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Don't Forget to Remember Me

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sad short Ryden/Rydon

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because of my lack of updates, i'm uploading this one-shot. it's a sad, sort Ryden/Rydon. i wrote it at school, as classwork, so it's terrible

Brendon’s POV

Yet again I found myself staring at a blank wall, teardrops casually strolling down my cheeks. I could feel myself suffocating on my tears, choking on my own saliva. Because I knew the truth now. He wasn’t coming back. Ever. ‘So much for a business trip’ I thought, glancing across the room at two of my friends, whose faces were also tearstained, tearstained because the third of my friends was missing. And the saddest part? Even if he wanted to come back, he couldn’t.
‘I’m so sorry for your loss…’ Pete sighed, stepping inside my house. I gently pushed my hair out of my eyes so that I could see his face. He had been crying too. Patrick, Andy and Joe stepped inside the house behind him. Patrick nodded solemnly, signifying the words that Pete had spoken just a minute before. The three of them also appeared to have been crying. I quickly pulled out my phone after hearing ‘What a catch, Donnie’. I looked up at Pete and blushed slightly.
‘You have our song as your ring tone?’ he asked. I nodded and quickly read the text, which was from Gabe.
‘Gabe and William are coming’ I sighed, throwing my self on the sofa, and waiting for another person to sit beside me. No one did. I felt tears burn in my eyes before they streamed down my cheeks. I let myself fall of the chair and onto my knees before sobbing into my hands. I couldn’t accept the fact that he wasn’t coming back. There were three knocks at the door. The whole room fell silent as Patrick opened the door and Gabe and William walked in. Spencer shut the door behind them and ran his fingers through his hair. ‘Make it stop!’ I yelled. Pete raced over to me and held my hand, calming me down as if I were a small child having a nightmare. Except this wasn’t a nightmare. He was gone. Ryan Ross, my boyfriend, was gone.
‘Don’t cry, it’ll be okay’ Pete said, staring at my eyes. I instantly broke the eye contact, and plunged myself into my thoughts. I could hear Spencer and Jon’s worried, concerned voices discussing me, and my current state. I was curled up on the floor, thinking.
Later that night, after finally falling asleep, I dreamt that I went insane, and shot all my friends that had been at my house. Well, they still were at my house, crashed out on the living room floor. I woke up, and glanced around my room. I couldn’t let that happen, especially when I knew I had a gun in my closet. I grabbed a pen and some paper, scribbled something down and snuck downstairs. I placed the note on the kitchen table. I went back upstairs again, and into my bedroom. I climbed onto the windowsill and opened the window. I stepped out onto the ledge outside, and then threw myself out. I felt myself fall, and hit the bottom. I felt myself gasp. I could hear distant screaming from my house, they’d found the note, but I’d already slipped away. They raced outside and found themselves staring face to face with my corpse. Pete stared at all that was left of who I was. He had the flimsy piece of notebook paper in his hand. The paper that said ‘Don’t forget to remember me’ And they haven’t. I know they won’t. And best of all? I have Ryan again.
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