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When Tatsunosuke was really, genuinely upset about something, he kept quiet.

Category: Peacemaker Kurogane - Rating: R - Genres: Angst - Characters: Ichimura Tatsunosuke, Sakamoto Ryoma - Published: 2006-04-23 - Updated: 2006-04-23 - 219 words

theme #09: dash

When Tatsunosuke was really, genuinely upset about something, he kept quiet. He didn't broach the topic or make a fuss. It was when something that he and everyone who knew him would have expected to bother him didn't that he put on a front of agitation. Except, of course, where Tetsunosuke was concerned, in which case it was the exact opposite.

So, when he, Ryouma, and a rather large, wooden cart went flying down the street, lined by the merchants that he probably should have been buying provisions from, and into the river after their rather elaborate escape from a gang of Mimawarigumi lackeys, he made a conscious effort to look as annoyed as he possibly could. And when both of them sat half-naked by a ridiculously small campfire that Ryouma had built, he alternated between glowering at the flames and the man sitting next to him. And when Tatsunosuke asked if Ryouma had any alcohol on him, and he pulled out a small flask of whiskey, he complained about the other man's taste in liquor. But when he returned the flask to the other man and he simply stared at it through dark eyes with a contemplative expression before shrugging and drinking from it himself, Tatsunosuke turned his gaze back to the fire and said nothing.
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