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"I don't know what to say" I replied honestly. "Can we at least spend some time together?" he asked desperately. "Tom, what are you doing here anyways? I'm here to see Alex not you" I sighed. "Are you not happy to see me? Did you feel the need to forget all about me?" he questioned. "I left and never came back; you were going to replace me with the girl you went on a date with. I was leaving beforehand so you won't hurt me or tell me to leave. Before I couldn't live without you. Knowing I would have to, I needed to build my own life" I said. "Skye, Skye, Skye. I will never tell you to leave. The date didn't go so well. That was years ago. If you came back, you would have known" he shook his head.

"I'm sorry Tom. I mean we can still be friends right?" I asked him, hopeful. "Of course" he nodded. "That's good" relief washed over me. "You want to go back to my house and pack all your things?" he suggested. "Of course, I haven't been there in a while. I miss hanging out with you" I said excitedly. "Hey Skye!" Alexander called from the kitchen. "Alex, I'll be right back. I'm leaving my car here" I called back. "You're leaving with Tom?" he asked. "Yeah" I responded. "Let’s head out" Tom left the house and I followed, forgetting all purposes of coming here. I missed Tom and I wanted to see how he was doing.

"So Skye..." he began pulling out of the driveway. "Yeah?" I turned to look at him. "Tell me about how you've been" he said. "I’ve been good. Living the rock star dreams is amazing. Better than I could ever ask for" I solemnly replied. "That’s amazing, did you get to see My Chemical Romance yet?" wow, Tom still remembers my love for MCR. "Yeah we went on our first tour with them. I went out with the guitarist a while back and now he's going to marry Fiona" I responded. "Fiona huh? How did she manage to get your boy?" he smirked. "Shut up, I really don't like talking about this" I sighed. "Fine, I'm sorry this guy still makes you tense up" he shrugged. "No he doesn't, you’re just teasing so that's why I'm offended. It's a really touchy subject" I explained. "Why is so?" he asked. "He cheated that's what happened"

"That sucks. Who else have you dated? More rock stars?" he asked curiously. "Well, I'm with Nathan now" I said with a smile. Just the thought of him brings me to cloud nine. "Somebody's in love" he cooed for me. "Shut up, I know he's the one for me" I lightly shoved him. "So tell me about your Nathan" he smirked. "He's in this band called Madina Lake" I started. "Madina Lake? I’ve heard of that band somewhere. My niece listens to that band I guess" he shrugged. "Well that's cool" I smiled. "Tell me more" he begged. "Why do you want to know more?" I asked. "Because I want to know how you've been in the past two years" he frowned.

"Alright, I met him at a bar this night. I didn't know who he was. We were going to play a show for his band the next day so he knew who we were. I thought he was the one for me that second. But my sister… hey did you know I have a sister?" I asked. "Well I don't know anything about your sister but I knew you had one" he answered. "Well okay, her name is Rachel" I stated. "Rachel? Funny I went on a blind date with this girl named Rachel" he responded, laughing. "She was beautiful wasn't she?" I asked. Tom nodded. "But you didn't get her?" I stared at him. His expression wasn't written on his face. He was just concentrating on the road. "I didn't want her. She didn't want me. I told her you lived with me and she immediately left. I started to think and I know that I wanted you. Not just as a friend or whatever we were. I wanted you to be my only one for me" he dropped his hands from the steering wheel. "Me?" I asked, looking around. We were already at his apartment.

"Well nows too late isn't it?" he scoffed. "Yeah it is. I am happily in love" I answered. "Tell me more about him" I told him about the events between Nathan and me as we head to his place. "That's cool" Tom said nodding. He opened the door for me. "Wow, this place didn't change that much. I miss this place" I looked around at the living room. Three bottles of vodka was on the table. Some things never change. "Yeah still been the same since you were gone" he chuckled. "I'm going to pack my stuff and go" I told him. "You’re leaving already?" he asked. "Yeah I need to spent more quality time with him before he goes on tour" I explained. "Oh fine then" he grumbled. I can't believe I'm almost forgetting that. I took our suitcase and began packing my clothes.

My cell rang. I sighed and picked up. “Hello?” I asked. “Skye?” a panicked female voice replied. “Pandora?” I asked. “Yes Skye, how are you?” she asked. “I’m good, what’s up?” I went right to the point. “Remember you gave me your home address?” she asked me. “Yeah…” I replied. “I wanted to drop Alex’s guitar to your house but I saw someone” she stuttered. “Um… who?” I asked. “You live with Nathan Leone?” she asked. “Yeah, he’s my boyfriend why?” I was scared and confused for what she’s about to say. “I… do you know that he wrote a song called Pandora?” she questioned.

