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Kurama pays a visit to Hiei, but gets Mukuro instead.

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It was always an adventure tracking down Hiei in the Demon Plane. While the Moving Centipede Fortress was impossible to mistake on sight, the huge mechanical insect moved with surprising stealth and never stayed in one place for longer than a day. Kurama had to dedicate his entire weekend to traveling through the portal and locating his short best friend.

Kurama was one of the few guests who were allowed to walk freely through the fortress without a guide. The lord of the fortress herself greeted him when he entered. Kurama felt on edge whenever he was around Mukuro, whose menace and grace reminded him of a praying mantis.

"Afternoon, Kurama. Hiei is out on an errand and will be back in half an hour. Make yourself at home, and feel free to tidy up his room while you're there."

"Thank you, Mukuro." Hiei had asked Kurama not to address her with an honorific, complaining that she was egotistical enough. She seemed not to mind.

As Mukuro walked away and Kurama relaxed his nerves, he took note of her odd gait, which seemed distinctively lighter than during the tournament.
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