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Waking up in my own perfect paradise

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If I only could stop the time then this is where I would stop it. For the rest of time.

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Chapter 2: Waking up in my own perfect paradise.

I don't know how long we stayed like that, awake, silent, looking at the stars. But all of a sudden I woke up. My first thought was that last night only was a dream and that this day was just like the other ones... Where was I by the way? I couldn't remember going home last night but I certainly was not laying on the grass anymore. I yawned and opened my eyes and I immediately knew where I was. The smell reminded me of last night, it smelled like him. I rolled over only to find him lying next to me, fully extended on the bed. I smiled to myself, how could a person look so perfect while sleeping? I didn't want to wake him so I laid down next to him and watched him sleep. This was perfect. I didn't want to be anywhere else and if it was possible to stop time, this is where I would stop it, in my own perfect paradise.

“Ohhh... Look who I found” A very familiar voice said.
“Shut up Ryan, let them sleep. Look how cute they are...” Another familiar voice said
“Ahhww.. I guess last night went well then, don't you think Spence?”
“Obviously dumbass.. Should we wake them up or just let them sleep”
“Ohh can you two just shut up. Can't you two see that we are trying to sleep here?”
I had no idea that he was awake. And suddenly I felt a little embarrassed.. I decided to pretend that I was just asleep and after a moment Ryan and Spence left us alone.

I opened my eyes and completely unprepared, our eyes met. He looked at me for a while and I suddenly felt much more calmer. He had that effect on me.
“Good morning sleeping beauty” He said with the sweetest voice ever.
I smiled at him and he hugged me tightly. My heart were racing and It felt like I was breaking as soon as his lips touched mine. We kissed for awhile and things went almost overboard when I remembered my first thought.
“Hey.. How did we get here? I don't remember walking to your home?”
“You fell asleep in my arms, and I couldn't bare to wake you up, so I carried you all the way here”
“Ahhw. Really? You're so damn sweet to me. I don't deserve it!”
“You deserve the best treatment only. You deserve only the best. I'm not sure that I'm even good enough for you.”
“Shut up.. You are the best” I smiled at him and gave him another kiss.

Later on that day

Me and Ryan was on our way to our apartment, to unpack some stuff that was still in cartons. We were supposed to meet up with the others later but for now I was just happy that I had some time to talk to one of my best friends.

“Finally you two are together. I mean how blind can a person be. Everyone has been aware of the two of you for such a long time, but you two just wouldn't notice the other persons feelings. And the funniest thing is that both of you have been nagging about eachother behind eachothers backs.” Ryan said with smirk.
“Oh shut up Ryan. It hasn't been the easiest thing to do. Last night was just so perfect. I would be lying if I said that I haven't felt the tension between us for such a long time, but you know me so well. You know that I never take the first step.”
“Well none of you do that, so that's why you two should be thanking me!” He said with an extremely satisfied look on his face.
“What do you mean Ryan?”
“Well I got so tired of you always talking about him, I mean like all of the time really, so I just talked to Becca about it, and then Becca told me that she was just as sick of it as I was. He had been talking with her about you for so long. So we made up a plan, she told him all the things that you had said to me and gave him some confidence to talk to you about it.
“You kidding me right?......”
I looked at him to see if there was some kind of joke involved but he just kept looking satisfied.
”Well, that is so typical you and Becca”

Later that evening we all gathered to watch a movie at Brendons, Saras och Spences house. Everything felt so good. Here we were, all seven of us, all best friends since forever, like it would always be. With just a tiny difference of course, me and Brendon. It had in one way always been like this, the first time Ryan introduced me to their new bandmember Brendon we clicked. We was such a great team and we always had a great time. Me and Brendon always hung out a little bit more then the others. But none of us had never had the courage to tell the other one. I guess you could say that we've always had been together in one way.

After a couple of movies it started to get late. Me and Ry had to head back to our place since we had to take care of our baby, our little cat Samona. Spence and Jon had already fallen alseep on top of eachother on the other couch while Becca and Sara were crashing on a pile of pillows on the floor.
Me and Brendon had been sharing the other couch, no one had been willing to sit next to the ”lovedovees”.. But where was Ryro?
”Ry... C'mon it's time to go home”. I said extremely quit not trying to wake anyone up. But noone answered.
”Where did he go? Did you see him leave Bren?”
”No, but he probably just crashed somewhere.”
I stood up and went looking for him. The last room I checked was Spence's room.
”Bren, I've found him”. It was so typical Ry to steal someone's bed.
”I really don't wanna wake him up, but I don't want to go home alone.” I said looking as cute I possibly could.
”Of course not, I'll go with you, we can take my car so we don't have to walk:” Brendon said taking my hand. Everytime he touched me it was like a shock went right through my whole body. A warmth spread from my hand that he was holding. God.. I love this boy so damn much. He has such an effect on me. I can't believe I have the same on him. I just couldn't be happier.
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