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So Long and Goodnight

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Why the band really split [oneshot]

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Just written for fun, I have absolutely no idea why the band split in half. I love the band and would never write anything to offend anyone.
Thanks to My Chemical Romance for the title :)
here are a few speculations on why Panic! At The Disco split up...but there's only one truth...

Rewind to the horrendous day

"You bitch!" Spencer and Jon anxiously watched as Brendon and Ryan had a little bitch fight...again. They wondered who would win this time. "No one pays attention to you, Ryan. I'm the frontman. All eyes are on me! They hardly know your name." "I'm the one who started the band. You didn't even know you could sing till I was sick and you had to cover for me." "So, your point is?" Ryan gasped and stomped his foot. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Well, fuck you and your fat-ass, Ms. 'I have my mother's hips'. Who would want to date a guy with an applebottom?" "Well at least I'm not a skinny bitch like you. I don't have people thinking I'm anorexic." "Bitch!" That word was seemingly used a lot around the two. Ryan ran over to Brendon, and literally bitch slapped him, "fat-ass!" Brendon stood with his hand on his cheek and his mouth agape. "Skinny bitch!" And he slapped Ryan back. They both looked at each other before trying to slap each other and standing back so they won't get hit. It was that freakishly girly bitch-slap fight. Spencer and Jon stood there, baffled at the scene before them. Spencer ran behind Brendon and Jon ran behind Ryan. They managed to pull them apart, but before Jon could pull Ryan out of the door, he yelled to Brendon "consider me and Jon out of panic! We are no longer band mates you fat-ass!" "Well good riddance skinny bitch!"

When Jon and Ryan reached Jon's apartment, he pulled out his phone to text Spencer. At the same time, Spencer decided to do the same. They both received text messages asking "so who won?

I guess we'll never know...
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