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Silly walk, shaw-bear?

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one-shot. cute, clean story with some kids from CS. made for a friend: Mikey makes his way over to his lady love...

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“one. Two. three.” Mikey took a deep breath in and moved swiftly towards Phoebe. The pavement beneath him felt as if it was egging him on, telling him to go with it, if he backs out he’d have to wait another three weeks until his wimpy little legs could move an inch further towards her.
“come on, keep going,” Rebecca whispered under her breath. She was rooting Mikey on from behind a crowd of people so as to not spook him. Suarez came up behind her and pecked her cheek tenderly. “don’t worry. He won’t back down, he’s losing a fair bit of money if he does.” Becky smirked at her boyfriend, looking down at her hand inter wound with his. “I didn’t notice you holding my hand, Alex.”
“they don’t call me suave Suarez for nothing.”
The pair bubbled up into each other’s arms, Mikey glancing back at the couple, a feeling of lonesomeness overcoming him. A spanking by Saporta sent his confidence up, although he was embarrassed by the suggestive actions Gabe was making in his peripheral vision.
“Hey Phoebs, what’s up? No, that’s way too douche-y. Sup? Heyz? Ugh.” The few paces between him and his lady-love were made to feel like a marathon stretch, the scenery moving about him in a slow montage. Phoebe moved gracefully in front of his eyes; his heart making gleeful little flips in his ribcage. His excitement overcame nervousness as he was standing literally a hair length away.
Suddenly he froze. A flurry (yes flurry) of memories rushed back to him. Being rejected in high school, having to bide his time to change himself and wait until his girl noticed him. He would sometimes be so taken by his love interest he actually thought he might die of agonizing want and need to be with her. Mikey then smiled and remembered why it was that he was walking towards Phoebe. It was because she liked him for the person he really was. Not the poetic sap in the corner, not the pathetic upper class tennis player he had tried to put on as an act. No, she liked, and hopefully loved him for his quirky confidence and inability to move when Gabe licked his shoulder. For his stupid little rants and ability to make her laugh.
He took a deep breath in and tapped her shoulder lightly, stuffing his hands into his pockets habitually when he came into contact with her dancing blue eyes.
“uh, why hello there mornanmeister.” Mikey’s grin could have fallen right off his face and he wouldn’t have noticed during the hug Phoebe was giving him.

Becky and Gabe watched on either side of the room, mentally hi-5ing each other. She turned to Suarez and smiled. “silly walk Suarez?” Alex turned to see Mikey Suarez-ly hook arms with a now blissful phoebe, knowing his plan was complete.
“silly walk, shaw-bear.”
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