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Chp 3: Gone

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Bob, Frank, and Gerard pay a visit to the group of friends. Eyia's plans go into action... (horrible with summaries.)

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"Thanks, guys! Here's the group that you've all been waiting for..." Hawthorn yelled into the mic as his bandmates disappeared off stage.
Skylar, Samuel, and Aura quickly made their way back to the dressing room; trying their best to avoid all of the backstage fans of the band they were opening for. None of them looking back as they pushed their way through the small crowd; taking a beating along the way.
Samuel opened the dressing room door and walked right into a kiss. He froze in his spot opon this; looking down his nose at the mass of black hair.
"Aura, you've gotten taller." a male voice said against his lips.
Skylar and Hawthorn were trying their best not to laugh at the horrified look on Samuel's face as he realized what was going on.
"Frank!" Aura yelled when she finally got through the crowd. She pushed Samuel out of the way and took his place.
Samuel, on the other hand, darted out the door; running for the nearest bathroom. Leaving his bandmates looking after him from the dressing room door.
Skylar turned back around when she felt someone tap on her shoulder; a smile spreading across her face opon seeing those blue eyes. She throw her arms around him in a hug, placing a kiss on his cheek.
"Hey, how's everything, girlie?" Bob asked as he pulled her over to the couch.
"Well considering my condition, I'm good. Just tired. The shows have been taking alot out of me." Skylar said. She gave a slight jerk when she felt someone's cold hand go ontop of her stomach. She looked over to see Gerard sitting in the chair next to her; a smile playing across his pale face.
"Wow, I'm actually going to be an uncle." Gerard said as he put his head ontop of her stomach. "Hey, little guy, it's Uncle G. We've not meet yet."
"Why did you tell them?" Hawthorn was the first to speak up.
"I didn't. Frank wouldn't shut up until we came to the show. And, Gerard got ahold of my phone one day and saw a few of the pics she's been sending me." Bob said.
"Where's Mikey and Ray?" Skylar asked. "Please tell me that he doesn't..." Bob shook his head, seeing the panic raising in her eyes at the thought of Mikey finding out.
Skylar relaxed at this; she would've already told him if it wasn't for the fact that he would probably hate her for it. She loved him, and she really didn't want him to hate her for this. He still didn't know that she was just a sixteen-year-old.
"Hey, you guys, you might want to get out of here. Mikey and Ray are heading this way." Samuel said as he stuck his head in the door.
"I'll drop by your place tonight." Frank said as he kissed Aura on the forehead and got up.
They said their good-byes and were quickly out the dressing room door before Mikey and Ray even made it half way down the hall. Mikey and Ray being so drunk that it amazed them at how the two were even still walking...

Eyia watched as the MCR boys walked out of the back door of the building and the other group went out the main. She had to tell herself that she couldn't follow her favorite band this time. Saying to herself that if she didn't follow this small group that MCR would be torn apart by that pregnant bitch. She wouldn't let that happen.
She followed the group out the door; making sure to keep a good distance from them. She didn't want them to know that they were being followed.

Eyia waited for hours in the alley of the apartment building the group of friends had gone into. Having done her research, she knew that they all lived in the same apartment. Making her job that much harder.
When the light in the window went out, she quickly made her way up the fire escape and to the apartment. Making sure that she had the only weapon that she was going to need in her pocket after the climb. The black bladed knife had been a good friend of her's for many years; now, it was going to do what it had been crafted to do.
Eyia jerked the window open without much effort; the wood dry-rotted to the point of breaking under pressure anyway. She saw the figure sleeping on the bed; one of the boys. She walked over and pulled the cover from his head. Placing her hand over his mouth, she brought the blade across his throat. Feeling his body surge and go limp underneath her hand, he would be dead in seconds.
From there, Eyia went through the bedroom door and walked into the main room where she could see the other boy sleeping. His long, skinny frame taking up the whole of the couch. She crept over to him and almost got to him when she heard giggling coming from the room just beyond the wall.
"Hey, keep it quiet in there!" the boy on the couch yelled, slamming a fist into the wall.
Eyia froze in her place; trying to pay no attention to the sweat that was causing her black hair to stick to her forehead. She waited a few seconds before moving again. Making sure that the boy wasn't going to get up and go into the room.
She did the same as with the other boy by placing a hand over this one's mouth. But, to her surprise, his eyes shot open at the touch of her hand. Panic went through his light blues as he realized what was going on.
Eyia quickly climbed ontop of him when he went to struggle. Her weight being enough to hold him down. She brought the knife down on him until she felt him give way beneath her. She sliced his neck to make sure that he was gone before getting up.
She thought about going into the room just beyond the wall, but from the sounds coming from in there, she didn't have to worry about them getting in her way.
Eyia walked into the room she knew that the little bitch was sleeping in. She was planning to do the same to her as she had to the girl's friends. But, when she saw her laying there, a new thought came to mind. She wipped her knife on her pants and put it back in its pocket.
She went over and picked the girl up by her arms; managing to drag her through the apartment without waking her. She looked out the fire escape and saw that this was going to be a problem. She didn't want to kill her yet. What was the fun in doing so?
Eyia managed to get Skylar onto her shoulders as she prepared to make her escape down the ladder. She knew that she had to get down fast; no telling how much longer the lovers would distract each other. She hoped that those two would stay in that room for the rest of the night.

As she hit the pavement running, she heard her knife hit the ground. She would've stopped and gone back for it, but she didn't know how much time that she had left. Eyia forced herself to go on; making a note to come back for it later...
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