodded his agreement. The month of the red moon was October, the final full moon of the month used to turn red some centuries before, though now it no longer did. But the Morning Stars still saw October as an important month, it was the month when the veil between life and death was at its thinnest and demons sometimes broke free to walk the Earth until November. Every year they would perform a ritual or a sacrifice at this time as it was the time when their God was likeliest to receive it. But they had never had a meeting so early for it before... Gerard bit his lip and looked up at the stars painted on the stone ceiling high above his head as he wondered what the Elder could want...

A loud tapping on the alter jolted Gerard back into reality and the room suddenly fell silent, a soft breeze rustling cloaks as everyone turned to face the Elder who was stood at the podium, looking around at them all with a soft smile that couldn’t been seen behind his mask – identical to theirs except for its colour. The Elder’s mask was red, as a symbol of his power.

“My Stars.” He called, his voice echoing around the chamber. “This meeting shall be swift, as I am still in deep preparation for our next offering as you all know, however, I had some important news and it cannot wait.” The Elder paused to allow this information to sink in before continuing. “Next month is October, and is therefore, of course, the month of the red moon.” The air suddenly seemed to fill with excitement as every person in the room grinned secretly to themselves. The Elder sensed the sudden electricity and smiled himself. “And this year I want to offer something truly special for our God.” The Elder paused once more to let the excitement rise higher as everyone began to whisper and consider what it could be that they would be offering. The whispering reaching a louder pitch until the Elder spoke again and silence fell once more. “This year, I wish to offer our God two things... the two things we see most important – I wish to offer our God the blood and the semen of a Catholic.” No sooner had the words escaped his lips than the room was in uproar, people laughed, people cheered, some jumped and others punched the air with their fists as the excitement reached an incredible height and spilled over. The Elder allowed them a moment before calling for quiet. “So my task for you all is this – Find me a catholic. Age, looks, race – they don’t matter. But they must be male, if possible, and they must – must – be Catholic. Am I clear?” The Morning Stars cheers and the Elder laughed in delight. “Then go! And alert me as soon as the boy has been chosen.”

Gerard and Brian laughed at the eagerness of the other Stars as they all rushed for the arch way, eager to get out and find the Catholic their master was after. Gerard guessed that he would leave them to it, it wasn’t like the task needed everyone.

As the chamber emptied Gerard and Brian began to make their way out, but the Elder called Gerard to a stop. Confused, Gerard turned around to face the emotionless red mask looking back at him. “Gerard, I do not wish for you to do this task.” He said in a calm tone, giving nothing away as Gerard frowned. Even though he had not intended to do the task anyway, he felt offended that the Elder would want to exclude him from it.

“Yes master.” He said obediently, his fists clenching at his sides. The elder noticed the way his body tensed and brushed a hand over his shoulder as he walked past.

“I have a much more important job for you. Come and see me in my chamber in an hour.” He said and Gerard instantly felt guilty for have being offended. The Elder was good to him, had always been good to him. He had shown him the light when Gerard had thought there was only darkness. He should trust him and obey him without question – or jumping to stupid conclusions. He blushed behind his mask and smiled, the Elder disappearing through the arch way as he called after him.

“Yes, of course. I will Master.”

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