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Get me closer (to God)

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Gerard didn't believe in salvation when he was thirteen, but then he was saved. No one else would have seen it that way, but the darkness that swallowed him opened up to a new kind of light and sal...

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Treat another mans faith gently; it is all he has to believe with. His mind was created for his own thoughts, not yours or mine. – Henry S. Haskins.

A rush of blood to the head made the room spin sickeningly fast. A stinging pain like flames licking at his skin. Electricity sparking through veins and a tightening in his stomach that was far too familiar – far too soon.
Not yet. Please not yet.
His body was too hot, the room too cold, the air was stale and his lungs wouldn’t fill. Crushing weight, slick skin, wet tongue, biting teeth and a metallic taste in his mouth.
Hold on... Not yet... One more second...
His heart beat a frantic rhythm against his ribs badumbadumbadumbadumbadum, making his chest ache, his blood soar, hot, wet trails over pale flesh, weeping like tear drops from neat cuts.
So good... so terribly good.
His wrists burned, his hair stuck to his face, there was copper in his mouth and salt on his lips. Wet and warm and delicious. The point of a pink tongue lapping up the two flavours.
Bitter, sweet, tasty... Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop.
There was a pressure, a tension. A coiled spring in his stomach, a pressing of invisible hands in the too thick air. Everything was vibrating – a low, steady thrum through his insides, a rapid pulsating over his skin, the air charged with electricity shuddering so fast it was past the status of vibration, more of a high pitched whine. So good... so bad. Couldn’t breathe.
Can’t hold it... C – Can’t...
The pressure was getting more intense. G – force on a rapid, sharp turn. The stagnant air pressing around him, pressing and pressing and pressing, a coffin, a cocoon, a blanket pulled tight around his body, crushing. Blinding. Making his body tense and curl inward and then -
Everything exploded. The spring released and shot upwards, his back arched into a perfect curve. Nails scratched, toes curled, the electricity sent fireworks through his abdomen and the air rushed back into his lungs in one massive inhale.
Hot, sticky, boneless. An echo of the vibrations singing inside him, fading away to a golden glow. A convulsion, a shaking reduced to trembling, a roaring in his ears and a twitch in his veins. His chest aching from a sudden expansion from much needed oxygen, his hearts frantic race calming to a run, a jog, a steady walk. Badumbadumbadum badum badum badum. Badum. Badum. Badum. Weightless, sucked down by gravity, by thick metal chains – invisible, but he felt them. Inside and out. On his wrists, ankles, waist, heart.
It was terrible, so tragically good in its disgusting grip. He was its slave, its submissive follower, he was its human form. He hated and craved it and it was all he could ever truly love and need.
"Such a pretty boy you are... so vile, so splendid. Here now – kiss me once before you sleep.”
A press of lips, an exchange of copper and salt, a hungry tongue flicking over the salt droplets on his cheeks and the boy was asleep.
So vile.. So splendid.

A/N: Just a wicked little taste for you all to decide whether you wish to proceed ;] So, deciding to post this was a pretty spontaneous decision (and that usually leads to me never adding to these things -_-) so I’m not sure where I’m taking this or any plan at all really except it’s going to be like... a sort of chaptered story based around Rituals – my one shot I wrote a month or two back. In case you haven’t read that then I guess I should just mention this story is going to be fairly dark, with lots of sex, satanic cults, and probably writing that makes no sense. But hey, it’s an experiment :] Review to let me know if this little droplet of what’s to come makes you want me to add to this, and I shall dutifully do so XD I will of course still be adding to She will love you frequently, this is just going to be a fun way for me to write something a little darker than the more cutesy stuff of She will love you.
Anywho, enough of my long authors note – RATE, REVEIW – Show me the love folks and you won’t be left unrewarded. ;]
Rayray xox
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