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You're Not In This Alone

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MCR has a friend that has a problem...will she make it through or will their friendship end?...Oneshot

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August 2006

"Izzy! Izzy, where are you?" It wasn't till 11 p.m. that Frank noticed his friend was M.I.A. "Isabelle, this is not funny!" They had spent the whole day together and at 10, he left for about 15 minutes and when he came back, his friend was gone. He thought she had gone to the bathroom so he watched some TV for a while. He lost track of time and hadn't noticed she was gone for 45 minutes. He had a hunch of what she was up to and thought how much damage could she do in 45 minutes? He was in for one big surprise.

She was no where in or near the house. So he put on his sweater and headed outside. It was already midnight when he reached the local bars. He decided to call up Gerard up to help him look for Isabella. Near 1 am, he finally got there and the two best friends searched for their friend who desperately needed help. There was only one bar left in town to search. 1:30 am, "Isabelle!" There she was, lying on the floor outside of the bar, lying in a pool of vomit. Frank and Gerard couldn't waker her up, so they called 911.

But let's backtrack to a couple of years ago.

September 2004

Gerard finally sobered up, but in the process of doing so, the physical pain he was going through caused his friend Isabella seeking help. Everyone was so busy with Gerard that she turned to another friend for help...alcohol, the same friend that Gerard had a recent fallout with. That's when her drinking problem began. Months went by, and everyone realized that her problem was worse than Gerard's...if that was even possible. She was constantly waisted, constantly sick. She couldn't control herself. Intervention wasn't working because right after her and the band would meet and she'd promise she wouldn't do it anymore, 10 minutes later she'd be at a bar.

It was affecting her relationship with the boys. She'd constantly be in an argument with Gerard and Ray. Mostly about keeping that "shit" away from Gerard and Ray would just get in little arguments about every little thing. It was hurting them...bad. She'd make Frank fear for her life and therefore she never left his sight. She'd make Mikey confused, always hitting on him, then telling him that he wasn't good enough for her. It was bringing his self-confidance down. Since Bob was the newby and he didn't know her old self, he just couldn't understand why the other guys wasted their time on her. But her defense when she was sober (for like 15 minutes a day...mostly in the morning) was she didn't know what she was doing.

[Back to today] More months went by, and each one of them could see her slowly killing herself. They prepared themselves for the worst. They even bought a grave-site and had a coffin on hold. They new what was coming...and so did she. That brings us to today. Each one of them wanted to hang out with her one-on-one one last time before she hit the deck (excluding Bob...he hated her). They made sure she was sober. It was hard for her, but she was doing it. They all forgot how much fun she could be when sober since she hasn't been like this for two years.

For the first day, she was with Ray. He loved not fighting with her for a whole day. Then the next day belonged to Gerard. They went to the beach for a while and splashed around all day...till she got sick. He had to take her home as soon as she started vomiting. The next day was Mikey's day. She had the shakes all day, but she ignored them and took pictures with Mikey in a photo booth and went on roller coasters all day. Then it was Frank's turn. She hadn't had a drink in three whole days, and Frank was scared that she would cave. And because she hadn't drank, her body was rejecting the clean blood, and she was sick nearly the whole day. Frank had a simple 'Friend-Day' with Isabelle, and took her to the park. They ate ice cream, went on the swings, and watched the sunset. After dark, he took her to his house so they could have a movie night. Without his knowing, she was in agony. She desperately wanted some alcohol, but was too weak to get any. Once he was gone, making some food for them, she got the strength and snuck out of the house. That's when he started searching...

At the hospital

All four guys sat there in her room waiting for her heart monitor to 'flat-line.' The doctors said they got to her on time and pumped her stomach and put an IV in her, but they all felt it was time. She gave herself alcohol poisoning, so they knew it was bad. Ray and Mikey soon left, in search for food, and when they did, it happened. She didn't flat line, but she actually woke up! Gerard and Frank were quickly at her side. "Izzy, why did you do it?" "I needed it." They just shook her head, "No you didn't. You were doing fine for four days. What happened to the old Isabella? The one who could conquer anything?" "She left when the old Gerard did." "Don't go blaming me. You brought this upon yourself." "I know." They both looked at her. "What made you do it in the first place?" "Gerard. His pain was hurting me. I needed help. I looked at you guys for it, but you were all busy with Gee. So I turned to alcohol. I knew I was throwing myself into deep. But I couldn't stop. It was taking over my body and I wanted help, but I didn't want to bother you guys with my problem." "Why?" "I didn't think you'd understand. I thought you would judge me." Gerard was baffled. "You didn't even trust me? The person who went through the same exact thing you're going through?" "Ya, I guess." "Look, Iz, for the past two years, we tried helping." "Oh, I'm sorry." "Will you try to get proper help now?" She thought for a moment. "Yes, I will. Just promise me you'll be there every step of the way." "We'll never leave your side. We'll always be there for you. We've experienced this with him points to Gee already. We know how tough of a process it is." "And that's why we're here, to help anyone and anybody through any difficult problem they're having. To save the world, one life at a time."
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