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Drugs or me, Bertie.

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Quick little one-shot. What Gerard will do for his best friend.

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Gerard looked down at his hand for the fifth time that day. He thought the entire purpose of taking those little white pills were meant to give him energy as opposed to making everything shake like a pogo stick. Like a motherfucker, Frank would say. Gerard smiled slowly and wildly as the entire room shook, blinking when a picture frame clattered on the small, shoddily made wooden table. His hand moved to the armrest, a hole picked at and worn out by obsessive scratching and furious humping. Any other day Gerard would have torched the chair, but at this moment in pure bliss he felt at home.
"chuck us a blanket," a figure spoke from the other side of the room. Gerard took a few moments to register, but he knew the figure wouldn't mind; it would take him several moments to realize he had asked Gerard a question. reaching for the tartan blanket in the corner, Gerard giggled as the vibrations travelled up his leg and through the crease in his pants, crawling up his torso and through to the itching in his skull. The blanket was thrown clumsily, drawing his attention back to his hands.
"so...strange, this feeling," Gerard watched the little worms under his skin crawl. He cackled at the thought of what his mother'd say to him. "Gerard arthurrrrr way, what kind exaaaaample do you think yourrrrre setting for mikey..."
Gerard stopped. Mikey. In all his haste to forget, he had forgotten the one think that kept him anchored to his sanity; his little brother.
The room suddenly wasn't so funny anymore. The walls seemes to sway and impale into his skull, biting and scraping against the inside. The figure in the corner was just a lampshade with a blanket, and the once comfortable chair was clawing at his spine, anchoring onto his skin and clawing at his insides. Over and over he screamed, "LET ME OUT!" until his voice was hoarse from desperation and all he could do was smash his head on the wooden backing. Over and over, the panic rose and fell, numb from the pain and brought back again. Gerard feared going numb equaled dying, over and over again his head ruptured against the unforgiving chair.
Suddenly, there was a crash he welcomed with a desperate scratchy voice. The front door burst down and a panicked Bert and Mikey ran in, scanning the room quickly until Mikey's eyes clapped onto Gerard.
"oh fuck..." Mikey cried, running and pulling Gerard off the chair, the top now stained with blood. Gerard looked up at them both, smiling unsure and limp from struggling.
"he's too far gone now...Gerard, what were you thinking?" Bert knelt down next to Gerard, now calm with Mikey's hand on his chest.
"I just wanted to see. what your life was...the drugs or me Bertie..." Gerard nodded off, still conscious but unable to move.
"oh god mikes, he did this so i would stop." Mikey stared at bert in horror, realizing Gerard had sacrificed himself to save his best friend.
"no, you cant fucking do this!" Mikey chanted his pleas to deaf ears. Gerard, a little stronger than before, raised his head to Mikey's. "you're strong mikes, ill see you in a little while..." Mikey buried his face into Gerard's chest, and felt him lift with incredible strength. Gerard, now level with his best friend, stared straight into the Bert's eyes, at a loss of witty comments and scarred retorts. The venom of previous meetings had gone from Gerard's voice, but what he said still struck him with the icy coldness it would have held.
"Hey you'll have some new material...can you be empty with me?"
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