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Beautiful Thing

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Gerard learns more about Anna

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Gerard pushed open the curtain of the bunk and Anna realized when he’d disappeared earlier he must have been moving her bag because it was gone. She leaned down and peered in, “So this is where you sleep?”

“Yeah” He laughed, “It’s kinda small but not all that uncomfortable. Would you like to be by the wall or on the outside?”

The idea of being confined against the wall frightened her. If for any reason she had to leave she wanted to be able to do it quickly. “If you do not mind I would prefer to be on the outside.”

He nodded then climbed into the bunk. Anna watched as he rolled on to his side making more room for her. She was about to lower herself into the bunk when Alicia suddenly appeared walking towards her. “You’re sleeping in Gee’s bunk? Where the hell is he gonna…” Her voice trailed off when she looked down and saw her brother in law. “Oh” she laughed

“She’s doing research.” Gerard called out hoping to see Anna smile. “She wants to see what it’s like to travel on a tour bus and sleep in a bunk.”

Anna did smile.

Alicia rolled her eyes, “Uh yeah, sure. Research.” She surprised Anna by giving her a quick hug then continuing down the hall. “Well good luck with that.” She called back over her shoulder.

Anna turned back and saw that Gerard was watching her closely. “Come on, Anna. I’m getting cold here.” He teased as he held up the blanket waiting for her to lie down.

Slowly she lowered herself on to the bunk. He immediately covered their bodies with the blanket then slid his arm under her pillow so that her body naturally rolled closer to his. “This is nice.” He whispered leaning his head down and gently kissing the top of her head. Anna noticed that even though they were close he was keeping his arm on his side and not letting it cover her. She understood he was worried that what had happened last night could happen again. “Is this okay?” His breath tickled her ear.

“Very.” Anna whispered back.

A few minutes later Anna heard his breathing change and she knew he’d fallen asleep. It has been obvious to her all evening that he was exhausted. She kept her eyes open, as a precaution against falling asleep herself but let her mind wander. Thinking back to the stories the band members had shared she wondered how shocked they’d be if they found out she knew those stories firsthand. Of course she could never tell them, they could never know the truth and it was that thought that caused a wave of sadness to wash over her. She sighed heavily just as Gerard moved slightly in his sleep.

Suddenly her head was again filled with his thoughts. She was seeing his dream as it happened. Why this kept happening was something she couldn’t explain. While she could not explain it the mere fact that it happened somehow made her feel closer to him. She let her eyes close as she watched the images flash through her mind.

He was walking down the next street over from the house where he’d grown up. He recognized the landmarks and he knew instantly where he was going. He was angry and wanted a drink. The bar was suddenly in sight. The dream shifted and now he was inside the bar drinking and staring at his reflection in the mirror behind the bar. He looked down at the glass before him then lifted it to his lips letting the strong whisky burn it’s path down his throat. When he looked up again there was a tall, brunette standing behind him. She smiled and he forced himself to return that smile. He knew her; most of the guys knew her. And he knew what she wanted.

In his sleep he shifted his body again getting even closer to Anna.

The scene changed again and he was in her apartment that was just a block from the bar. She poured him another drink than sat down next to him. He quickly emptied the glass then reached out to pull her to him. She was so soft and so willing. Clothes were quickly shed and then she was lying nude on the sofa and he was leaning over her.

Anna’s eyes suddenly popped open. She felt her whole body flush at the memory of what she’d just seen.

He was pumping into the brunette with quick, deep thrusts. Her nails raked his back as she urged him on. It wasn’t enough. In one swift movement he was sitting on the sofa with her straddling his lap. His fingers tweaked her nipples as she rode him hard. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes as he felt his dick start to fill and throb.

“Gerard.” She called out his name in passion and he opened his eyes. Gone was the brunette. In her place Anna was now the woman riding him.

Gerard came out of the dream in a cold sweat. It took him a minute to even realize where he was let alone that someone was lying next to him. He rolled his head over on the pillow and saw that her eyes were open and she was staring at him.

“I believe you were dreaming.” Anna whispered.

His heart was still racing. “Uh, yeah. A dream.”

Anna bit her lip to keep from smiling, “Was it a good dream?” She just had to know.

Gerard could still see her clearly in his mind, nude and…. He nodded, “Not bad.”

When he looked into her face through the semi-darkness he saw she had a strange look on her face. A sinking feeling hit him. Oh shit, had he called out her name? Did she somehow know he’s just been dreaming of having sex with her?

Anna saw the confusion on his face. “I was sure it was not unpleasant.” She said so softly he had to strain to hear her words. She moved her body slightly.

