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Death is sweeter than life

by xxMikeyxx 3 reviews

Okay this just randomly came to my head so don't expect it to make sense.

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Sam's POV
I stood there looking at the dagger, then the pool in my garden. I walked to the edge of the pool. I was told he was in love with Frank. I couldn't bear it I loved him. I turned round with my back facing the pool. I adjusted my black and white gloves. I dressed for the occasion I had my gloves, matching tights. Black t-shirt and skirt and my black boots. I heard footsteps. Then I saw him. I had to act fast. I plunged the dagger into my chest and fell backwards into the water. Seconds later I heard a splash. I saw his face. I then said "Remember me Gerard Way," he pulled me into his arms and softly kissed me. As soon as he stopped I was gone.
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