“Yeah, I saw the song title on their album but I actually never heard the song before” I answered. “Well, then you still have no idea” Pandora sighed. “The song is about you, isn’t it?” I asked. “Yeah, I’m sorry” she apologized. “Pandora, why are you sorry? You didn’t do anything wrong” I told her. “No you see, a while ago. At around the summer of 2006, he cheated on his girlfriend with me. Like he constantly comes to me and we just hit it off. I know he has a girlfriend and he knows that he loved his girlfriend but we didn’t care. But I regret it so much. I thought I’d never see him again. And it’s kind of dangerous for us to see each other because if we do, we couldn’t hold ourselves back” she explained.

I dropped my phone. My high school friend, Pandora had a connection with Nathan. How is this possible? I know what’s going to happen next. Pandora and Nathan are going to have sex right this moment. Nathan will bring her to our bedroom and trail his lips down her neck like how he did to me. My whole body tensed up as I cleared the thought out of my head. This cannot be. Nathan will not get away with that. If he is willing to cheat on his past girlfriend again and again for Pandora, then what makes anyone think that he won’t do this to me? I know one thing; Nathan’s going to cheat on me. “Is everything okay here?” Tom asked, entering the bedroom.
I stared at him in shock. “What?” he asked. I walked up to him and threw him onto the bed. I knew what I’m going to do. Revenge is on my way. “Whoa, what about Nathan?” he asked me as I got on him. “Screw Nathan” I muttered coldly.


“Pandora, we cannot do this” I pushed her away. “I know. I’m sorry. I just can’t stop myself every time I see you” she admitted. “Look, same here. But I love Skye very much and this time is different. I’m proposing to her tonight when she comes back. I mean I hope you don’t mind if I tell you to leave now because I love Skye and I won’t do this to her ever” I sighed. Pandora has always been my biggest pleasure but she cannot be the reason why I’m ruining my life once again. I’ve already moved on with the woman I truly love. I know that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Skye. I want her to be my wife.

“Okay Nathan, I’m going to leave now. But I don’t want to see you again” she said honestly. “Why? Can’t we just be friends?” I questioned. “No we cannot because every time I see you, I always have the urge to touch you. I can’t have myself doing that” she replied. “Oh” by that time she already slammed the door shut. Where is Skye? She said she was going to Alex’s to get the equipment but Pandora just came in with it. Is Skye okay? The best thing to do is to call Alexander. I took out my cell phone and tried to call Skye first. I groaned when ‘Skye’ was telling me to leave a voicemail.

“Skye, it’s Nathan, I’m just wondering where you are right now. I miss you and I’m just making sure you’re alright. When you get this please call me back” I said and hung up. I waited for another fifteen minutes without a response. I give up. I dialed Alexander’s number instead. “Hey Nathan, what’s up?” he asked. “Alex dude, do you know where Skye is?” I crossed my finger for an answer. “She didn’t come back yet?” Alex asked in a more panicked voice. “Hey Alex, what’s wrong?” my heart started beating faster. Panic washed all over me. “She… no this can’t be happening again” it was like Alex forgot I was on the other end of the line.

“Alex please tell me” I pleaded. “Do you know who Tom is?” he asked. “Who’s Tom?” I bit my lips. “He’s the guy that Skye used to live with” my whole body froze. Who did Skye live with before I met her? What were they? I didn’t know what to think or expect. “A... Alex?” I stuttered. “Nate?” “Can you give me Tom’s address?” I asked. “Okay…” he told me the address and I wrote it down. “Nathan, be careful. I’m telling you, I don’t think you want to know what to expect” Alex warned. “Okay” I hung up. I was still in daze. Would Skye be doing what I think she’s doing?

The whole car ride was silent for I’m the only one in the car. I stopped in front of an apartment building. It wasn’t that high class. I wasn’t surprised. I knew Skye had money problems before I met her. I’m the one who changed her life in so many different ways. I took a deep breath and walked into the building. I looked at the address again. Tom’s apartment was on the fifth floor. I got in the elevator and pressed 5. What do I want to expect? Maybe they were just sitting on the sofa talking about old times. Did they go out before? If they did, this can’t be good. Why did it have to happen today? The day that I was suppose to propose to her.

The floor stopped at 5 and I got off, looking for the correct apartment number. I stopped at 507. I sighed before knocking. When I finally knocked, no one answered. This time I knocked louder. Maybe they went out to eat and Skye forgot to bring her cell phone. But this is terrible; she was supposed to be my fiancé by the end of today. This seriously can’t be happening. I want her mine but this Tom guy might have a chance. No one answered. I don’t know what made me do it but I turned the doorknob. To my surprise, the door was unlocked. I was totally against randomly walking into other people’s houses without permission but this is convenient I need to know where my girlfriend is.

