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A Sea Demon is looking for a member of the Akatsuki for very important reasons.To please the sea goddess,Kimiki.She ends up making a choice she never thought she would

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Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, just Shokoru and Kimiki

Sea Demons:They are beautiful maidens with gold colored eyes and blue hair(any shade). They are servants of the Sea Goddess Kimiki and they are immortal.The correct term is Walrai, they speak a foreign language and can control the seas like their master.The Walrai are all females(how they reproduce, I don't want to know)and they can melt into water and breathe underwater.Also, they are very brave, loyal, smart, and strong.The Walrai have nothing on their bodies that make them look like fish.

A/N:Enjoy!!! This was a random story I came up with,I was thinking about a girl version of Kisame and then I thought of sea demons :)

Kimiki sent another one of her warriors out to find the chosen one, her silver eyes were filled with anxiety.Too many Walrai were getting hurt because of her requests.But the Walrai were loyal by nature and they followed her wishes
I walked out of the water and into the open air and found myself walking on a beach.My human clothes had faded on me.I wore a black strapless shirt that was connected by numerous amounts of ties in the back,Black jean shorts that stopped mid-thigh,red fingerless goves,black boots that went past my knees and fishnet stockings.I walked into a forest and traced the scent of the needed human.Lady Kimiki would be proud if I brought her back the human.She didn't tell us the reasons for her want,but we were loyal people by heart.I picked up the scent of the human and broke into a run.When, I reached the source of the scent,I found a boulder in my way.I broke it easily with a swift blow of my arm and I found humans inside the cave.There were ten, only one female.The female tried to leap onto me, but I dodged it easily.A male with red and black eyes looked at me.I made the terrible mistake of looking into them.When I looked into his eyes, I saw the worse thing my people could see.A Black Myridean Scythia,the worst creature in the ocean, the thing that ate our people and most of our population,the only thing Lady Kimiki feared. I let out a blood curtling scream and crumpled to the floor.
I walked
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