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Chapter 1

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My First Kirby Fanfic that's based off the Anime, the characters will start getting a little strange around chapter three-four.

The Sickness of Hatred

Chapter One
Late Afternoon.

Meta Knight walked through the halls of castle DDD in search of Sword and Blade, he made a small noise of approval as he walked out into the courtyard and saw them sparing by the fountain. Tiff, Tuff and Kirby were sitting on the grass watching them, trying to guess who would win the playful match.

"Poyo!" Kirby exclaimed happily while waving his arms above his head when he noticed Meta Knight approaching, Sword and Blade both stopped and turned to face their lord after hearing Kirby's welcoming call.

"Good afternoon Kirby, Tiff, Tuff, Sword, Blade." Meta Knight greeted them before pulling his cape tighter around himself as a short gust of late Autumn wind blew by. Sword, Blade, Tiff and Tuff all said hello and Kirby gave out another happy poyo. A few seconds later Tiff and Tuff's mother Lady Like called them from a balcony. Tiff, Tuff, Kirby! Come in out of the cold, dinners ready!" She then disappeared back inside.

"Gotta go, bye Sword, bye Blade, bye Meta Knight." Tuff said as he dashed off into the castle.

"Yeah bye guys, come on Kirby." Tiff said as she took hold of one of Kirby's hands."

"Poyo." Kirby called out as he waved goodbye.

"It was good to see the two of you training." Meta Knight said after Tiff and Kirby had disappeared inside. Sword looked to Blade who merely shrugged. "Uh thank you Sir." Sword said after a few moments.

"Did you need us for something?" Blade asked as Meta Knight turned around to face them.

"Yes, the King has requested that I go on a short mission for him. I will leave before nightfall and need the two of you to do my Patrols for tonight." Meta Knight instructed them as Sword and Blade looked at each other.

"A mission Sir?" Sword said unable to keep the curiosity from his voice.

"Yes it is just to retrieve some sort of Penguin Idol Artifact. I should be back by tomorrow afternoon at the latest, make sure to protect Kirby for me while I am away." Meta Knight told the two young knights who nodded understandingly, Meta turned and walked away to prepare for his mission.

Just before sunset Meta Knight left Castle DDD and headed towards Kabu Canyon.

The Characters Names. (Japanese and English)

Meta Knight - Meta Knight
Sword - Sword Knight
Blade- Blade Knight
Tiff - Fumu
Tuff - Bun
King DeDeDe
Escargoon - Escargon
Sir Ebrum - Parm
Lady Like - Memu
Fololo - Lololo
Falala - Lalala
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