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Not so Guilty little pleasures.

by InuKag 1 review

a poem about a few innocent pleasures .

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singing in my room...
music blasted loud.
sometimes on karaoke setting...
hell i dont care.. im proud!

Using the brush as a microphone,
and faking the piano..
making it up as i go along..
is more fun than you can imagine (lol)

Dancing like an idiot,
when i think no one is watching...
thinking that i'm a genius..
but knowing I just look obnoxious.

writing little poems,
about love, hate or whatever...
reading random books,
that keep me up forever.

taking baths or showers..
in the dark with candles lit.
manicures and pedicures...
done with my own store bought shit.

watching inuyasha...
that stupid anime.. lol
no matter how "childish"
it just adds to make my day

Phantom of the opera...
is yet another guilty pleasure...
well, maybe an obsession,
thats way beyond all measure.. (hehe)

Staying up until god knows when,
or talking on the phone.
wishing on stars....
and dreaming of a place to call home.

sleeping in on days...
when i have NOTHING to do.
then going on the computer,
and sometimes getting to talk to you.

hearing your voice,
and your laugh oh so cute...
but thinking that i love you...
sometimes feels absurd.

Doing hair and makeup..
just becuase im bored. . .
then taking random pictures,
to remember what a good job i have done.

The fantasies of my life...
that i like to think are real,
dreaming of a better day,
for the ultimate appeal.

singing for the crowd,
just for the sheer thrill...
knowing when its over,
i'll want more than my fill..

Believing the way i do...
in everything around me...
and laughing when i find...
that only one person agrees, everyone else just calls me crazy..

i have many little pleasures,
maybe not all of them guilty...
but i love those things that make me me...
even if no body really sees.
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