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#1 Crush

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"...he was still just a loser alone in a corner with a pathetic crush, and Frank was still beautiful and oblivious to his existence." Frank is popular, and Gerard has a pathetic crush. (HS AU)

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Title: #1 Crush [1/1]
Author: doesany1notice
Pairing: Frank/Gerard (kind of 1 sided)
Rating: PG/PG-13 (the f-word 5 times, that's it)
Disclaimer: this is fake
Warnings: not really

Summary: "...he was still just a loser alone in a corner with a pathetic crush, and Frank was still beautiful and oblivious to his existence."
Frank is popular, and Gerard has a pathetic crush.

A/N: Just a little one-shot I threw together to fight away the writer's block. It's 3rd person, but any negative thoughts are Gerard thinking them about himself. And apparently Ficwad doesn't do underlining or strike-out so --this-- is a strike out... and I'll just change my underlines to italics.

His name was Frank Iero. He wasn't part of what most people would consider the "popular group," that was composed of jocks, cheerleaders, and other high school clichés. That wasn't to say most people didn't consider him popular, but rather he wasn't really considered a part of any group. Frank was an exception to all unspoken high school laws. He was short, he listened to loud angry punk music, half his hair was pink this week, and he was obviously gay.

And yet...

Somehow everyone at school knew his name, and everyone liked the little fucker. He usually got a ride to school with some of the cheerleaders. At some point everyday he could be seen leaping onto the back of an unsuspecting member of the football team (his favorite target being Bob Bryar). He ate lunch with either the stoners, the metal heads, the scene kids, or even the theatre geeks.

He seemed to always have a smile on his face, and his obnoxious giggle could be heard over the constant low roar of the cafeteria. No matter where you went his name was on the tongues of the students. Every goddamned student had something to say about Frank, and none of it was bad.

"Oh man! Frank just told me this awesome joke..."

"Make sure to get some meat-free snacks too. We can't forget about Frank."

"Frank let me borrow his CD, and it's pretty kick ass."

"Frank got a detention today for calling Ms. Novak a bitch, but he was just saying what we were all thinking."

"Frank this!" "Frank that!" "Frank is so funny!" Frank is so hot!" "Frank is the oxygen we high schoolers breathe!"

Everyone just seemed to adore Frank Iero, and that was precisely why Gerard Way hated him. Well, alright, so Gerard was wildly attracted to (and maybe a little in love with) Frank Iero, but it didn't make Frank any less of an asshole. And, ok, it was really hard for Gerard to hate Frank because Frank was funny, and cute, and really really nice all the time, and not an asshole at all.

It was hard for Gerard to grasp how anyone could be gay, popular, attractive, and not have the decency to at least be an asshole about it. Gerard was the weird goth kid who sat in the back of the class drawing horrific sketches of people being dismembered (that made the school councilor call his parents) and the only person he spoke more than two words to was his brother.

Gerard wasn't picked on much, which is what he had expected when he took the position of resident "art fag" but he was more or less ignored. Which, kind of, only made him more angry that he didn't really have a reason to be pissed off. There was also the fact that the guy he was --in love with-- very attracted to was the nicest guy on earth to everyone except Gerard, who he didn't even know existed because Gerard is invisible obviously. This all only added to the teen angst that was his life. Gerard takes his ANGST very seriously OK?

As if that wasn't enough, Frank Iero had recently become Mikeyway's Best Friend Forever after giving him the cheerleader whatshername Alicia's number, and convincing her that Mikeyway was someone she could and should date. It wouldn't have been so bad if Mikeyway wasn't Gerard's little brother, best friend, and the only person Gerard could stand the presence of.

"And it doesn't really matter if she hangs out with him so much, ya know? Because he's gay, so it's kinda like she's hanging out with a girl. And he was her friend before I was her boyfriend, and I'm only her boyfriend because of his help, so really it's only fair..."

Mikeyway would monologue on the way to school every morning, and the energy it took to not strangle him would use up all of Gerard's Be Nice quota for the day making him more of an asshole than usual. After that, Gerard's first period was Gym class, which only reinforced his belief that there is, in fact, a God and the fucker has it out for Gerard.

He only ever really enjoyed Art and his study period. Art was his favorite class for obvious reasons because, uh hi?, Art Fag, and he enjoyed his study period because it was quiet, and he didn't have to feel awkward about sitting in a corner and drawing, and, ok maybe, Frank had the study period too. And sometimes when the other study kids were being too loud Mrs. Dermit would move them around, and a few times because Frank was the loudest (and Gerard was the quietest) she made him sit at Gerard's table for the rest of the period. When that happened, Gerard would let his mind wander, and he would pretend that Frank was his friend who he had just had a witty and in depth conversation with and was comfortable enough to enjoy the moment of silence between them. Afterwards, he would go into the bathroom to look at his reflection and tell himself how uncool, and creepy, and crazy he fucking was.

