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And I Was Now Afraid

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Mikey finds himself in the middle of the ocean, with suicide on his mind.

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The aged fishing boat, in which I was seated in, had somehow ventured out to sea. From every angle the horizon could be seen. The horizon was all that could be seen. I was completely and, I sensed, irrevocably isolated from the rest of the world.

And yet, I was not afraid.

The setting sun painted the ocean water orange. There were splashes of black mixed in, a result of the darkness that was soon approaching. I watched as the two colors would fuse together momentarily when a tiny wave was created before splitting apart once again.

At one time, this could not fail to mesmerize me. I was able to find joy in this simple beauty surrounding me. But emptiness now consumed my entire being. I only could gaze at the blending colors with apathy.

And yet, I was not afraid.

The waves gently brushed up against the boat. Repeatedly, they would lift me upwards and set me back down. It was a soothing motion, but my lack of emotion disallowed me to feel a sense of calmness.

And yet, I was not afraid.

I continued to gaze at the colored water that I was engulfed in. The orange that had once been dominant had now become overtaken by the massive amount of black. The darkness seemed to swallow the reflected color of the setting sun in an unsettling fashion.

And yet, I was not afraid.

The once gentle waves were now beginning to become restless, violent. They crashed into the frail boat with great force. The boat swayed from side to side, seeming as if it would overturn at any moment. I brought my knees to my chest and wrapped my arms around them.

And yet, I was not afraid.

I heard a foreign voice from the distance, sounding as if it was coming from every angle. I could hear them asking why anyone would be far out into the ocean, alone, while night was approaching rapidly. The only answer in which could be concluded was of one that would force my skin to crawl, my body to cringe.

Out of the corner of my eye, I was able to see a wave gaining momentum. I watched as it towered higher and higher beside me. I watched as it was directly above the boat in which I was seated. I watched as the conclusion of suicide was the only thought in my mind.

And I was now afraid.
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