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So Just pull the trigger

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[Ray/Bob] Russian Roulette is a fun game , but In Bob Bryar's mind. It's the only way to get away from the one thing that hurts him

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One. More. Time, go on? do it, once more? see what’ll happen.”

The voice chimed over and over again within Bob Bryar's head as he pulled the gun away from his temple. As his bedroom door burst open so violently fast it startled the nineteen year old enough that he accidentally fired the pistol in his hand; the bullet sped out of the muzzle, with a loud bang and it lodged itself into his blue painted wall,

“Great! it would have been game over by now... Thanks Ray.." He thought bitterly to himself, staring blankly into space. He knew that if he had kept the gun to his head his game of Russian roulette would have been over by now.
The scream his best friend, Ray made as he ran towards Bob and wrenched the gun from his pale hand sent a chill down suicidal boy's spine, but he didn’t understand, why did Ray suddenly care about him? He’d spent the entire year bullying his so called “Best friend” at school to look cool in front of his friends. He’d made Bob's life hell, given him bruises, and created ideas for him to later carve into painful slits and scars upon his skinny wrists and arms, he let him watch his own thick red blood ooze from it’s pale prison, and stare as the sticky liquid spiralled down the drain. That's all that Ray did for Bob... So what was with this all now?

Ray fell to his knees in front of his best friend and flicked the safety lock onto the gun before he put it down on the floor, pushing it away from Bob before he suddenly threw his arms around him, bundling his friend into his chest and held him there tightly, muttering soft words into his ear, smoothing his hair back, away from his face.
"Bob...” He asked softly, not wanting to scare his friend. "Why?" Ray gulped. "Were you trying to shoot yourself... And where the ...the bloody hell did you, Robert get a gun in the first place?"
Bob cringed, letting Ray hold him, though in truth he was terrified of what he might do to him. "Because of you..." He whispered. "Because you make my life not worth living..." He said in an emotionless tone of voice, staring off blankly into space. He refused to answer his friend second question; he didn't need to find out the answer?

Ray sighed quietly before clicking his fingers against Bob’s back. Bob moved about slowly on his lap before pulling himself away “Get out.” He muttered with vengeance in his voice. It took Ray by surprise. He stumbled backwards softly, before raising his hands up “Get the hell out and don’t come back.” Continued Bob, as his weak and pale arm grabbed Ray’s waist and shoved him out of the door. “I h-hate you” It took the few moments in which Bob had managed to slam the door, for both the boys to fall to the floor. Bob, in shreds of tears, lowered his head to the door, as Did Ray in a notion of anger. Bob’s lips trembled as he let out a small sentence “I love you.” He muttered in between quiet cries . Ray smiled gently before placing his forehead against the door

“I love you too.”

A:N- So Hai, I'm slightly depressed right now. So, I know this may suck and I've changed this story so much. It started off on bebo as a 3 shot with Mikey and Gerard as the couple, then to live journal with the band TwentyTwenty with Sam and Sonny as the couple now to here with Ray and Bob, but I hope you like it. I have one more one shot. It was my first fanfiction I ever wrote, so I'd like you to read it

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