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I tried to keep Billie's recent home a secret for as long as I possibly could. You'll eventually figure it out. [oneshot]

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[Flashback] "Billie, please don't go. Joey needs you, Jakob needs you...I need you. And what about the band, you can't leave them on their own." "I have to do something Addie. I'm not just gonna sit on my ass and watched us destroy ourselves because a certain asshole felt that it was a good idea to get revenge." "Billie, I love you!" "I love you too Addie." [end flashback]

It's been about 2 1/2 years since I've seen my beloved wife and kids. I've gained some buddies being here. I mean, you have to if you want to survive. You need someone to constantly watch your back. But I miss Mike and Tré. No one can replace them. Sure, there have been letters, but it's not enough. I need to see everyone...and I know exactly how I'm gonna accomplish that.

The Next Day

Dear Adrienne, Joey, Jakob, Mike, and Tré. Wait up for me.
xoxo Billie Joe Armstrong :)

"Hey BJ." "Sup dude." "What's that?" "Just a letter for home. When's the next fight?" "I was just about to tell you. The enemy is coming. We finally caught up to them. This is gonna be our biggest battle yet!" I smiled, "great." "Soldiers! Meeting." I grabbed my gun and walked up to my sergeant. He gave me my orders and I prepared myself for what was coming up. "Private Armstrong, are you ready?" "I sure am, Sir."

[A few hours later] "Go go go! No! Get back here Private Ryan!" (haha, Saving Private Ryan xD) BOOM BOOM BOOM "perfect." I'm coming home guys. I ran out onto the battle field, preparing myself for what was about to happen. "PRIVATE ARMSTRONG! GET BACK HERE NOW!" I ran behind a tank, just where my buddy was. "What are you doing!?" I headed back out and yelled back at him, "I'm going home!" BOOM I fell to the ground holding my stomach. "MEDIC!" I smiled to myself, but also grimaced in pain. I didn't think it would be this bad. But, I'm not doing it just for myself. Home, I'm going home again.

I was lying in an uncomfortable bed and people surrounding me were frantically running and calling orders. "Get him to surgery now! We can't afford to keep him waiting!" What? Is it that bad? "Mr. Armstrong? You're going into surgery. We need to clean out your insides out before you get led poisoning." Lead poisoning? Don't people die from that? I opened my mouth, but no sound came out. Why can't I talk!? "Don't try to speak, Mr. Armstrong. You won't be able to. Just breathe, and you'll wake up shortly feeling as good as ever." I did as I was told till I couldn't function anymore. [falls asleep]

[A few hours later] I woke up feeling kind of groggy. "Liar. I don't feel as good as ever." "laughs you just woke up from a two hour surgery. You're gonna feel like that. Hi, I'm Dr. Dorothy. Would you like to call your family and tell them you're being discharged from the army?" "No, no it's okay. I wanna surprise them." She smiled, "okay."

[Two weeks later] "Mr. Armstrong, you're being discharged today. But before you leave, we have two letters that arrived for you this morning."

Billie, what did you mean by 'wait up for me'? We don't get it. Be safe please.
xoxo all of us

"And this is the second one."

Billie, are you okay!? We haven't heard from you in over a week. We usually get a letter from you every other day! Maybe you're in combat? Please be safe . Take care of yourself!
xoxo all of us

"I'm coming home Addie."

Two days later

I arrived in Oakland, California about 2 hours ago. And now I'm finally home. I stood in front of the front door and just look at it. It's too quiet. Joey and Jakob can usually be heard running around and Addie yelling at them. I opened the door and heard someone crying. "Adrienne, listen to me, he's okay. I know he is. He's a strong and smart man. He knows how to protect himself." Addie? Mike? "Mike, I haven't heard from him in over three weeks. It has never been this long!" "Don't think like that." I decided to go back outside and just ring the doorbell. ding dong I set my bags on the ground and put my army hat on the top of them...and hid (just because I've been in the army for the past 2 1/2 years doesn't mean I've lost my sense of humor). I heard the door open and I heard a gasp. "Billie?" haha "Mike!" She ran back inside and closed the door. I went to open it, but as soon as I was gonna open the door, they opened it. "Oh, um, hey guys." "BILLIE!" Adrienne wrapped her arms around me and kissed me...she missed me ;-). "Oh Billie, I missed you so much!" "Addie..." "How'd you get out?" "I, um, I made myself run out during a battle shot." "What!?" "It was the only way to come home. That's why I haven't wrote. Adrienne, fighting the war by fighting in it wasn't a very good idea." She laughed, "you think?" "I love you Addie." "Never leave again." "Never..."
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