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Sweetheart Bipolar

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Ashlee and Tony are gone and Pete and Rose are finally together. But sadly, all is not great in Wentz-James Land. Rose doesn't seem to be acting like herself lately. And to top it all off, Rose's c...

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Sweetheart Bipolar

Before We Begin:

Some of these will be different.

Garbage/Tori Amos Titles= Rose (Garbage when she is losing her mind and Tori Amos for normal times)

Operation (Insert in Blank)= Vanessa

Bjork Titles=Noriko

Goldfrapp Titles=Katherine

M.I.A. Titles=Duncan

Gnarls Barkley Titles=Greg

Movie Quote=Adam

Fall Out Boy Titles=Pete

Prince Titles=Patrick

Star Wars Quotes=Joe

Tour (Insert Chap Number)=Andy

Billie Holiday Titles=Keisha

Jimi Hendrix Titles=Davis

Lyrics from Songs=Amanda

Coldplay Titles=Morgan

Bruce Springsteen Titles=Judy

Anything with Canada in Title=Robyn

Moby/Basement Jaxx Titles=Sakura

Tom Petty Titles=Kenji

TATU Titles=Meredith

Shakira Titles= Carmen

Fiona Apple Titles= Beth

Sneaker Pimps Titles= Garry

Radiohead Titles= Tommy

Oasis Titles= Rachel

Flogging Molly Titles= Tim

Blur Titles= Gareth

Snow Patrol Titles= Miranda

Normal= 3rd Person Titles

The Story so Far:

Pete chose Rose over Ashlee in love. Rose and Tony finally broke up. Judy and Meredith decided to come out of the closet to Meredith's folks. Adam got a new girlfriend while Keisha got a new boyfriend. Beach Radio also merged with/Blast Attack/ and brought in new workers for the playing field.

Pete and Rose are together now; what next? There is still the divorce and the baby from the first marriage to deal with. Babies make everything rather interesting. So, let's have Bronx and somebody else getting pregnant in the story. Yes, we will do that. Who will it be, you'll have to read and find out. The rest of the Decaydance posse will return again. Plus, we'll play around with some background stories and have some more family members appear in the story. Yes, there will be more racy scenes and couplings to be had. Only the best, for you guys. Only the /best/!

Now, here is our story:

When the Cats Come Out to Play
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