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Think About You.

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A little late night chat. Chapter One.

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It was about 11:56pm and the Gunners were sitting around the hotel room. Unfortunately when they arrived they found out that having separate rooms as they all planned wasn’t the case. Somewhere along the line from their manger calling the hotel and them arriving something had gone wrong.

“We booked five separate rooms!” Axl stated.

“Yes I know. But something must have gone wrong, I’m sorry but you’re all going to have to share a room.” The lady replied.

Axl looked the tall blonde up and down, her high waisted skirt covered a red blouse underneath and a ribbon was wrapped around her neck. Axl snarled, I could take her, Axl thought. Slash noticed Axls temper rising and stepped in.

“Um, were are we all ment to sleep? There is only a double bed.” Slash asked.

“This is ridiculous!” Izzy demanded, throwing his baggage on the floor.

“Smoke?” Duff asked Izzy. Izzy sighed and nodded, following Duff out the hotel.

“We will send in one more single bed.” The lady smiled.

“But there are five of us!” Axl yelled, pushing in front of Slash.

“I’m sorry sir, but that is all we can do.” Her voice seemed to change and Slash could tell she was getting annoyed.

“Okay. Okay. Thank you.” Slash smiled. Picking up his bags.

‘What!” Axl stared at Slash.

“Axl there isn’t much we can do. Unless you want to sleep out in the rain we have to take what we can.” Slash explained.

Axl just stared. Slash could tell this wasn’t going to be easy.

“Listen!” Axl said to the lady. “We have been walking for 9 hours. In the cold, in the rain, with no one what so ever to help us. So...” He took in a deep breath. “You’re going to be nice and give us the separate rooms we asked for.”

“No, I’m not sir.”

“Yes. You. Are!” Axl yelled, slamming his fist down onto the desk.

“Axl!” Slash yelled. Running over to Axl he wrapped his arms around Axls waist and lifted him of the ground.

“I’m so sorry.” Slash apologized. Carrying the red head away and into the elevator. “I’ll meet you at the room.” Slash growled slamming the button and walking away.

Slash picked his and Axls bags from the ground and headed outside.

“We are going to our room now.” Slash told Izzy and Duff.
As they all gathered into the elevator Slash explained what had happened. Izzy and Duff really didn’t care. They just wanted to go to the nearest bar. So Slash took their bags and headed for the room.

The door was already open and you could hear Axl ripping shit up inside. Slash walked in dropped the bags and looked at the damage Axl had done. The TV had been tipped over, glass was broken and the bed was turned inside out.

“Like that’s going to make things better.” Slash sighed, closing the door.

“Fuck you.” Axl snapped.

“Right.” Slash walked over to Axl and gripped him by the arm.

“What are you doing?” Axl yelled, trying to get out of Slash’s grip.

Slash opened the bathroom door and pushed Axl inside, stepping inside he closed and locked the door behind him.

“What the fuck! Move.” Axl shoved passed Slash and unsuccessfully tried to open the door.

“Talk to me.” Slash calmly told Axl.

“What? No. Let me out.” Axl yelled bashing the door.

Slash gripped Axl and forced him to sit on the floor.

“Talk to me.” Slash repeated.

“You are fucked!” Axl screamed but not moving.

Slash placed himself next to Axl.

Slash had this weird way of calming Axl down and Axl didn’t like the fact that Slash had that control over him.

“Why does everything fuck up?” Axl asked mostly to himself than anyone.

Slash just sat and listened.

“I just want everything to turn out right you know?” Axl sighed. To Axl it seemed things couldn’t get any better. Everything he had tried to do over the last few months had turned out completely wrong, and Axl had been driven to the end, he just didn’t know what to do.

“We are getting there, Axl.” Slash replied.

“No. Were not! Everything has fucked up and you know it!” Slash knew Axl had a point.

The room fell silent.
Both men just sat on the bathroom floor.

“Your amazing Axl.” Slash whispered.

Axl left his gaze from the bathroom floor and looked at Slash. Slash wasn’t sure how Axl would react, but he was willing to take the chance.

“It’s all I ever wanted.” Axl mumbled.
“What is?” Slash asked.
Both men still looking at each other.

Axl looked away and stared at the floor.


Slash sat there stunned. Not sure how to take his friends words.

A loud knock broke the silence as the bathroom door shook. Slash and Axl both stared at the door, Slash lifted himself up from the floor and unlocked the door.

“What are you doing?” Izzy asked. His breath whisky stained as he spoke.

“Talking.” Slash replied.



Silence once again echoed the room.

“What?” Slash broke the silence and stared at Izzy.

Izzy mumbled something and walked away.

Slash turned around and looked at his friend sitting on the floor looking up at him. Slash smiled as his friends perfectly green coloured eyes lit up. Slash reached down and gave his hand to Axl. Axl took it and they both walked out.

Izzy laid spread across the bed and laid beside it was Duff, It seemed he had passed out before he had the chance to reach the bed.

A single bed had been pushed behind the hotel door. It looked like Duff and Izzy had tried to push it through and gave up.

Slash turned and looked at Axl who was aimlessly scanning the room. The burnt orange from the sunset shone through the hotel window and covered Axl and Slash. The orange mixed perfectly with Axls hair and Slash gave a little laugh.

He walked up to Axl and slipped his hand into Axls. Axl looked at Slash and smiled. Slash led Axl over to the single bed and lay on one side pulling Axl next to him. They both tried hard to fit into the tiny single bed, but soon enough they became comfortable.

With Slash’s arm wrapped around Axls waist and Axls head rested on Slash’s chest, they both stared out into the orange and pink lit sky.

“I never knew.” Slash spoke causing Axl to tense. Axl didn’t want Slash to freak out or hate him. They both had always had a great relationship and even when times got rough they both seemed to stick it through... together.

“But I’m glad I do.” Slash smiled. “Because I need you.”

Slash placed a kiss upon Axls forehead and as Axl relaxed against Slash’s touch they both drifted of the sleep.
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