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Sora's house

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Kingdom Hearts belongs to Square Enix and Disney. Plot and OCs belong to me
Island back to normal

AN: Thank you Transitions end for helping me come up with a new name for what happened to Sora last chapter. Instead of just plain Anti-Drive, it shall be known as Berserker mode and the actual form shall be called Anti-Valour. This will be a pretty short chapter and the last for Destiny Islands. Thank you Transitions end and Grey VS Ale for the Reviews.

"I'm sorry but what are they called" Sora's mother asked bemused as she looked in the eyes of Sora, Riku, Kairi, Selphie and there companions. She realized one of them was the boy from before but she didn't know anything about the other two

"They are Heartless, and your son over there has been battling them for two years. And that's probably why he hasn't been doing very well in school" Sam said as he leaned against the wall throwing in the odd joke which surprised his comrades.

"This is all a little hard to believe" Sora's mother stated

"Oh, would you rather believe that they do not exist despite the fact that you witnessed them for yourself?" Sam asked

"No, it's just hard to handle" She answered

"I'm still a little confused, why did they come here?" Selphie asked

"They wanted you" Sora answered

"But why?"

"Because you are a Puroguramu" Sam stated

"A Purogu-what?" Selphie asked

"Allow me to explain" Sam began, "When a world fell to the Heartless, those with strong hearts were turned to jewels called summon crystals. However a few escaped there world, they had nothing yet they left there world as Beast did" Sam said as he shot a look towards Sora

"How does he know about that?" Sora thought

"But there hearts could not take it, they failed and either adding a lock to their hearts as well as the one they are born with as well as a new identity, leaving them with only the knowledge of there names and possibly changing certain physical appearances most commonly their age. This would leave them unconscious to drift to whatever world they were going to. Or there bodies would simply be ripped apart. Selphie Tilmitt, you are a Puroguramu"

"But I can't be?!" Selphie exclaimed

"Oh can't you, what do you remember of your early life?" Sam asked

"Well I remember...I remember" Selphie panicked, her breathing becoming more rapid and harder until she eventually fell out of her chair, "Ahh!! Selphie began screaming hysterically

"Shit! She's loosing it, someone hold her down" Sam shouted

"Why? What's happening to her?" Sora asked

"It's a defence mechanism, the lock will automatically try and stop the heart from breaking free" Sam replied (I want to brake free. Hehehe) "the worst case scenario is that the host will be destroyed from the inside out! We have to release her

"Hold on Selphie" Riku called as he pulled Selphie up and stopped her from moving

"Ahh, No!"

Sora summoned the Kingdom Key and ran forward to unlock Selphie however she just kicked him back

"Let me do it, I'm closest to her" Kairi stated as she summoned Destines place and held it behind her back, Kairi approached Selphie, "Selphie"

Selphie looked at her, "Kai...ri?"

"It's going to be alright Selphie" Kairi said. Selphie smiled a little, that smile soon turned into an enormous grimace as she looked down at her chest and saw the Keyblade in it. Kairi turned it like someone would turn a key in a lock before pulling her Keyblade out. Selphie looked up at her with a mixture of disbelief and pain on her face as her wound lit up and her body was covered in light. When the light cleared, instead of a sixteen year old girl, there was a young woman standing there

Selphie looked at Kairi blankly before smiling, "Hi, I'm Selphie Tilmitt, what's your name"

Kairi's gut turned inside out. Selphie, One of Kairi's best friends didn't even remember her

"She wont remember you, don't even bother" Kairi turned around


Sam pushed himself off the wall and pulled out his communication device before pressing a button and putting it to his ear, "Squall, we got Selphie...I need you to explain everything to her. Selphie, catch" Sam threw the communication device to Selphie, "Come on, Squall is waiting to take us back up to the ships, lets go" Donald, goofy and Riku all left the house, Sora slung his arm around Kairi as they left the house. After awhile Selphie handed the device back to Sam.

"Oh, what happened to Hojo?" Selphie asked

"He would have no reason to stay here; he most likely left to find other specimens. He'll be back though, that is why we can't stay any longer" Selphie nodded as she left the house

Sam turned to Sora's mother, "So how do you fell about those?"

"You mean my son and Kairi? I don't know"

"You have to admit though; it's not anywhere near as bad as what you used to do at that age"

"How do you know about all that?" Sora's mother asked

"I know everything about you, that day I learnt all of your memories" Sam answered

"So, where you behind it" Sora's mother asked

"I could not allow him to be clouded about uncertainties; it would be dangerous for him and all those around him"

"Dangerous, what about without the uncertainties, how dangerous is this" Sora's mother asked

"I think that you already know that, after all you already knew about Keyblades and Heartless even if you pretended over wise" Sam said, "How old were you, how old were you when you hid in the shadows as he was torn apart by Heartless. He may have been a Keyblade master but even we have our limits"

"Eight, I was eight"

"Eight. I'm suppressed you weren't traumatised. Your father was a hero, if he didn't lock himself and the Heartless away, this world would have died a lot sooner and a lot more people would have died" Sam stated as he looked at the wall which was lined with photographs, "I suppose you aren't proud enough of those other photos to put them on the wall. All these other photos are just so innocent" Sam approached one of the photos, "What is this, your school photo? They all look so innocent and ignorant to the worlds, except for that one she just looks like she wants to tear the cameraman's pants off and..."

"Hey that's me!" Sora's mother exclaimed preventing Sam from finishing his vulgar sentence

"Yeah, I know" Sam turned around to face Sora's mother and lean against the wall again

"And what other photos"

"Oh, don't give me that!" Sam pushed off the wall, "I know your not proud of it but don't deny it. And don't call yourself a dancer; you should know that at that club you work at, you're probably the only one who calls yourself a dancer." Sam stated, "Are you going to tell him what you do for a living?"

"It's not the kind of thing you just blurt out!!" Sora's mother exclaimed

"Hey don't get me wrong, I'm not judging you. But one of these days he will find out, and how do you think he is going to react when he finds out that you kept something like this from him"

"Well how am I supposed to tell him?" Sora's mother asked

"If you are afraid then I will tell him if you want" Sam stated

"Fine then"

"Alright, when I find a chance I'll tell him" Sam turned towards the door, "Oh yeah, catch" Sam dug into his pocket and pulled a white communication device out similar to his black one before throwing it to Sora's mother, she caught it in both hands before shooting a puzzled look back at Sam, "It's like a intergalactic mobile phone, we're on speed dial one, if you see anything out of place, call us immediately" Sam reached for the door handle and opened it, "And don't worry, I wont tell him anything about his father" With that said, Sam left the house to join his comrades, ready to leave the world and travel onwards to put a stop to the Heartless threat

AN: Well, there is another world done. What's next you may ask well you are going to just have to wait and see. Please review.
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