Realization struck him in that instant. His dick was rock hard and pressing against her. “Oh fuck, I’m sorry.” He was embarrassed and tried to scoot away.

Anna didn’t want him to feel that way. She lifted her head and pressed her lips against his. The kiss was gentle and he understood it was her way of telling him it was okay.

When the kiss ended he whispered in her ear, “This is really sorta embarrassing.”

“It is a natural thing.” Anna answered.

Gerard looked into her eyes, “Maybe but it’s still embarrassing.” He shifted his weight again knowing she could still feel him.

Anna took a deep breath then moved her hand across her body to lightly brush over his engorged member.

Gerard’s breath caught was pleasure washed over him. Was she really going to do this?

Her hand lightly stroked him and as she continued to look deeply into his eyes.

“Oh Anna.” It was a ragged whisper. He held his breath for a moment when her hand stilled but he soon realized she was simply pushing his sweat pants down slightly. When he felt the flesh of her hand on his dick he had to bite his lip not to moan out loud.

Anna slid her hand down to the base then slowly moved it up, over and over again. She could feel it pulsating in her hand. Without warning his lips crashed down on hers. His tongue demanded her mouth open to his. Anna’s strokes became quicker as she felt his dick harden. When he cried out against her mouth she felt his hot, sticky release.

Gerard’s head fell back and he tried to catch his breath. “Oh shit.” He whispered putting his hands over his face.

Anna removed her hand.

He slowly opened his eyes and looked over at her. The look on her face shocked him, she looked ready to cry. “Sugar, what is it?”

“I…” Tears filled her eyes.

Suddenly he was afraid. Had this trigged an awful memory? “I’m sorry.” He leaned up on his elbow. “I’m such a jackass I should have realized.”

Anna shook her head realizing what he was thinking. “No, it is just…I was afraid I did something wrong.”


“You seemed to be…” She closed her mouth unable to find words.

It was then realization struck him. “Anna you have never done that before, have you?”

“I have never touched a man in that way.” She closed her eyes unable to meet his gaze.

“I’m sorry I didn’t realize.”

Anna willed herself to be strong. She opened her eyes and met his gaze, “You know of the only time I have been with a man.”

Gerard’s mind was reeling. The bastard who had raped her was the only knowledge she had of sex. “Anna, listen to me. You have not been with a man. That was an animal.” His finger tilted her chin up so he could look deeply into her eyes. “What you just did to me was beautiful.”

Tears fell from her eyes. “You were pleased?”

His heart felt like it was breaking, “Yeah, Sugar. It was perfect.”

After they both used the restroom Gerard returned to his original spot and pulled her into his arms. “Anna, I’m sorry I didn’t realize.”

“You could not have known. I realize that since it happened to me so many years ago you would have assumed. And I am sure that since you have read my novels you simply assumed a woman who writes scenes involving the act would be aware.” She lowered her eyes, “But the truth is I often write about things of which I have no true knowledge.”

Gerard silently cursed the fact that they were laying in a bus full of people. He longed to be able to speak to her without whispering. There were so many things he needed to say to her. “When people care deeply for each other it’s a beautiful thing. I want you to understand that.” He took a deep breath, “I want you to experience that.”

Anna nodded feeling herself lost in his gaze.

“When the time is right and you feel ready, okay?” He hoped she understood what he was saying.

Again she nodded.

Gerard laid his head on the pillow and thought a moment. “After we play Phoenix we have a three day break. Maybe we can get away for a night.” He saw what he thought was fear in her eyes, “Just to spend some time truly alone. Nothing will happen that you don’t want to happen.”

So many thoughts were filling her head. It would be difficult to truly be alone with him, to be away from her RV but… “I would like that.” She whispered before she could change her mind.

Gerard smiled, “We’ll figure this all out, Anna. I promise.”

She wanted to believe his words could be true. “Yes, we will.”

He was exhausted but he couldn’t fall back asleep. His head was pounding again and there were too many thoughts filling his mind. He still could not get the image out of his mind of how she looked when she’d been afraid she’d done something wrong. Christ, how could the woman not know her simple touch had pushed him almost to the brink? He opened his eyes and looked over at her. Her eyes were open and she was staring at the top of the bunk. He whispered in her ear, “Can’t sleep either?”

She shook her head but did not turn to look at him.

“What are you thinking about?’

Anna wanted to answer the question so badly it hurt.

Her silence concerned him, “Anna, please tell me.”

This time she turned her head to gaze into his eyes. “I can not.”


She chewed nervously on her bottom lip. “It is embarrassing.”

