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Over Time

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Written this like 6 months ago. Written for my friend Amanda. This is my crappy summary: 'Working with Frank isn't bad at all.' R&R?

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The ringing phones and the clacking of the keyboard keys were familiar music to Amanda’s ears. She was sitting at her cubicle, staring at her computer screen, words and numbers filling up the screen. Her dark brown hair was pulled back into a pony tail, almost touching her crisp white blouse. A loud bing came from the speakers making her gasp a couple of times. Her hand was soon over her heart when she realized it was only an IM from Delaney.

Hey! It read.

Amanda typed back. Hey.

U at work?

Yep. Came in early.

Why? To see Frank?

Amanda rolled her eyes at her friend’s message and felt the big smile on her face. She let her fingers work the keyboard. No but that’s a plus. I just got here early.

. Delaney messaged back.

I’m always here be4 Frank anyway. I have to go. They monitor these things.

Fine, talk to you later.

Amanda closed the window and sighed. She twirled around in her chair so she could see the mini office that was opposite hers. She shared her cubicle with one of her co-workers turned friend, Franklyn Iero. “Frank.” Was what he told her to call him on her first day. He was gorgeous with his olive skin, black hair gelled back, gorgeous brown caramel eyes and a smile that’ll melt your heart and light up a room. It would be an understatement to say that Amanda fell in love with the guy.

Almost an half an hour later, she saw Frank walking towards their cubicle, a carton with two coffee cups in hand.

“Morning Mandi.” Frank smiled at her, placing the carton of cups on her paper stacked desk.

“Good morning Frank.” She greeted meeting her co-worker’s brown eyes. He lifted one of the cups and handed it to Amanda.

“This is yours.” She smiled at the gesture and thanked him. She felt bad knowing that she won’t be able to see his smile after she gave him his gift. Two stack of papers and folders that were on the desk were now in Frank’s arms.

“And this is yours. Sorry.” His eyes widened at the size of the stack and gaped at Amanda.

“This is going to take all night.” He sighed as he thumbed through the files.

Amanda took the time to notice that the white shirt he was wearing showed how toned his muscles were and the colors of his tattoos were slightly muted. She had the urge to just rip open his shirt and press her lips to his hot skin but instead she placed her hand on her own stack of files.

“At least you won’t be alone.” She shrugged. Amanda was somewhat surprised to see that Frank’s smile returned.

“That makes it better.” He left taking his stack and coffee to his desk. Amanda’s blush had reddened her face and was wondering if the heat could get to Frank.

12 hours later and Amanda was just a quarter of a page from finishing her report when Frank called her name.

“Yeah?” she called out loudly, knowing that no one else was working on their floor since they stayed after work hours.

“I need help.” Amanda chuckled underneath her breath as she stood up from her chair and crossed to Frank’s side. “What’s up?” She said looking at the computer screen, finding out that he was finished.

“Oh no, I’m done with that.” He told her, standing up to stretch his arms upward, his shirt straining against his muscles. Amanda had trouble moving her eyes away from the appealing sight. “So what do you need help on?” She asked wondering if she could finish her report before it hit midnight.

“I needed to know what place you’ll recommend for a first date. I want to ask someone out.” His beautiful smile was intact but this time it only made Amanda’s heart shatter. It took three whole seconds to find her voice again.

“Movies.” She offered, her voice barely a whisper.

She was walking back to her side when she felt warm callused fingers catch her hand. She turned back to see that the smile had not faded. Frank pulled her closer, Amanda pressed tight to his chest. With their fingers intertwining together, she looked up into the slightly taller man’s brown eyes.

Frankie’s free hand cupped Amanda’s cheek as his lips covered hers. Her eyes were shut now, returning the kiss with full force, earning an approving sound from Frank. They pulled away all too soon and started laughing at how flushed they looked. Frank, lips red, shiny and swollen, kissed her cheek.

“Amanda, would you go to the movies with me?” Amanda smiled, not noticing how wide, and accepted.

“Of course.”

Frank kissed her lips again, his hands now on her waist. A loud bing echoed through the cubicle startling them apart. A new IM from Delaney popped up on Amanda’s computer.

Hey Mandita! You still at work? Frankie’s there with you? ;D

Amanda ran to the computer and typed Yes I am and yes he is. Now go away! before closing it.

Frank laughed behind her, his arm wrapping around her waist and his lips connecting to his neck. She giggled as she turned around and pressed her lips to his. “I have to work late more often.”
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