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Somebody to Love

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Tre Cool is lonely [oneshot]

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Tré Cool's POV
Single in this oneshot
To my friend Kaitie...because I love her and she requested it haha
oh, I made Kaitie a little older and Tré a little younger. He's 30 and she's 25...
...notice, I do take requests if you have any haha

Don't wanna be an American Idiot! I was walking down the street dancing to American Idiot...occasionally drumming along. By the way, this drummer is amazing! ;-) But we're getting off the subject. I've been taking a lot more walks lately. We just finished our American Idiot tour, so I had a lot more time on my hands. The more time I had, the border I grew. Weird right? Tré Cool bored? Well yeah, it's true. So I've just been walking and thinking. Actually, I've been thinking a lot. Mostly about my relationship status...single. I look at Billie and Mike, and they both have a wife and children. I just have children, but I have no wife to help me raise them. They're gonna look at Estelle, Joey, and Jabok and think how come I don't have a mom like they do? I don't want my kids thinking that I'm a failure because I have no special someone in my life. And I also don't want them to think they're not normal because they don't have a mother figure. I need to find someone...someone who will accept me, the band, and my kids. Someone who will love me no matter what, and that I can always trust, and always have fun with...someone to love...

I've been walking for maybe an hour, no intention of going to anywhere particular. I ended up at Universal Citywalk. I have absolutely no idea how I ended up here. I went into the big structure and walked around some more till I found a decent store to go into...Magnets. I went inside and just looked around. I was looking at all the different magnets and reading all the jokes...laughing occasionally...when suddenly "oh shit!" I bumped into someone. Clumsy me bumped into this girl, knocking everything she was holding out oh her hands. "Shit, I'm so sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going." "It's cool, no worries man." I helped her pick everything up and when everything was cleared off of the floor, I looked up to see who it was I bumped into. I was completely taken back. This girl was maybe in her early 20's, she was about 5 or 6 inches shorter than me, a slim figure, and she had the most beautiful deep brown eyes and soft brown hair. "Oh my God..." She laughed a little, "hi." "Hi." She just smiled and held out her hand to me, "I'm Kaitie." I took hold of it and responded as best as I could, "I--um--ba--err..shit...Tré. Tré Cool." Damn, I'm babbling like an idiot. She laughed again, "ya I know. I listen to your band." "Oh really?" "Yup. You guys are amazing." "Aww, thanks." It got a little quiet. Say something you idiot! "Umm, donuts! Do you like donuts?" What!? "Umm yeah." She looked at me as if I was crazy. "You think I'm weird right?" "Already knew that." And she laughed again. Jeeze, thanks. "Do you wanna start over?" "Yes, please. Hi, I'm Tré Cool." "And I'm Kaitie M." "Can I buy you a drink?" She smiled, "definitely." We headed out to the ESPN zone...don't ask me why 'cause I really don't know...and apparently neither does she.

We sat and drank, and talked for a while and for the whole entire time, I was in complete awe. There was never a dull moment and she didn't care when I acted like my normal crazy self. She actually didn't get scared and run away! She was actually laughing at everything I said! I think I'm in love! We knew it was time to go when they kicked us out. I didn't even know we were in there for that amount of time. I walked her to the parking garage and then she noticed that I didn't have a ride home. "Well, would you like me to give you a ride?" "Yeah, that'd be really cool." On our way to my house, we listened to some tunes from my band, All Time Low, and My Chemical Romance...funny mix, but still pretty good.

We finally reached my house and a surge of dissapointment filled me up. I knew it was time to end the night and I didn't want to. I wanted this night to last forever. We both got out of the car and she walked me to the door. We stood there for maybe 5 minutes, just staring at each other. This is it Tré, now or never. "So, um, can I call you sometime?" "Sure." She took my phone from my hand and punched in her number. "There you go." I looked at the contacts and saw 'Kaitie =)' . The dissapointment I felt earlier was taken over with happiness. I opened the door, but before I entered, I did one last thing. I looked at her, puckered up, and gave her a small kiss. When I pulled away, she had a smile on her face that was so brilliant, it made me smile. "Good night Tré Cool. It was nice meeting you." "Same to you Kaitie." And then she walked away. I walked into my house and thought about todays events. I smiled, Somebody to love.
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