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Her Name Was Lacey.

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~Lacey Mosley from Flyleaf oneshot~ fem/fem, nothing crazy.

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A Flyleaf oneshot I had I finally got around to writing. It's been on my mind forever. This is a fem/fem, but nothing over the edge. This is in no way to disrespect Lacey nor Flyleaf. I am a huge fan and I know they are a christian band, so please don't flame. Reviews are appreciated though. Enjoy~

I’m not quite sure how to even put this into words. I can’t describe everything that had changed in ways I never thought possible. In my eighteen years of life, I never thought it would turn out this way. It technically wasn’t supposed to be like this, but I guess that’s what life is about. Changes, misguided directions, and the inevitable realization that everyone who takes a chance on love will get hurt at some point. But this was different…all because of her.

That’s right her. I didn’t even know what made me attracted to her. Scratch that, it was everything. Everything about her was almost mystifying. Her soul, her passion, her ability to thrive off anything she did.

Lacey. Lacey Nicole Mosley was the name I would truly never forget. It was permanently imaged into my brain as it only made me think about her more.

At first it started off as just friends, nothing more of course. I had been introduced to the group by Ruby who happened to be James’ girlfriend at the time. Even if I didn’t fit in with most of them, she was still there with that famous smile on her face as she would laugh along with jokes that were told while I became memorized by her.

But then I would stop myself. All of this had seemed completely wrong. I shouldn’t be thinking about her this way. It wasn’t right. I wasn’t supposed to like one of my own kind…right? But the more I convinced myself it would never be, the more the feelings began to get stronger. Everything I did or everywhere I went, it just wouldn’t go away. It plagued to me to no end and I knew I had to do something sooner or later. But if I did the wrong thing, I would most likely ruin our friendship and that was the last thing that I would ever want to happen. I couldn’t lose someone so special.

Special. Yeah that’s what she was. A special girl. A girl who would undoubtedly change and save my life.

As I recall it was that one lonely day when I was walking down the school corridors, I had gotten into a fight with Carmen Winsted, my so called bully. I had blood stained on my sweater that came from my nose, and I felt bruises forming along my cheek. I had been so miserable that day, I even attempted to resort back to cutting. But just as I making my way to the bathroom to reunite my long lost love, I had a heard a noise, a voice in fact. It was small and faint, but it stood out so much. I curiously followed the noise and as I came closer, it became softer. Someone was singing. Singing in a way I had never heard before. It was almost angelic. I had stopped at the door in front of me, a shadow inside as I peered in. My heart stopped at the source. It was her.

Her unmistakable wavy brown hair lying against her back as her slender hands swayed across the piano as her eyes were closed while she continued to sing. I had been completely hypnotized as I watched her once more before walking away and heading home where that night I had kept replaying the exact words she was singing. It was then I realized Lacey had become…my angel.

The reason I need to make a choice now or never. I would either force myself to forget her, or live in the shame of letting an angel go. But if I carried out my decision, what was the outcome? Being taunted or humiliated for liking my own kind? Shunned from the eyes of the Lord, and my parents? Even if that did happen, perhaps I was ready to get past that. Cause only person mattered to me…

I remember the day so perfectly that I had asked her to come with me to the little creek by our houses. It was where we always went, and I just figured this would be the best place. I was going to tell her.
I was going to tell Lacey Nicole Mosley I was…in love with her. That she was all that mattered to me, and I could hope she felt the same way.

I brushed my hair out of my eyes as I spotted her coming closer. Her hair dancing in the wind and her smile appearing at the sight of me. I smiled and felt the butterflies start to flutter in my stomach. I had hardened my heart to face the possibility of rejection. I knew this idea sounded crazy, but honestly, wasn’t the world already crazy?

“Hey.” she said softly to me and I responded in the same tone. We stood there for a moment in silence until I looked at her. I said her name softly and she looked at me is she was letting me know she was listening. I stuttered on my words, but I managed to get them out even with the huge lump in my throat.

“I think I-I love you.” I choked out as she took in the words and I saw her eyebrows dip slightly as if she was thinking. I looked down embarrassed as I knew I had ruined something by the look in her eyes.

“Please forgive me.” I told her as she looked at me once more and a smile slowly crept upon her lips. She stood closer and I stood frozen as she smiled wider and hugged me. Her petite body wrapping around mine as my heart stopped for a moment. She pulled back and our eyes had locked. It was almost as if everything around us had slowed. I used to think people were just plain stupid when they said things like that, but I now I knew they weren’t stupid…they were right.

“I think I love you too.” she said to me as I smiled inside and outside.

“I’m just scared.” I admitted to her. She only nodded in understanding. She would face the same trials I would.

“I am too. But, if it’s true, it can’t be wrong to us can it?” she asked softly and I stared back at her as I shook my head and smiled as I laced my hand with hers. It felt so perfect. It felt like the world was at peace for one mere second. We had turned our heads slightly as we both reluctantly leaned in and our lips had touched. I could taste her strawberry chap stick, while I’m sure she could taste my kiwi one. It only lasted a minute, but it felt like forever. My body tingled and my back shivered. My stomach felt warm and she only smiled as she cupped my cheek.

It was then we both knew we right all along. She tugged on my hand as she started to walk me down the lake. We embraced the silence as it lingered in the air, because no words had to be spoken. It was only clear in my mind I indeed loved this girl. She was everything I had never dreamed of, but somehow wanted. We stopped at a tree and we sat down as I for some reason had put my head in her lap. She only giggled as she brushed my hair while the wind danced around us. The sun had beat down and I closed my eyes for one second as I heard her breathe.

“Lacey?” I asked softly.

“Yes?” she replied as I opened my eyes and looked up at her.

“Will you sing me a song?” I asked as she smiled and nodded. I closed my eyes again as she started to sing the familiar notes that were my lullaby at night.

This is what had changed everything. The starting of something wonderful. Even if we couldn’t share it with the world, we could still share it between us. The world might not understand our love, but the people who matter to us will. To the world, we might just be two girls. But to two girls, we were each other’s world.

All of the things she had taught me, it was love. She taught me it was okay to be imperfect and messed up. I had come to appreciate life in it’s finest form.

It was all because of her.

Her name was Lacey. And she saved my life…
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