He was sitting in his study period, which was surprisingly quiet, counting down the minutes until he got to go to English and then home. He was in an artistic slump, unable to create anything he didn't hate a second later. His favorite spot was in the very back of the room in the corner closest to the window. When he would get stuck in a rut, he liked to have the distraction of the outside world. There wasn't anything particularly interesting about the view, which looked out at the parking lot and not much else. It wasn't even that Gerard liked the outdoors much, but staring out the window was a whole lot better than staring at Frank Iero.

Gerard pressed his forehead against the cool glass and let his eyes go unfocused. He thought about his nice warm bed in his dark calm basement and how nice it would be if he could just crawl into bed and sleep until the end of time. Not die... just sleep. When his forehead got too cold, he pulled his face from the window just far enough away so that they were no longer touching, and he let his eyes come back into focus. His warm breath had created a thick fog over the cold window, and he brought his finger up to run across it, again and again.


Surrounded by a large heart. Even though it was a ridiculous thing to write, he couldn't help but let his mind wander to the old oak tree on the corner of Shirley Road and Maple Street, and how beautiful it would look carved into the bark. He stared longingly at the letters, as if wishing hard enough would make the dream a reality.

But when the bell rang, signaling the end of the period, he was still just a loser alone in a corner with a pathetic crush, and Frank was still beautiful and oblivious to his existence. Gerard gave the letters one last look before sliding his warm palm across the glass, removing any evidence of his secret desires.

He gathered his things and made to leave, but collided forcefully with another person. He felt his sketchpad slip from his fingers, and watched as the loose papers flew through the air, scattering in every direction. It might have been comical if it wasn't so typical of his life.

"Shit! Sorry man!" And of course Gerard couldn't have run into anyone but Frank fucking Iero. And of course he was even more beautiful up close, with his concerned little frown as he hurried to collect Gerard's sketches. "I'm never watching where I'm going."

Frank was bent over picking up all their things, and (like the total creep he is) Gerard just stood there watching, not even saying a word. He kind of surprised himself by the new level of creepiness he had achieved, and kind of hated himself for it. Because even if Frank found him attractive (he didn't, but if!), and Gerard could actually bring himself to be somewhat social (probably never going to happen), Frank still would never go for him because he's still a creepy stalker who can't speak to normal people (Mikeyway didn't count).

"Holy shit, man!" Frank paused to stare at one of the sketches. It was an army of zombies squaring off against a single man (who looked a lot like Gerard) with a bloodied machete. It wasn't colored, and it wasn't very detailed, and Gerard really hated people looking at his unfinished work. Frank glanced from the paper to Gerard and did a double take. Probably surprised that it was someone he's never seen before Gerard thought bitterly.

"Um..." Gerard didn't really want to say anything, but he didn't want Frank to be looking at his work anymore, so he just kind of made grabby-hands towards his things that Frank was still holding.

"Dude! These are really awesome! Can I look at the rest?" Frank looked so excited and fucking hopeful and like he might actually care.

"I uh..." Gerard really really wanted to say no, but, " sure?"

"Cool!" Frank beamed his big goofy/happy smile at Gerard, and Gerard totally didn't internally swoon. They walked down the hall together, Frank making appreciative noises at every page he turned, and Gerard shuffling awkwardly beside him. Other students greeted Frank, but he only nodded distractedly toward them, eyes never leaving the sketchbook. Gerard was momentarily grateful that he didn't bring his sketchbook full of drawings of Frank.

"I knew you were good," Frank glanced at Gerard stopping and handing the book back to its owner, who clutched it to his chest, "but those are awesome. You should totally show them to people more often. I really liked that haunted house drawing you did for the fall art show, but I think I like your zombies more."

Gerard was taken aback. He thought the only people who paid attention to his art were Mr. Baird (the kooky art teacher), and his grandmother.

"I... uh... really?"

"Really," Frank laughed and squeezed Gerard's shoulder, "hey I'd love to stay and tell you how awesome your work is all day, but I gotta get to class. Maybe I'll catch up with you later."

"Al-alright," Gerard gave him a tentative smile, and Frank beamed full force back.

"Later Gerard!" Frank turned and started jogging down the hallway, off to the next class. If Gerard hadn't been internally screaming in joy over the fact that Frank knew his first name, he might have noticed that Frank had stopped them right outside Gerard's English class.

A/N: This is an old one-shot that's originally off my lj that I thought I'd share with you fine people...oh and for some reason Ray isn't in this story at all, nothing personal, but I had originally planned to make this several chapters longer and it was going to have FOB and P!ATD boys too but when I cut them out Ray ended up getting cut too. Sorry man :(

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