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Chapter Three

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Miley walked toward the center of the park looking for Ryan. When she spotted him sitting on a bench, she walked over to him. "Hey." She said smiled warmly. "What did you need to talk about?" Ryan looked at her, his heart pouding greatly."Look before I say anything...I just want you to know that I will love you endlessly forever." He stared up into her oceanic orbs.
Suddenly, Miley's heart jumped in anxiety. She prayed that the word suicide wouldn't leave his lips. "What did you need to tell me?" She asked as she sat down on the bench next to him.
Ryan gazed at her, taking in all her beauty. He didn't think he could do it but he kept telling himself that she would be happier. Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath. "I know I'm a nuisance to your life...and I'm sorry." He paused for a second then went on. "I-I just think that it would best for you if we b-broke up..." The words drove a dagger through his fragile heart. Tears cascaded down his face. Miley too felt like her heart was splitting in half. Her eyes glazed over as tears built up. Eventually, it was impossible to hold back her tears and she let out a soft cry. "Ryan...please..." She whispered as her body shook.
Ryan reached out and held her hand gently. Her touch made his heat skip a beat. His tears streamed down more and more. "You deserve better than me." It was extremely difficult to fight the urge to kiss her. He wished that they didn't have to end their relationship but it was the only way to keep her happy.
Miley shook her head slowly and began to cry harder. She didn't think begging would keep them together. Obviously he doesn't love me anymore. She thought, despite what he said earlier. Slowly, raindrops started to fall. One landed on their linked hands. She bit down on her lip
but it wouldn't cease the tears. Pulling away her hand from Ryan's, she stood up and began to walk away. She then cried hysterically as she headed home. Ryan watched the love of his life fade away in the distance, crying. It killed him to watch her walk away in pain. He ceased to fight back the tears and found himself crying bucketloads of water.

Brendon sat down in the living room, playing the piano. He sighed when he heard Miley's sobs coming. Soon enough, he remembered his conversation with Ryan and knew why she was upset. He looked down, dismaly hating to see her cry like this.
Miley followed the music flooding her home as it led her to Brendon playing the piano. "Brendon...can we talk?" She asked, wiping her red, tear stained eyes.
"Of course Miles." Brendon gave her a warm smile as he got up from his piano. They sat on the couch and he put his arm around her, trying to confort her. Miley embraced Brendon tightly, crying on his shoulder. "He-he broke up with me." She said, sniffling. "I-I love him Brenny..."
Brendon gently stroked her brown curls. "Aw Miles..." His heart ached with the guilt of taking away his sister's true love. He knew it was the right thing to do though. She'll be happier were the words that constantly rang in his head. "You don't need him." He said, trying to confort her.
Miley's heart continued to throb as he tried to convince her that she didn't need him. Yes I do. I can't live without him. She thought to herself. All she wanted now was to be in Ryan's arms but he didn't want her anymore. "H-He probably found someone else...someone prettier..." The thought of Ryan being with another girl made her sick to her stomach.
Brendon hugged her tighter. "Don't say that Miles. If he doesn't think you're beautiful, he is not worth your time." He looked down at the broken hearted brunette. Even though they fought a lot and loved getting on eachother's nerves, it still hurt him to see her cry like this. "You hang in there alright Miles." He had comfortingly.
"I'll try." Miley slowly drifted to slumber as she lay next to Brendon.

Ryan lay silently on his bed. All he could think about was Miley and how upset he made her. Witnessing her cry made him sick to his stomach. Breaking up with her put him in even more pain Closing his eyes, he tried to imagine life without her. Impossible. More thoughts began to rush into his mind. There's no point in me living anymore. I need her. She's what kept me alive all this time.
Ryan sat up and eyed the bathroom across the hall. He hesitated for a moment but decided that he needed to. Slowly, he walked into the bathroom. There, on the sink, lay the razor. The same razor he previously harmed himself with. The same razor Miley swatted out of his hand when she witnessed him trying to kill himself. Picking it up, he gawked at it for a minute. He made his choice. Ryan then pressed the sharp tool against his already scarred wrists. He then began violently cutting them, the was pain immense. Taking deep breaths, tears trickled down his cheeks. His body began to shake as he watched the blood ooze out of his skin. Cutting further up his arm, he lost more and more blood. Soon, he began to feel very weak and eventually passed out.

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