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No one seems to get it
im only just one girl...
theres only so much im good for..
only so much i can do.
im not putting myself down.
just simply stating truth.
i dont need to be riddiculed..
for the beliefs that i hold true.
i wish there was only one...
who made me feel so small..
but i find that there are many..
who want to see me fall.
darkness fills my mind..
ripping at my heart.
can anyone tell me what i can do?
to keep from falling apart?
if there's an answer ...
please do share..
im begging ..
need to know.
i just want to be able
to brush this off...let go.
but alas at this here moment..
i am hollow
im alone.
feeling no ones here for me..
I'm afraid of the unknown.
the "future" i'll create..
scares the hell out of me.
i just am never sure..
about the decisions i do make.
i find myself just wishing..
on stars up in the sky.
but i know my constant wishing..
enables my life.. to pass me by.
if anyone were to take..
a really good look at me..
they would surely see all the pain..
i desperatly try to hide.
but no one cares to notice..
anything inside.
everyone just looks at me..
and simply passes by.
i know more than anyone thinks..
im not as stuped as i am portrayed..
i have the scars to prove...
my ultimate self betrayal.
even those who know..
cannot seem to find the time.
to help me through this pain..
so its pushed away .. to engulf my mind.
Eventually.. resurfacing..
i cam forced to face...
all my insecurities..
all my dumb mistakes.
ill never understand
why the light has gone.
from my life eternally..
and im learning to live in strife.

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