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I try not to summerize...poetry

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A love so strong...
It reaches down deep,
tearing at the strings...
of the fragile heart that keeps.
This need within the soul.
Never could have imagined
One person could make life whole.
The torrents of the storm ahead,
Blind and haze the vision.
It becomes difficult to truly see,
To keep from a collision.

No matter what occurs,
I know that there's still hope.
You'll always be here with me..
Within my heart, my soul.
It's undescribable.
For merely just a phase.
They just wont ever understand...
what is written on our fates.

Need me forever...
But love me longer.
Dont believe in lies...
If you need the proof..
Its in my eyes.
I'm with you all the time.
When you stay ...
I'm here beside you.
When you fade,
Youre not too far.
I'm always with you...
Loving you.

My Lover

My friend.

A perfect match of sorts.

quite a pair
oh quite a pair..
We do forever make.

When eternity gives in...
I'll know I truly had..
The love that i had searched for..
I never looked too far.
And with my last...
Unspoken breath...
Please know how much I cared.
That I am always here for you...
No matter what my dear.
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