I checked out the living room. Skye’s bag was there. I went to it and dug in her bag to find her cell phone. She had several missed calls from Pandora and me. There was another missed call from Alex. I checked the kitchen. I was pretty sure they weren’t in there. I didn’t want to go in the particular room. I was now almost 100% sure that they were in that room doing what I think they are doing. I checked the bathroom, knowing that they are not in there. I checked every single room besides that certain room. I was trying to kill time. My stomach fluttered when there were no more rooms to check. I know they are in there. I don’t think I want to find out.

Maybe I’ll just leave right now and pretend I never came here. Maybe pretend that Skye never went here. Just wait till she comes back and I propose to her and she will be mine, not Tom’s. But would she come back? It seems like a pretty good idea but I decided against it. I need to know what happened now. I walked towards the bedroom. There was some heavy breathing but no moaning. That’s a good sign I think. I held my breath and slowly turned the doorknob. I dropped the paper in my hand as I watched the sight of my girlfriend in bed with another man. The guy (supposedly Tom) stared at me in shock and immediately removed his hands away from Skye. Skye looked up from Tom to me. She didn’t even open her mouth she just nodded and smiled at me as if she wanted this to happen.

I shook my head and walked over to her. She slapped me across my face. What the hell is wrong with her? I pulled her out of bed and picked up her clothes from the ground. I handed them to her and shoved her into the bathroom. She didn’t really protest, she just walked in like there was nothing she was ashamed about. I closed the bathroom door and turned to Tom. He looked nervous as hell. At least someone’s feeling guilty. “Sorry for invading private property but I couldn’t help it” I muttered. “Dude, I’m really sorry” he apologized. I just ignored him. The doorknob turned and Skye came out with a wider grin. I grabbed her wrists and pulled her out of the bedroom.
I grabbed her bag from the living room and pulled her out of the house and the apartment.
Nathan dragged me into the passenger seat of his car. I got in and he slammed the door. He got in the driver’s seat himself and slammed the door loudly as well. I almost wanted to laugh. Revenge never felt so good. I wonder how he felt when he was getting it on with Pandora. I’ve never been so proud of myself before. Nathan began driving and his lips are pursing. He looked like he wanted to say something but decided against it. The whole car ride was silent. I actually didn’t mind the silence. I just loved the taste of victory. Guys shouldn’t get away with sleeping around with other girls. Girls never get away with that. I hope Nathan learns his lesson.
We finally arrived at our house. We both walked in the house without a word. The second he slammed the door shut, he turned to me. I shrugged, sitting down on the sofa. There were candles and red roses everywhere. “Wow, had everything arranged for Pandora huh?” I smirked. He suddenly looked at me in disbelief. “What?” I laughed. “This is not funny” he muttered. “It is to me” I shrugged. “Do you know how I feel right now?” he yelled. “You don’t like to lose don’t you?” I smirked. “What are you talking about, Skye?” he asked me. “You know what I’m fucking talking about” I yelled. “Well would you like to explain why you just slept with that guy at his house?” Nathan yelled back at me.
“Because you slept with Pandora and I wanted revenge” I hollered. “That was a long time ago” he rolled his eyes. “You slept with her again today didn’t you?” I questioned. “No I didn’t” he shook his head. “Don’t lie to me, I know you did” I yelled. “I didn’t sleep with her, you don’t have to believe me but I can’t believe you slept with Tom” he bit his lips, preventing himself from hurting me I guess. “This isn’t the first time I did” I answered. He dropped his hands and came right at me. “Nathan, stop please. Don’t hurt me” I begged him, grasping his hands. He calmed down a bit. “I’m sorry” he sighed. “Okay” I didn’t look at him. “So how long did you sleep with Tom behind my back?” he asked me.
“Nathan, I only did this once and it was today. I used to sleep with him when I lived with him. That was before I met you. I only did this time because I thought you slept with Pandora. Are you sure you didn’t?” I asked calmly this time, trying not to get Nathan angry this time. Getting him angry and on the verge of beating you up is not a good idea. “I promise you I didn’t” he said. “Then what’s with all the roses?” I questioned. “It doesn’t matter anymore” sadness washed over his face as he walked over to our bedroom. I sighed, getting up from the sofa. I decided to clean up the roses. I picked them up and walked to the kitchen garbage to throw it out.
When I came out, I saw a small box on the kitchen counter. Picking it up, I opened it. In there, I saw a diamond ring. There was a little note in it that said “I love you with all my heart Skye, be mine forever”. I fell down to my knees and began crying. This was the biggest mistake of my life.
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