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Believers Never Die. They graduate.

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Some random stuff I wrote during my sister's graduation. I know it sucks. Tell me so in the review.

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Emily looked up at the wide tall wall of names, searching for hers. There were multiple magnifying glasses hanging from hooks on the wall, there for anyone who has trouble seeing or finding their name. Emily already knew where her name was located; she stopped at the wall at least once a day before class.

She located her name once again in black bold print with the last two letters of her last name a light shade of gray. She walked backwards, away from the wall seeing it grow. The small print of the names blended together as Emily backed away and saw the picture the print made. She smiled at the outline of four men sitting on a park bench next to a lamp post. Her blue eyes flickered to the banner hanging above the wall reading 'BELIEVERS NEVER DIE GRADUATES OF 2016'

She really can not believe that she was about to finish her fourth year at BND University. It all passed by so fast. Four years of classes that were somehow connected to the four founders, the four presidents, the four people that these students look up to. Joe Trohman, Andy Hurley, Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz.

Emily was sixteen when she heard that the Believers Never Die University was being built. At first she thought it was a joke, something a fan made up and that everyone was agreeing it should happen or a fanfiction story that she read and for some reason she was remembering now. It was Pete's cryptic tweets through out the year that made her keep hope in the thought that BNDU was true. One year later and a tweet from Pete saying 'It's been a long time since I've been in class. I wonder if I can give out detentions.", she knew it had to be true.

Right after she read his tweet along with Joe's (back to class! This might be the first time I'll actually like school.) and Andy's (Can't believe this actually happening especially with these guys. See you on the first day of school BND's!) tweets she searched Believers Never Die University and found that it was a legit university. She printed out every piece of information she could about early admission.

Emily's first and only choice for a college was BNDU but her mother persisted on her applying to other colleges even going as far as filling in more than half of the application herself. Emily's friends never got why she was so keen on going to BND University.

"You're only going because Fall Out Boy made it. Does it even have regular classes?" one of her friends asked her again.

"Yes it does," Emily answered, not hiding her annoyance anymore. "It has a liberal arts school along with business school and everything else that makes up a college."

Her friends looked skeptical, just wondering if Emily was telling the truth or if she was just being biased. Emily saw their doubt.

"It is a regular college, it's just 2 years old right now. Trust me on this." A whole month passed by after that conversation when Emily's acceptance letter from BNDU arrived in the mail. She booked her flight to California for orientation the next day.

Emily was in for a surprise when she entered her first class, which was Creative writing, and saw that the one and only Andrew Hurley at the front desk. She stood there gaping at her professor along with multiple students.

"Are you really here or are you a figment of my imagination like this whole univeristy?" A dark skinned girl with short brown hair asked. Andy smiled and nodded.

"In the flesh. Take your seats, we're about to start."

Emily took a seat in the middle but towards the front to get a glimpse of her professor again. The class was just to get to know each other and see what the class is going to cover. The students sadly found out that next semester they would get 'real teachers' as Andy called them but the fact that Andy was there now made her extremly happy.

Over the course of the week she knew that Joe was teaching her statistics class, she found out that Patrick was teaching music and was ecstatic and truthfully a little confused when she walked into Psychology class and saw Pete sitting on top of his wooden desk with dark shades resting on his face.

Emily never thought that she would get to meet her heroes, nonetheless learn from them. Her years at BNDU were the best of her life. She made friends that will last a lifetime, she had the pleasure of seeing how her favorite people in the world think and that ongoing feud with the high school down the road, Bieber Academy, will always be the highlight of her academic career. Emily just doesn't want it to be over.

May arrived faster than she wanted it to. Emily was standing behind her friends in her black graduation gown. Near the collar of her gown was a light blue pin in the shape of a bat that all students knew as the clandestine bat. The light blue signified that she was majoring in education. The crowd settled down as the graduation ceremony was about to begin. The graduation song, chosen by the graduating class, started playing as the line of graduates began to move. The words to 'Thriller' reached Emily's ears and the students sang along without a problem.

All of the members of Fall Out Boy made a speech about the school and a few words of the graduating class. It took over two hours but Emily was finally a Believers Never Die graduate and even if most of her friends or family aren't impressed at her accomplishment, she's never been happier.
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