He leaned over so he could speak softly in her ear. “Sugar, I know embarrassing. Don’t forget I’m the guy who woke up earlier with a hard on poking you.”

Anna smiled, “I did not mind.”

“Okay then so forget embarrassing. Just tell me.”

Instead she showed him. Her fingers shook as she reached down to lift her sweatshirt exposing her bare breasts. “I want you to touch me.” Her voice sounded so small and frightened.

Gerard felt a wave of tenderness for her. He reached out and gently caressed her left breast. He saw her close her eyes as his fingers lightly brushed over her soft skin. Leaning up on his elbow he repeated the actions on her other breast until he saw her nipples harden. He deeply buried any feeling touching and seeing her breasts caused him. She needed this act to be simple and pleasureful, this was only for her and he wanted it that way.

Anna let the feel of his hands on her breasts fill her senses. It was heaven. So many times she’d dreamed of this. So many times her heart had felt broken when she’d known he was with another. But for now, he was hers. She sighed contently and smiled.

Gerard slowly lowered his mouth to her nipple unable to stop himself. If she appeared to withdraw in anyway he would stop. His tongue darted out and he slowly licked a path around it making sure to watch her body language. He heard her catch her breath and he quickly raised his head but before he could look up her hand was on the back of his neck urging him to continue. Moving to the other nipple he took it into this mouth and gently sucked.

Anna’s body came to life. It was as if every nerve ending in her body began to sing. “Ohhhhhhhh” she moaned loudly.

Gerard raised his head.

She threw her hands over her face. “Sorry.” She whispered sounding horrified.

He pressed his lips to her ear and whispered, “Sugar it’s okay. But I think maybe we should stop now. As much as I love this I don’t want it to get out of control” Her hands still covered her face. “Anna, make no mistake. I want to make love to you. But when we do I want to take my time. I want it to be perfect for you.” He carefully pulled her sweatshirt down. She dropped her arms but her eyes were still tightly closed. “Anna?” He wanted to make sure she understood he wasn’t pulling away from her again. “Please look at me.”

Anna slowly opened her eyes. Gerard was shocked momentarily. It appeared her eyes flashed but when she blinked they were normal again. He realized it must have been a trick of the light. “Do you understand?”

She nodded.

Gerard smiled and once again settled down so he could pull her into his arms. “Sleep now, Sugar.” He whispered. “Sweet dreams.”

Anna lay with her head on his chest listening to his beating heart. An hour later when the bus stopped for gas she silently slid from the bunk and exited the bus. Tonight had been heaven but it had also been hell. She stumbled slightly and realized that she needed to get to her RV quickly. Her senses told her Claire was near so when she appeared out of the darkness Anna was not surprised.

Claire took her arm and led her to the secluded spot where she’d parked the RV. Anna’s weakness worried her. “I feared this could happen so I was prepared.”

“Bob?” Anna whispered.

“Do not worry, he is asleep.” Claire said as she opened her bag.

As the needle pierced her skin the sting of the injection caused her to cry out softly but as soon as the fluid began coursing through her veins she felt her strength returning. Anna leaned against the bus and closed her eyes.

“It was foolish of you to go to him unprepared.” Claire knew her words could cause Anna’s fury to erupt but her concern to her made her speak her mind.

“It was a chance I was willing to take.” Anna mumbled.

Claire shook her head sadly, “We do not have much time. The tour bus is preparing to pull out again and they do not realize you are not still inside.”

“I must get back.” Anna said pulling herself up straighter. She still felt wobbly a fact that Claire noticed immediately. “I will help you.” She said taking hold on her arm. Anna let her lead her back to the bus. At the door she turned to her.

“Thank you.” She whispered.

Claire did something she rarely did she hugged Anna. “Be careful.” She whispered.

Anna surprised Claire by returning the hug.

Once Anna was back on the bus Claire hurried back across the parking lot. As she entered the RV Bob’s voice startled her.

“Is she okay?”

Claire’s mind began to race. How long had he been awake? “She was feeling slightly sick but she is better now.”

Bob nodded as he sat down in the passenger seat.

As much as Claire enjoyed speaking with him she had hoped he’d lay back down and go back to sleep. “You are not still tired?”

He smiled over at her. “A little. But I’d rather stay awake so we can talk.” His eyes met hers, “To tell you the truth Claire there is something about you that fascinates me.”

Claire gave him a shocked look. Even though they had spoken for hours before he’d laid down she hadn’t believed she’d said anything that interesting and certainly nothing that would fascinate anyone.

Bob laughed softly, “It’s really true. I’m hoping we get to spend more time like we have tonight.”

Happiness made her smile, “I would like that too.”
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